Guest Stars  

in alphabetical order



Imogen Annesley, episode 52, 'Doppelgangers' - Plays Pamenta, a woman who's dowry was stolen by a man claiming to be William Tell. She then expects the real Tell to fulfill the false Tell's promise of marriage.


Gabrielle Anwar, episode 55, 'The Bounty Twins' - The former Press Ganger and star of The Three Musketeers appeared in one of the later episodes as Alana, a young girl who is the prisoner of a set of very large siamese twins that will do anything for her.


Edwin Apps, episode 54, 'The Mission' - Apps does not appear with such neatly coiffed hair in Crossbow. Instaed he has a long scragly white beard and an eye patch in his role as the slave auctioneer in the wasteland. He has the very entertaining pleasure of auctioning off Gessle

David Ashton, episode 64, 'The Children' - as a parent whose children have both mysteriously disappeared and one returned dead under equally mysterious circumstances.


Feodor Atkine episode 45, 'The Inquisitor' - Played the inquisitor who tortures Tell trying to get him to make false confessions under Gessler's direction. His credits include Sharpe, Ronin, A Head For Business, the Dancer, and Exit.

Michael Attwell, episode 69, 'The Headhunters' - as the leader of the Headhunters, a cult which believes that when you kill a man you gain his strength.

Dominique Barnes, episode 68, 'The Amazon' - A familiar face on British television, particularly as Eleanor Ashby in the acclaimed miniseries 'Brat Farrar'. Here she plays Krystal a member of a group of amazonian women who stumbles upon Tell in the forest.

Dana Barron, (she is also on our 'good guys' link. She played Eleanor, the daughter of Tell's friend Stefan. She only played in the first season.


Daniel Benzali, episode 38, 'The Soul Seekers' - A familiar face on US television on shows like NYPD Blue and LA Law, and in films like The End of Violence, Murder at 1600, Afterburn, and Citizen Cohn. On Crossbow he played a mad monk, who kidnaps new recruits in order to perform experiments on them in order to discover their souls.

Andree Bernard, episode 57, 'Gansari's Zombies' - as Wanda, a girl trying to free her dead brother from Gansari's spell.



Michael Bilton, episode 26, 'The Birthright' - A familiar and well loved face on television for many years in Waiting for God, Brideshead Revisited, To the Manor Born and many, many others. He appeared in this episode as an angry townsmen who wishes to kill a baby and its mother on the misapprehension that they are devils.

Donald Bisset, episode 27, 'Trolls' - as the money grubbing bailiff who bleeds a poor town dry of crop and livestock.

Peter Blake, episode 67, 'Goldilocks' - Played Crispin, the corrupt knave who has been trying to take power from the Queen of Hearts by keeping her daughter away from her making her insane and unfit for rule in this strange fairy tale episode.


Honor Blackman, episode 9, 'The Bet' - The former 'Avenger' and star of Tale Of The Mummy, To Walk With Lions, and The Sight is best known for her role as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. She appears here as a flirtatious and beautiful noble woman with a taste for gambling and horse riding.



Brian Blessed, episodes 11, 12, and 13 as Gaston - The renowned Shakespearean actor counts among his many film and television credits Flash Gordon, Black Adder, Robin Hood: Prince of Theives , and most recently as animated charcters in Star Wars: The Phantom Meanace and Disney's Tarzan. He appeares a bandit 'governor' with a malicious sense of humour. The man responsible for providing us with the hilarious spectacle of what happens when you chain Tell and Gessler together and let have at eachother in 'The Misalliance'.

Andrew Bloch, episode 43, 'Message to Geneva'- as Albert a slow, but well meaning servant who is the only person who knows a secret message for tell, but can't remember it due to his obsession with food.


Roy Boyd, episode 56, 'The Gods' - as Gregorio, the high priest of a pagan village isolated from the outside world. He proclaims Tell and Tully, the first visitors, as gods in order to use them to strengthen his rule.

Tommy Boyle, episode69, 'The Headhunters' - Kenny Maguire of Brookside and Phil Jennings of Coronation Street appears here as Mad Maurice, a man who taunts death and laughs in the face of danger. He's is caught with tell in the deadly games of the Headhunters.


