The Touch

Episode 49. The start of season 3. Shot at the causses and La Margaride, Lozere


La Margeride

The Margeride is located in the south-east of the Auvergne, between the departments of Cantal, Haute-Loire and Lozčre. So roughly east of the Saint-Flour / Marvejols line. The area is very sparsely populated: only 14 people live per km2 (as of 2016). it is a wonderful area for those who love space, peace and nature.

Flora and fauna are therefore rather unspoilt.




The Causses

The Grand Causses (there are three main plateaus – Mejean, Sauveterre and Noir) provide grazing for herds of sheep and cattle on natural grasslands, while two granite mountains (Lozere and Aigoual) punctuate the landscape at 1,565m and 1,699m and the schistose Cevennes has a series of deep verdant river valleys, providing some protection from the extreme weather conditions on the plateaus and mountains during the winter months.

It’s an area where it is all too easy to imagine life a hundred, two hundred or five hundred years ago because so little has changed.  Recognition of that preservation of a traditional way of life is what led the area to receive a UNESCO listing for Outstanding Universal Value, protecting the countryside from major development.

Click here for a link with information about the Causse de Sauveterre.

Ferme des Boissets

This farm and it's fields are very important for many episodes of season 3! As far as I can see 8 episodes!  Most of these episodes have two locations in common: the Stone chaos blocks and the Ferme des Boissets.

The Touch 49, Spirit of Rebellion 50, Insurrection 51, Doppelgangers 52, Trailbreak 53, The Mission 54, the Children 64 and Headhunters 69 (one of the fields, other field is next to the bridge of Quezac) 

Tell crosses the wasteland, looking for answers, meets all kinds of people and experiences a lot.

Ancient farm 'Boissets' lies on the edge of a cliff just above the Tarn river and village Saint Enimie.


The Touch

Episode 49

The start of season 3!

The first episode of season 3 is shot around Boissets. The scene where Tell is shot is in the stone chaos in the Causse de Sauveterre.

'The Touch' starts with Black Knights hunting Tell. You can see some nice stunts. Then Tell meets a boy in the forest, he takes Tell home to offer shelter. That has a major inpact on this life.


In a rush they meet.



Arrival at Ferme des Boissets

Scene: The boy, with some form of autism, cannot talk and involves his mother. She invites Tell. At the boy's advice, she forfeits his future and gives him a warning.

Location: The left of the building has changed a lot.

1988  The farm of the boy and his family                                the roof in the middle is wonderfully restaurated  2015 



This house is also in 'Doppelgangers' and 'Insurrection'

Below some photos:

1988   Insurrection 51                                                         2015                                                                   2015                 


and in episode Doppelgangers see below

Doppelgangers 52                                                                   2015                           




The centre of the ferme square


They went in the farmhouse. (The Touch 49 in Boissets)

to compare:

And the same place again in other episodes.

Spirit of Rebellion 50                                                    2017 as a museum                             


Above Tell arrives, they run to another building in Boissets (and a shot of the parents in ep. The Children, see below).  


Gessler's camp

It must be nearby in the Causse. It can be everywhere around. Probably at plateau de Margeride near the choas. It has no recognizable marks for us.


Ferme des Boissets

The interior of one of the farmhouses of Domaine des Boisetts around 1988. The estate was bought and restored by the General Council of Lozčre. The set of buildings, characteristic of a caussenarde farm, of which construction began in the seventeenth century, was until 2018 a museum of agricultural and pastoral traditions of the region and a fine example of caussenarde architecture. The estate used to be open to visitors in July and August but closed around 2018. 

Tell is invited



below the main farmhouse of Ferme des Boissets

             We don't know exactly which building they are in                        Aris in front of the main farmhouse of Ferme des Boissets.


Scene: The boy wants his mother to predict Tell's future. Tell agrees and the mother takes his glass but seems frightened. She warns him for a ´silver wolf.´ Above you see Arish with a 'silver wolf' on his helmet (This confrontation will be in the next episode ´Spirit of Rebellion´).

