Spirit of rebellion 50

A combination of Ferme de Boissets, Eglise Rouviere and Eglise Lanuéjols

I heard the crew met up together on this field. I´m not totally sure. This is nearby Mende, the place the crew stayed and drove from Mende to all the locations in Lozere.

Lanuejols has a huge field and Roman Mausoleum close to the Eglise Lanuéjols. The mausoleum of Lanuéjols, located in the municipality of Lanuéjols in the department (Lozère), was built at the end of the 2nd or the beginning of the 3rd century. Located in the Valdonnez valley, the site was built by a wealthy family in memory of their two sons. The tomb was uncovered in 1813. The fragments of the incline could not be recovered until 1840. The monument is addressed as a Roman tomb and is classified as a monument historique. In 1880, just a few meters south of the mausoleum, the foundations of another monument were unearthed.



The mausoleum in the provence of Gallia Narbonensis was built in the style of a mausoleum temple, which was widespread in the provences of the Roman Empire from the end of the first century. The walls are made of limestone composite. The morphology of the building is in the tradition of Roman temple building with cella and pronaos. Its main facade is provided with pilasters in Corinthian order, which complete with capitals. The monument is located on a podium, which is preceded by a staircase. It was restored in 1999.

This episode starts in the church of Lanuéjols.

The church was decor in three scenes of episode 50 Spirit of Rebellion:

1. Tell visits the church for answers and is sent away.

2. The scene with Gessler in front of the Maria statue (Aris is concerned about Gessler and visited Gessler in the church. Gessler saw the second vision of Tell and Aris face is turning into Tell's face). 

3. Gessler in front of the statue of Jezus on the cross. While he thinks back about killing Tell, The Jezus statue suddenly starts to bleed. 


Tell's search for answers

                                                                                          1988                                         2017  one of the stained glass window behind the cross                                   



                                            1988                                      This is the place you see in the background (2017) Nowadays a statue stands on the baptismal font.


          Tell tries to find answers in the church but is sent away.                  

1988                                                                                             2017                                                                                        2017



           The three pillars in the back                                                   The Crossbowshot is just a little bit more to the right



       1988 Screenshot in the beginning of Spirit of Rebellion. Beautiful details merged with clouds.              2015                                             2015                                                 


                                                                              1988                                                                              2017                                                       2017                                                     



Gessler's confusion


                                                                      1988          The Maria statue at the southside of eglise Lanuéjols        2015

The beautiful large statue of Maria in a red and yellow golden dress. This church has more beautiful holy statues. I will put more of them below on this site.


Gessler can not distinguish anymore..whether he is hallucinating ... or whether Tell is really alive.
  The ornament and cross behind Gessler is still there (at the large photo right)


While Aris speaks to Gessler the sight of Tell is turning into Arish. His first vision of Tell. Eglise Lanuejols




        1988 The round stained window behind Aris.                         2015                                                                                                     



The Cross

Gessler seeks for guidance in the church, the second time he sits in front of Jesus on his cross. This time he imagines Jesus is hit by an arrow and is bleeding.

1988               In front of the altar central in eglise Lanuéjols                  2017


I can safely say.. this statue of Jesus on the cross is a replica. In the dark background behind Gessler you can see almost the same statue. On the right picture you can see the original one closer.

After Tell's dead Gessler is depressed and very confused. He tries to find peace in church but the spirit of rebellion is haunting him.


 Just in front of the altar, they've put this fake statue, (the real one is in the background).         

Changing church Lanuéjols into church Rouviere (in episode Spirit of Rebellion 50)


            In the same episode they have added more location; they're switching from eglise Lanuéjols (above) to eglise Riviere (below)

CHURCH NOTRE-DAME ROUVIERE - (still episode ´Spirit of rebellion´ 50)

The same place where Gessler's party started just after Tell's dead and he gets himself together.


                                                  1988                                  The right part (back in the corner under the balcony) is plastered and almost unrecognizable 2016


   Scene: Gessler arrises with a little help from Aris.

 The resistance in village le Meynard (Boissets) (The village Gessler pointed at ´Le Meynand (Boissets) on the map). This is the first village to be attacked to regain his power. Gessler grabs himself together and strikes back against the uprising. One episode later in ´Insurrection 51´ his girlfriend helps him.


 Information about the church: "Church before 1153, with a single nave of three vaulted bays in a slightly broken coffer. The double arches are supported by two Romanesque half-columns, large projecting arches adorn the walls, and on the north wall of the nave recent period, was opened a chapel.  A choir span precedes the slightly recessed, five-sided apse, whose upper semicircular section is decorated with semicircular arches supported by Romanesque columns. It is vaulted in the oven and receives the day by two trilobed. Externally, five semicircular arches mark the upper part of the panels in front of the apse. These arches are received by small columns of angles with historiated capitals. To the south, a curved portal opens into a buttress on the median bay. The façade wall adjoining the presbytery carries a two-bay bell-tower which seems to be the primitive steeple. The Church is often closed.        