Ian Brimble,episode 22, 'The Physician' - Appeared with his brother Nick as a subordinate of Horst's who is sent to find tell in a plague ridden village. Credits include Miss Marple, Barchester Chronicles, and Sense and Sensibility.


Edward Brayshaw, episode 68, 'The Amazon' - as Adrustus the long lost leader of a village who returns home to find the women have compensated for the absence of men by training themselves for battle in true amazonian style.

Annabel Brooks, episode 60, 'Forbidden Fruit' - as Nona, the beautiful high priestess of a cultish city. Kept against her will by a tyranical leader.



Steve Buscemi, episode 35, 'The Lost Crusader' - Known as the Independent film king, the star of Reservoir Dogs, Armegeddon, and Fargo made an early career appearance as an evil marauding Captain of the guard at odds with an ageing crusader.


George Camiller

Beatrice Camurat, episode 36, 'Exit the Dragon' - as Christina, the only survivor of a village that has been destroyed by a 'dragon'. She enlists the aid of Tell and Stefan to destroy the dragon.

Max Cane, episode 51, 'Insurrection' - as Gerhard a guide and fellow rebel of Tell's.




Harry Carey Jr. episodes 18, 19, and 20 'The Four Horsemen' - As a character actor his face has become well recognised from John Ford films such as The Three Godfathers and Mister Roberts and has most recently appeared in The Exorsist 3, Back to the Future 3, Gremlins,and Mask. He appeared as Mutino, a mute mercenary and a former comrade in arms of Tell's one of the 'Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse' who aid in Matthew Tell's 




John Carpenter, episode 35, 'The Lost Crusade' - as John, a good-hearted drunk who's prone to exagerration


Brian Coburn, episode 44, 'The Bounty Twins' - Plays Doolan, a hunter whose been searching for his daughter in the wasteland.

Forbes Collins, episode 15, 'Posessed' - Plays the warden of an insane asylum who tortures inmates into coming around to Gessler's way of thinking.

Terence Conoley, episode 60, 'The Forbidden Fruit' - as O'Grady, the one sane man in a town full of brainwashed people.
Beatrice Conrad, episodes 31, 'The Taking of Castle Tanner' and 67 'Goldilocks' - Makes two appearances. First as Lady Tanner a rich widow courted by Horst and secondly as queen of a strange fairytale land where she has been searching for her young daughter for several years.

James Coombes, episocde 63, 'The Silver Rider' - as Callop who, along with his friend and enemy Ambrose, pit strangers against a dangerous masked rider for their own amusement.

Fanny Corby, episode 49, 'The Touch' - Plays Grania, an old woman who takes tell in and tells his fortune.

Clovis Cornillac, episode 49, 'The Touch' - plays Edgar, the simpleminded youth, who, unable to understand Gessler's evil intentions, betrays Tell to him.

Bertie Cortez and Bernard Spiegel as Ambrose and Weevil, a pair of wandering con-men, who provide occasional comic relief throughout the first series of episodes.


James Cosmo, episode 63, 'The Silver Rider' - As Anton a man obsessed with playing sick games with human life by pitting strangers against a masked soldier and betting on the outcome with his fellow plotter.


Johnny Crawford, episodes 19 20, 21, and 24, 'The Citadel' - The former Mousketeer appeared as Crown Prince Ignatius, the dim-witted and constantly inebriated, enormous hat wearing, son of the emperor, whom Gessler manipulates with gifts and compliments.




Roger Daltrey, episode 14, 'The Alchemist' - The lead singer of The Who counts among his many acting credits the lead in Tommy, Chasing Destiny, Like It Is, and most recently Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula. In addition he has his continued performing in concert including in the 1992 Freddie Mercury Concert Tribute. He made an appearance as Francois Arconciel, an hysterical minstrel, who's been trapped in an evil alchemist's game for several years.




Andrew Davis, episode 38, 'The Soul Seekers' - as Brother Damian, a monk who experiments on human beings in an attempt to discover their souls.


Vernon Dobtcheff, episode 27, 'Trolls' - His face has become extremely familiar on the screen in character roles in such films as Fiddler on the Roof, Hilary and Jackie, Jude, Surviving Picasso, and Jefferson in Paris. The immensity and diversity of his work is due partly to his fluency in English, French, Italian, and German. In Crossbow he appeared as a kind monk who has devoted his life to aiding a group of cave dwelling albinos who have been isolated from the outside world.