The rocky 'stone chaos' in Causse the Sauveterre

If you would like to see nice rock formations in this area...there is a place I visited called: 'Chaos Montpellier Vieux.' It is a beautiful area with many shaped rocks. I know there is another area in Lozere named 'stone choas Nimes le Vieux' in the causse de Mejean, also a beautiful place and different from Montpellier Vieux. It's not the place you can find the Crossbow rocks but it's worth a visit. This year (2019) C. Petit and I discovered the exact location of almost all the rockformations of the wasteland. It's not that close at the Ferme des Boisetts as we had expected. We found them this summer near Truc Fortunio, Lozere. The stones have different shapes in the episodes, we didn´t know how many rocks we had to look for in the beginning.. While walking around it on location, the shapes are completly changing!! Like a magic rock! Also the height! One formation can easily reach about 6 meters or more and the back only 1 meter....They filmed on at least 5 different rock formations! (for different episodes like The Shadow, The Mission, The Touch, Trailbreak).


   Truc Fortunio

In a split second (It doesn't strike you only when you make a still of it) I saw the tower of Truc de Fortunio between them in the back and told about the mountains in the back, then C. Petit took a good look and found the place. That was another direction than we first thought. We had looked around Boissets before.

See the tower in between them, that brought us more up north                                                                         


Sometimes I think they have taken a few shots of Basai and Horst from the tower with super zoom. The rock is sometimes just too low to have such a steep angle. But I can be wrong.



Rock formation 1

This is the main rock of episode The Touch. Rock 1 is filmed from all the angles. Seen from above this rock has the shape of a triangle and has 3 sides.


Above (right photo) you see the same place as below


The goodbye

1988                                                                                                  May 2019            


Look at the difference of this rock. that is exact why It's hard to identify rocks like these. It depends on the camerashot and what's in front of it.

Both, the camera shot from Crossbow and my shot were taken from a great distance. The photo above that was taken just in front of it. This is also the distance in the scene where Tell is surrounded and kept under fire.

Below some other photos of this rock

Rock one is in many shots of episode the Touch. Also in some other episodes like the Mission.




The influence

Gessler discovers Edgar's fascination for weapons. Gessler is keeping an eye on the rock, so tell cóuldn't escape. He sends Edgar, they distract Tell and so they are able to surround the rock easily. Here are some photos of the place and it's environment in Lozere.

Left photo: Look at that cool bird!                                                                                                               




Scene: Tell meets a boy in the forest who invites him. The mother predicts Tell's future. She warns him for the 'silver wolf.' (left photo: on Aris helmet) Later in this episode it's too late, 'the silver wolf' hit Tell. Tell falls into a trap. Gessler misleads the boy to get Tell. The boy is fascinated by the uniforms of Gessler's soldiers.

                                                                                                                         Edgar is approaching



How did we find this?

The photos below: made and found by fan C. Petit.

C. Petit saw these places were similair. Tell's rock in episode The Touch is also the base of Horst en Benzai.

This location in the middle of Rock 1 is a nice high point of min. 6 meters high! Above the treetops.

These examples helped us finding the right place. And I can confirm this is the same rock. It's unbelievable how many plateaus and levels there are...Even when you see the same mountains, then It's hard to find out what camera lens is used and what's all in front.

The cameraman has certainly good qualities; he can take a good picture of the place as a whole, by filming the right corners and avoiding disturbing environmental factors, making things look farther and larger. That sometimes confuses you in a search.


Above Mende, near Truc Fortunio, more north than we first thought.



The centre of Rock 1


A bit left of them it's overgrown with trees



The place the boy is thrown from the rocks (the photo above: upthere, in the middle, on the rock-with the lower tilted rocks is the place Edgar's mother and Tell talk).


Where Edgar stood (photo below) is the same place you see the stuntmen on the photos above


Up on this place, same place opposite angle because of the trees (also the base of Benzai and Horst in The Shadow)



Edgar visits Tell and brings along the Black Knights. Later Edgar realizes he is tricked by Gessler and tries to help Tell, but it's no use.

Taken high up from rock 1. Behind the boy the field  of 'The Mission' with the gate to the wasteland)                 Photo taken from groundlevel  2019          



    Stuntman of top of this rock

The Black Knight came to surrender



The place you see above is up on the same rock..  in the middle of the photo..