Gessler's party is short lived. Gessler and Aris get drunk. But then only Gessler suddenly sees a vision of Tell sitting at the table and bringing out a toast.


The party is roughly interrupted by Tell; only Gessler hears and sees Tell. Tell brings out a toast to Gessler.


1988                                                                        2016 Eglise Riviere



Gessler is struggling. He witnessed the rebellion arising and he loses authority and is confused about Tell's death. Location: Still in eglise Riviere.

Look above and below at the beautiful fresco´s, they are still there. Parts of the wall behind Tell is plastered. Also the other side of the church where Tell points at the map under the balcony is plastered nowadays.      

            2016                                                                                                      1988


Many locations in this episode: Above Eglise Rouviere but scenes with Gessler in front of the Maria and Jesus statue and Tell asks for answers is Eglise Lanuejols

The visit to the wise man

In church Tell got no answers, then he goes to a wiseman 'August.' He listened to Tell and helped him understand. The wise man used an old projector lightened with a candle. This projector showed with a shadow-effect Tell's role in the balance of good and evil. This location can be in a church or Boissets. It's hard to say..there is only a wall to see in the back of this scene.


He tells William has to lighten up the evil with his presence so there is balance. Nice scene.



People hear about Tell´s death and the rebellion rises high now.

Luke lives with his dad on a farm (the Boissets). Life is hard. Father drinks his problems away to anger of his son Luke. It´s dry and Gessler wants a large part of the yield of the grain. When they hear what happened to their hero Tell, they´re planning a resistance and burn all their grain. Like many others in the provence.

Le Menand (Boissets farm) is the first place Gessler attacks

 Gessler strikes back. Many others to come.

Luke (and finally his father as well) believe that people can stand up all together against Gessler.

1988                                                                                          2015


1988                                                                                                2015


The Children is also recorded here for a little part (the other part withthe parents is recorded in St Chely).



The relief is hard to see in Crossbow but It's exact the same ridge. The soldier stands on the stairs. This soldier has to spy 'Berenice,' Gessler's mistress.



The last touch of the sun of June (May, 2018) and the last view on it before it became a privat property (about 2019). It used to be a farm and a museum.


To compare:

                                                                                                                                             Shot of this scene: In the middle of this Boissets farm            


     Father is an alcoholic peasant farmer who is apathetic about Gessler's rule, but is forced to face the spirit of rebellion by his son Luke.

1988                  The pillars in the middle and the stairs are restored            2015



  1988                                                                                                    2015


Below the whole building, both stairs are in Crossbow


Luke has a quarrel and in his frustration he tries to kill a soldier who crosses his path. William Tell could just prevent it. He doesn't realize he just met William Tell, his hero.

1988                                                                                   2015




The resignation of his father and the situation in the country only increase his anger



Luke: Since the dead of Tell the spark of rebellion is is just gone!"



        Photo's Ferme des Boissets.... episode 50 Spirit of Rebellion

                    1988                                                                Two blocks on top or the doorframe are restored 2015                 


The Rebellion. They are burning their grain and the're being armed.

  1988       father get's his strenght back and the bond with his son is getting stronger.            2015                      




                                                      1988                      2018 The stone above the door is renovated, the doors still have a hole     1988 Georgia Lyman searched for shade


Below: the interior taken from the back of the building. At the end the recognizable porch.

     1988                                                                                                                 2018                                                             


The huge farm door of Boissets, east part of the Domaine                                      Seen from the largest main building of ferme des Boissets.                                        



1988                                                                         2015                                                                             2015


1988                                                                          2015                                                                         2015                  


Ferme des Boissets Where the Rebellion really starts. People burn their grain en masse. Better than giving it away to Gessler.

  Ferme des Boissets is very well restaurated nowadays. I visited it at 2015. In 1988 the building (photo left below: in the background) had a hole in it.

The pictures below and above you can see how well restored this house is in the back. For a vew years it was a museum, you can see the blue info signs on some pictures. But between 2018 and 2019 it onfortunately became private property.


Gessler strikes. Many villages are opposing. Le Maynard is the first village Gessler attacks. Photos from 2015.

The Crossbow shot is taken more from the left side.  Nothing really changed..only the length of the tops of chimneys.


Gessler strikes back. Many villages opposing. Le Maynard is the first village Gessler strikes back         

The door to Ferme des Boissets: the stones lay the same way as 30 years back, only the door has a light above it.

                                                                                        The fight                                                                                     

             The farmers resist and win.                     Luke warns the people Gessler's men are coming           Aris is hit by an arrow in his arm and flies.


                                               Spirit of Rebellion 50                                         Close up of the door 2015                   


People are happy they survived and they have driven them away.


    It seems they didn´t expect this resistance at all. Gessler´s men flew and some got killed. The villagers are happy.

From a distance on the hill...a person on a a huge Friesian horse appears out of the mist. He let's his horse prance.  Tell appears for the third time.         

Suddenly Gessler stands face to face with William Tell.



Extra photos of Ferme des Boissets





The Interior


The ridge