Leo Dolan, episode24, 'The Rebirth' - Dolan grew a beard and played one of Gessler's soldiers who is searching for Tell and winds up recruiting a scheming Matthew to be in the governor's guard.

Jeanette Driver, episode 68, 'The Amazon' - as Diana, a no-nonsense woman warrior, taught from birth to dispise men


Anthony Dutton, episode 27, 'Trolls' - Appeared as a n angry farmer who has been hunting the trolls he believes to have been looting his land




Neil Elliot and Elisabeth kaza                        


Christian Erickson, episode8, 'The Dukes of Zharingen'- Shown here in the most recent film adaptation of The Man in the Iron Mask . He appeared as Lascal an agent of the Emperor who has succeeded in tricking three senile dukes into funding an imaginary war while entertaining them with deadly games between unwitting trespassers.



Norman Eshley, episode 67, 'Goldilocks' - This distinguished actor has a face well recognised on British television with roles on I, Claudius, Man About the House, and in a starring role in George and Mildred. In Goldilocks he plays a woodsmen, who has stolen a child and kept her hidden and entertained her with games in a land of fairy tales in one very trippy episode.



Max Fairchild, episode 28, 'Nemesis' - As Yaneck, a very large man. Formerly a mercenary with Tell, he now seeks compensation for what he believes to be a betrayal by Tell, lucky him.





Gregory Floy, episode 25, 'Nightmare' - Plays Bardolph a man obsessed with debunking Tell's hero status and uses mind controlling drugs and hypnotism to turn Matthew against his father.



Steve Flynn, episode 39, 'Masterplan' - plays Aldan, the son of Tell's friend who has enlisted in Gessler's 'Elite', an SS like army, to prove his bravery.


Brett Forrest, episodes 11, 12, 1nd 13 'Misalliance' - Fourteen years after this picture was taken, Forrest shaved his head and played Grendel, the creepy second in command to the bandit governor Gaston.


Robert Forster, episodes 18, 19, and 20, 'The Four Horsemen' - Before his oscar nominated performance in Jackie Brown he was Aymong, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who aids Tell. He rides into the Citadel along with Guy Madison and Harry Carey Jr. to rescue matthew, but he proves to be a man of divided loyalties.






Sadie Frost, episode 28 'Nemesis' - One of the founding members of the independent film company, Natural Nylon, along with husband Jude Law, and star of Shopping, Captain Jack, and Love, Honour, and Obey. A very young Frost starred as Rosa, the young girl who steals away the heart of Matthew Tell.


  Sadie Frost as Rosa in Crossbow                  Matthew and Rosa



Sabine Frugier, episode 15, 'Posessed' - as Lady Rosanna, a beautiful woman Gessler has imprisoned in an insane asylum because she refuses to marry him. She must be crazy...or blind.

Patrick Garner, episode 46, 'Amnesty'




Sarah Michelle Gellar, episode 37, 'Actors' - The star of Scream 2 and Cruel Intentions, Before Buffy was a Vampire Slayer her name was Sara Guidotti. She made an appearance on Crossbow as a child actress in a troupe of travelling performers.




Dana Gillespie, episode 66, 'The Wind Wagon' - as Hanka, a flirtatious goddess of the wind, who uses her power to trap people in her realm of the wasteland.


Arne Gordon, Episodes 1,2, and 6 'The Banquet' - As brother Gregory, the monk who sparks rebellion in the quiet town of Claremont by refusing to bow to the Prince's hat.




Robert Guillame, episodes 16 and 17, 'The Moor' - Best known for starring in the hit sitcom Benson, Guillame appears as Nolan Ben Sunniman Al Hedrem, a travelling healer, selling his mystic Eastern remedies and arousing distrust and suspicion in a quiet town.


Andrew Hall, episode 57, 'Gansari's Zombies' - as Gansari, a wicked young man, who raises the dead from their graves to do his bidding in true 'Night of the Living Dead' fashion.


Roger Hammond, episodes 23, 'The Handmaiden' and 52 'The Doppelgangers' - Appears twice in the series. First as a messenger to Tell in the second season and then in the third season as Vincent an angry Innkeeper in a village where tell's reputation is not a good one. Film credits include: Persuasion, Richard III, The Madness of King George, Orlando, and Little Dorrit.