Tell is on the highest point of rock one, behind him it's 6 meters low. The big rock on the left is the top of the rock (the tower of 3 a 4 blocks) See one row below.

1988                                                                                         2019


They are up on the rock in the middle


                       He took Tell's bow but then he sees the blackknight surrounding Tell, The boy realizes he made a mistake


This is episode The Touch, first of season 3, but in episode Trailbreak these rocks are also. Tell is hidden in the middle of the rock formation, but it looks like it's on the edge of a plateau (right below). But is there anything the can change this threat?       

1988 Taken probably with a lift , so you can look into the open circle of this rock (the rocks low in the front are not filmed, It's zoomed in) 2019





Below is taken in front of the trees with a tree-less view on the side of it.                                                                                                                              





Looking down from the top was quit a shock, I didn't realize the enormous heigth, until you stand on top of it. The stuntmen climb and stand on those highest stones on the edge of rock 1 ... respect for the stunt team. Looking down from a safe point was was exciting enough for me ;)







I made a panorma compilation which was hard because the camera turned 360 degrees and filmed up and below the rocks.


The panorama of this rock continues....



1988                                                                                                                                           2019                                  



                                                                                                                            And in the back this rock again (ep Mission-gate to the wasteland)


The shot and the end of episode 49 The Touch   


This start of season 3 is quit a shocking one. Tell: "You should have killed me the day we met. You are too late now." Gessler finally kills Tell. William's last words to gessler: "The spirit of rebellion is already rising." It's the introduction of season 3.

Season three is just started, 23 episodes to go. 23 without William Tell?

My first thought was: 'I don't survive 23 episodes without this main character ;) No one likes to see his hero dying.



Edgar fought brave but he wasn't able to beat them and is hidden behind the rocks and witnessed the terrible truth; how Tell got shot.


The boy above is not able to help Tell anymore.    


                                                  1988   The photo below is from Mr. Lyman.                                         May 2019 in the back the rock next to the main one



        Edgar brings Tell's body to a cave and there a ray of light enters the room...and someone appears with a message... I believe that's in ferme des Boissets.


She brought Tell the amulet, awaked him and told him to cross the wasteland and find her. For a moment I thought I was just ended up in a science fiction series.


When the spiritual lady disappears, Tell's heart starts beating and he opens his eyes.    

     Walking out of the Ferme des Boissets

1988   Night turns into day, the rain changed into sunshine. Tell is at the beginning of a new adventure, Location: west of Domaine des Boissets. 2015

                                                                            Beyond Tell is the mountain in the middle (zoomed). 


A wonderful farm and a wonderful place to hike




Boissets fields

To compare

              The end of 'The Headhunters,' Tell at Morris grave.                    Ep. Trailbreak - Tell is getting chased by Gessler and his man


                       2017                                                                                                                    1987



From this moment Tell tries to cross the wasteland and carries his amulet with him.


         Below and above is a photo with copyright, the photo is taken in the south west part of des Boissets

Georgia Lyman and the children of Yannick Derrien (stuntdouble, at Boissets) Such a sweet shot.

Boissets is split up into more parts. It's such a populair shooting location for season 3, it became much too long.



There it is! The impressive rock, looking completely different from all sides!

A lot of forest has been added. It looks beautiful but sometimes the trees grow too much through the rocks. 




           Below is taken in front of the trees with a tree-less view on the side of it.                                           Those rocks are huge                                                               




Below:If you want an impression hog big and impressive this really is? Look at my husband on the right part of the rock!

   Parts of the Shadow are shot here too                                                                                                                              




Looking down from the top was quit a shock, I didn't realize the enormous heigth, until you stand there. The stuntmen climb and stand on those highest stones on the edge ... respect for the stunt team.




The view from above

It's faw above those treestops


The south

(of rock 1)


The field in front of rock 1

(and rock 2, gate to the wasteland and this field was partially in The Shadow).


Not always easy to orientate yourself, especially if there are more.









See the differences of rock 1, same rock (1 photo above and three below)