Frank Heiler episode23, 'The Handmaiden'

Dominique Hulin, episode 6 'Albion', episode 7 'Sanctuary', episode 32 'Fear' (as the giant) and later he returns in episode 69, 'The headhunters' with a huge scar on his face.


Gwen Humbler, episode 41, 'The Promised Land' - as Ursula, the knife throwing young girlfriend of Stefan, whose just as good a match in battle as the men.


Godfrey James, episodes 2 and 3 'The Prisoner' - Plays the bumbling warden of Death Castle where Tell is heald prisoner. He pays a high price for Tell's escape.


Elizabeth Kaza, episodes 7, 'Sanctuary' and 43 'Message to Geneva'- Her proficiency in several languages has made for a diverse career including Castle Freak in 1995 and in De Legende van de Bokkenrijders. Here she played the role of the wise old Mother Superior and the abbey where Tell takes refuge and is united with his wife.

Elisabeth Kaza with Neil Elliot



Gertan Klauber, episode 50, 'The Spirit of Rebellion' - as an alcoholic peasant farmer who is apathetic about Gessler's rule, but is forced to face the spirit of rebellion by his son.
Tom Klunis, episode 35, 'The Lost Crusader' - as a misguided crusader who is lieing in wait for a 'dragon'.



Ronald Lacey, episodes 16 and 17, 'The Moor' - Known for playing creepy villains in movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Sword of the Valiant, always managed to give me the creeps. Played the strange watchman at the gateway to the city and narrator of 'The Moor'.



Mitchell Laurance, episode 52, 'Doppelgangers' - as Clifton, a con artist who has managed to pass himself off as William Tell. Known for his roles on Matlock, LA Law and Dawson's Creek and is a billiards presenter on ESPN.

Stanley Lebor, episode26, ' Birthright' - as an angry farmer who needs a housekeeper. Matthew seems to be it.

Russel Lee, episode 50, 'Spirit of Rebellion' - as Luke, ayoung farm boy who refuses to yield to Gessler's demands and decides to take rebellion into his own hands.


Susie Lindeman, episode 26, 'Birthright' - The English actress known for such films as Howard's End., played a mother whose child was taken away and left to die because it was thought to be the devil.



Sue Lloyd, episode 68, 'The Amazon' - Jean from The Ipcress File and its sequel Bullet to Beijing. The British actress appeared as Adriana, the head of a group of warrior women left to defend themselves when their men went off to war.


Preston Lockwood, episode 44, 'The Electors' - as one of the Dukes whom Gessler has summoned to declare the emperor unfit so that Gessler may take his place. Lockwood's extensive and diverse work ranges from Dr. Who to Great Expectations.


Georgia Lyman, episode 33, 'The Emporer' - Will Lyman's daughter ! Was the little girl who find's the Emperor wandering in the forest and brings him back to her village. Georgia is nowadays a stagecombat fighter. When she was a young girl she was inspired by the stuntmen on The Crossbow set. We don't have a recent picture of her.



Kate MacKenzie, episode 32, 'Fear' - Plays Godril, a theiving, fast-talking, vagrant with a talent for acrobatics.

Guy Madison, episodes 18, 19, and 20, 'The Four Horsemen' - The veteran Hollywood leading man began his career as a sailor in the hit war film Since You Went away. He is best known for playing Wild Bill Hickock both on tv and in movies. He also played other famous frontiers men like Daniel Boone and Kit Carson and had many diverse roles in films like Hilda Crane. In Crossbow he played Gerrish, the leader of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse a cautious but honest old soldier, whom Tell asks to help in the rescue of Matthew Tell.





Volker Marek, episodes 5 and 10 'The Stallion' - as Morgan one of Stefan's rebels whose lust for power proves to be his downfall. Credits include Rembrandt van Rijn '98 .
Hilary Mason, episodes 37 'The Actors' and 70 'Forbidden Land' - has appeared in countless films such as Don't Look Now. Here she made two appearances as Gessler's ill tempered mother in 37 and as a soothsayer at the entrance of the Fobidden Land.

Hilton McRae, episode 61, 'The Lost City' - as the leader of a group of mercenaries, searching for a lost city thought to contain endless treasures.


Murray Melvin, episode 66, 'The Wind Wagon' - The well-known British character actor appeared as a man driven mad by the desert he has been trapped in, due to an unfriendly wind goddess.

David Milner, episode 62, 'The Bridge' - as Gobbo, an inexperienced youth, who calls himself the last of the guardians of the bridge and keeps away tresspasers by shouting out in true childish, Lord of the Flies, fashion and throwing 'Greek fire' bombs.


Judy Monahan, episodes 33+34, 'The Emperor' - As a crosbow toting nun with a personal vendetta for the Emperor.



Robert Morley, episode 8, 'The Dukes of Zharingen' - The renowned British actor is best known for his performance in the title role of the film Oscar Wilde (1959) and for pretty much being in everything. He played Claude, one of the senile dukes of Zharingen who, along with Andre Raffard and Paul Hanford, have not left their castle in several years under the misapprehension that there is a war going on.

Bruce Myers, episode 22, 'The Physician' - as Gilbert the Physician of the governor of a plague threatened town who risks his life to treat Tell.


Denise van Outen, episode 67, 'Goldilocks' - The Big Breakfast presenter and future Bond girl appeared as a child in the role of Goldilocks, a little girl lost in a fairytale world.


Sid Owen, episode 4, 'The Scavengers' - Best known for his stint on Eastenders as Ricky Butcher, Owen appeared as one of the orphan children who scaveng through battle grounds and abandoned farms.
Polly Pleasence, episode 51, 'Insurrection' - The daughter of Donald Pleasence and half-sister of Angela plays Gessler's mistress. Her devotion to Gessler, leads her to spy on Tell for him. Poor misguided girl, but she does have very good eyesight.

Robert Poreno, episodes 23 'The Handmaiden' and 33+34, 'The Emperor' - plays the Captain of the Imperial Guard who is greatly agitated by the interference of Gessler's men in the Emperor's affairs.



David Prowse, episode 61, 'The Lost City' - Best known as the man inside the Darth Vader suit, though the voice was James Earl Jones', in Star Wars. He dawned cape and high-boots again (no mask or breathing problem this time) to play Cassius the warrior slave and defender of a Princess Flavia, the last ruler of an empire that fell hundreds of years before.

Daniel Quinn, episode 38, 'The Soul Seekers' - as Terence a young man heading for a monastery, whom Tell meets on the road and later seeks out.

John Ramsey, episode 36, 'Exit the Dragon'


Ben Robb , episode 4, 'Scavengers' - as one of the orphaned scavenger children who steel Tell's horse .
Rachel Robertson, episodes 31,' The Taking of Castle Tanner' and 59, 'Gorian, the Spider' - Another two timer, she appeared firstly as a Anna, the tomboyish daughter of a woodcutter who helps Tell and the young Lord Tanner defeat Horst. Secondly she plays Mina, an orphaned girl who is admired and protected from afar by a spiderlike recluse.


Guy Rolfe appeared sporadically throughout the second series as the aging Emperor, whose ill health, both physical and mental, causes him to lose some of his stronge hold over the empire to Gessler. Thus continuing his tendency for medieval costume pieces. His career includes films like Ivanhoe, Young Bess, and Taras Boulba.



Mark Ryan, episode 61, 'The Lost City' - Best known for his role as Nasir on the popular series 'Robin of Sherwood'. Once again he played a medieval forest dwelling bandit only this time he steals from the rich and gives to himself.



 Trevor Sellers, Episode 63, 'The Silver Rider' - as a knight whose eyes have been blinded by a silver mask locked onto his head by a pair of gamblers samplers for their own sport.

Peter Semler played a soldier of Gessler in episode 'Betrayal' and 'Blood brothers.' His name in the series is Wolf. 

Gia Sereni, episodes 18, 19, 20, and 23 'The Handmaiden' - as Beatrice, the Princess' handmaiden, who has a soft spot for Matthew.

Morgan Shepard, episodes 4, 'The Scavengers' and 53 'Trailbreak' - Appears twice in the series, first as Morgan a blind blacksmith and later as Otto, a wandering theif, who steals Tell's amulet.

Carrie Snodgress, episode 40, 'Ladyship' - The distinguished actress and star of Rabbit Run appeared as the mysterious Lady Montal. A woman in soldiers garb escaping the clutches of Gessler with a little help from Tell.


Timothy Jonathan Starke, episode 1, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 24 'The Citadel' - Plays Prince Martin, the Emperor's grandson, who takes Matthew home with him to have someone to play with, thus causing a lot of confusion as to Matthew's whereabouts.


Valerie Steffen, episodes 18, 19 20, 21 and 24 'The Princess' - Credits include Does This Mean We're Married? and Sky Bandits. She had a recurring role as Princess Irena, the Emperor's haughty granddaughter. Her hand is sought by Gessler, whom she detests. So much so that she helps William Tell escape and risks her life to avoid marrying Gessler. Such extreme measures to avoid marriage to Gessler must lead me to the obvious conclusion that she is blind!


Bill Stewart, episode 25, 'Nightmare' - The well-known British character actor, whose credits include A Touch of Frost and Ana and the King, plays Silas, a con man with many disguises, who rescues Tell from execution.


Chad Stuart, episode 1, 'The Banquet' - Chad and Jeremy fans will know that Chad Stuart is one half of the 1960s singing duo, Jeremy Clyde being the other half. Well the two were reunited in the very first episode of Crossbow in which Stuart plays Prince Frederick, the Emperor's son and the instigator of the whole apple on head idea. Many shots in this episode show Stuart and Clyde in poses together that very strongly resemble some of their album covers. Other credits includeThe Jungle Book '67, as the voice of a Vulture. He and Jeremy also appeared together on tv in the 60s in Batman and The Dick Van Dyke Show, they're a hoot!. Nowadays he is a DJ at a Radio Station.

Before and After

In the 60-ties as the british pop duo Chad & Jeremy and later they did appear together again in Crossbow.


Anne Swift and Jadrien Steele, episode 3, 'The Little Soldier' - as Isabel, a young wodow and her son Simon, a boy trying to make up for his father's absence by hunting soldiers with a Crossbow. Steele is best known for Mosquito Coast and also appeared as Colin Craven in The Secret Garden (1987).


Eddie Tagoe, episode 54, 'The Mission' - as the corrupt Captain of the Guard in The Wasteland. Credits include Withnail and I, Top Secret, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Ling Tai, episode 21, 'Lotus' - plays Lotus, a Chinese traveller who offers Tell the mystery of gun powder to help him free his people from tyranny.
Philip Tan, episode 59, 'Gorian the Spider' - as Gorian, a lonely spider like man, who watches over a young girl from his web filled castle.

Karen Tungay, episode 61, 'The Lost City' - as Flavia the last surviving monarch of an empire that has long since fallen.
Morgan Vasseur (the girl in the middle) got role in two episodes: 'The Pit' and 'The Rock'. She is the daugther of the Executive in Charge of Post Productions: Jean-Marc Vasseur (take a look at the 'Credits' link. You can find a picture of  Jean-Marc Vasseur.

               The making of episode 'The Pit'              Morgan with her father and Christian Duguay      



David Warner, episode 14,'The Alchemist'- The distinguished British actor has become an extremely familiar face on screen because he's in ...pretty much everything.


Beginning with Tom Jones and Morgan in the 60s, his credits range from Star Trek, Scream 2, and Time Bandits to Titanic and Hanna's War to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and My Best Friend is a Vampire. In this episode he starred as Vogel, the mentally questionable alchemist obsessed with deadly games of wit and who has become obsessed with Eleanor. He forces Tell to play his game holding Eleanor as the prize. His appearance on Crossbow was not the only time he worked with Will Lyman and director George Mihalka. The three of them worked together in Hostile Takeover (aka Office Party or The Devastator) and Warner also appeared in Silver Bears(1977) with Jeremy Clyde.


Nancy West, episode 44, 'The Electors' - Plays the daughter of an assassinated Duke. Her disguise as a male servant saves her from Horst and his men.


Time Winters, episode 46, 'Amnesty' - as Errol, a follower of Tell's who is granted a pardon at the chopping block from the unbalanced Emperor.

Stanley Young, episode 56, 'The Gods' - as Tully, a man who lives for pleasure and is only too happy to oblige when the people in a strange village proclaim him a God and grant his every wish.


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