Chateau Boulbon, The monastery of Frigolet, Beauregard and the smithy


First we start with the Smithy

Scene: After Katrina's death (ep. Rebirth) Matthew left his father. Tell had a hard time. A woman, who's husband can't do the heavy

work anymore, is offering him work as a blacksmith on their farm. Below you see the exterior of this location.


The 'smithy' with the vineyard

Many vineyards have expanded in thirty years to survive and participate in the global economy. it may be that this house has become a holiday home and separated from the ground.  It may be slightly

modified over the years and may be less recognizable. Yet we also assume that option two is a possibility.. or that the house is no longer made or has been renovated and has become significantly

larger and therefore no longer recognizable.


                       A tree or transmission mast on the hill... Yes I know, It's almost invisible ;)                                                                                                                     



   Behind the house is a clear road.                                                                                                                                      


Location: Unknown

What do we already know about this location? We think this location is split into 2 different locations:


1 The interior:

It has thick walls, a huge fireplace like we see in a castle or fortified farmhouses. But there is more about this location: looking through the window you see other buildings and there is a village

weapon with a lion on it, above the window. Perhaps the lion of  Boulbon? Or the houses around Chapelle Bearegard, where they shot as well. So we think this interior is not in the farm itself..


2 The exterior part

It seems deeper in the green hills of the Alpilles. It looks like a small wine farm on the edge of a small town. It seems hidden between large hills and has a vineyard around.

A private driveway with cypresses and a field of grape bushes in front. In the back a road, hardly visible and perhaps on top of the huge hill a transmission mast or just a very high tree ;)

And on some spots the mud has a deep orange color. Like we see in Roussillon area.


The interior and the fireplace of this Forge

                                                                                                       See the lion of iron (in between them)



The huge fireplace and in the window something needs to be covered by a camouflage net. Isn't it a monument in just a street of  Boulbon?



    Two photos from a promotional folder



The other side of the room

A lot of pictures to show the room and it's recognizable spots.       

Down here the other side of the room. You can see a bended stairs and thick walls (see the window).   


The Smithy could be in a chateau or could be an ancient cellar, a castle fireplace, or an old bakery in a village around Boulbon. We think this farm below is not the smithy place, it could be

a vacation villa or a vineyard farm nowadays. The producers of the wine had to adapt to the European norms not tolerating poor little ruined houses. Or maybe it's not a vineyard anymore and

now a villa or a basic (vacation) home. Small chance it's still there. If somebody recognizes the place (Big chance it has changed in this 30 years) please email us.


Behind the woman there seems a road behind the house and in the zoomed- out version of this photo you see some houses left of it. Almost sure it lies between two high hills in the

Alpilles mountains (or just in front of it). There is an enormous tree on the hilltop or a transmission mast... And important: it must be reachable by horse trailers.

                                                                                            A road in the back?


Scene: The jealous husband begins to see Tell as a threat and talks to the soldiers. He wants to get rid of Tell and a reward, he reveals

Tell's location. Matthew comes back to warn his father and tries to convince Tell to leave this place. Gessler is on his way.



The unexpected visitor

Scene: Matthew reaches his dad and comes to apologize. He warns him Gessler has arrived in the province. He brings Tell's Crossbow along, but he already made a stunning crossbow.


                      Matthew may keep his father's bow.                                                Tell has just made a new one!                               



The Soldiers camp - The employer visits the camp

Here is scene with the husband...this place is known to us. This is the place the soldier's camp is and the soldiers talking to Matthew about his father. Or this man just travels for one short his farmhouse

must be around Frigolet. The soldiers camp spot. The place we see below, lies in the mountains of Frigolet. Unfortunately there is no farmhouse, in that environment, that looks the same as the smithy.


                                The missing location                              The mountains around Frigolet. More about this spot, down this page. 



The surrounding

This scene is in front of the farmhouse. We are still looking for this location. Perhaps this location doesn't exist anymore. Scene:

Gessler gave the order to murder Tell's wife, now It´s time for Tell to strike. Gessler is surrounds Tell, but Tell seems combative.



Where is this? Below an overview of the farmhouse.


                                                                                                                                                                                              Here it looks like a hilltop either.



Actually this is the last scene of episode Rebirth. Down this part I will go into some other locations of this episode.



Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Beauregard d'Orgon - 'Bearegard'

In episode 24 'Rebirth' there are two locations for the fire.

Beauregard lies on a hilltop next to highway A7 (Marceille - Avignon). While taking the road you can see it clearly on the hilltop. Beautiful! It always catches my attention.

It's rocky around Beauregard, but I never have seen a shot, Tell and Matthew were actually up there at Bearegard. A fact is there is made a shot of this monastery without Tell and Matthew.

The walk to Katrina's monastery (the chapel of Bearegard) didn't match with the rocks of Bearegard. It's actually in front of the rocky pass of Boulbon, which surprises me a lot. It is C. Petit found it.



So they're not walking next of Beauregard, but next to Boulbon! This pass is found by C. Petit.


The trails - also the path (you see above) to the monastery

 The soldiers were taking trails in Boulbon and around Frigolet (the Alpilles and Montagnette).



The compilation

The left picture in the same episode (Matthew and Tell are going to the monastery of Katrina and see the monastary in flames -Bearegard and Villeneuve les Avignon). Now a third location is added..

Boulbon! While Tell and Matthew pointing at the smoke at chapelle Beauregard, in fact they stood on the parkingplace of Chateau Boulbon. Clever shot of the cameramen to film from heigth. It really looks

like being in the mountains. I've been twice on this path but never thought It could have been here, also because it's shot from a heigth I wasn't able to recognize the ravine. Thanks for C. Petit's sharp eye!


1986                                               Bearegard                                                  2014



The switch

Above the abbey of Beauregard and below Chartreuse Villeneuve lès Avignon, Porte Rouge Street. For Chartreuse lès Avignon click here

                                1986                                                                                                     2014                                



Short exterior shot of Chapelle Beauregard                        Villeneuve les Avignon                                                  Villeneuve les Avignon                                               Villeneuve les Avignon              


Scene: Katrina is killed by Gessler's men and they were trying to erase the tracks. The picture on the right with the fire is in Villeneuve les Avignon and called Porte rouge street, next to the Chartreuse well.



There is made a short shot of Chapelle Bearegard. Very short! Could it be that in the houses you see below the interior shot of the forge can be recorded? Still not found the forge. Why did they go here for 2 seconds only?


Until recently there was another missing location in episode 24 Rebirth.

                                     The camp spot. Somewhere on an accessible point in the Alpilles and found by C. Petit. more down this page                  This road is found too. It's not in Frigolet but in Boulbon                            



Below we see the room of the princess. For Chartreuse Val du Benediction, click here



 Frigolet with eglise St. Michel

As far as we know, the interior of this abbey of Frigolet has not been a Crossbow location.


Scene: On this spot: Horst asks Gessler for extra men. Because of the rough terrain Tell is hiding they can't catch him. This monastery in the back, has a beautiful

old church: 'Saint Michel de Frigolet.' As far as we know, Frigolet is only filmed for the exterior in the background (and the paths around).


1986            Eglise Sainte Anne - In Boulbon town                 2017


 This one was not easy to find. I found it by coincidence while looking for the porch Loriol, Horst covered his tracks (you see it below). This little square was around the corner.

The left building became a bibliotheque and it's pretty tightly plastered, modernization can't be stopped. I think the character has disappeared out of the left plastered building (2017).

The doors are still the same. Below the photo in between Crossbow and 2016, without the plastered (left) wall. Much better.

1986                                                                                           2015



                  1986                                                                                          2017



The Loriol gate in Boulbon  

  The Loriol gate, built in 1253 is the first line of defence. And is one of two fortified doors that commanded access to the village.

I won't be surpised if the interior of the forge, we are looking for, is in here. It's already lit inside and the door is open. I can't find photos of this interior.

1986      The gate is almost attached to the square of the Sint Anne church Boulbon   2017



So is this house also the interior (Rebirth) where Tell used to work as a blacksmit?

1986                                                                                                 2017  



    1986  The start of episode Rebirth                                                                              2017                        



Just around the corner...looking through this street you can see the chateau of Boulbon lying up there. This street can use some flowers.



The path and the bridge - located beyond the chateau of Boulbon

Scene: Matthew is following the soldiers and tries to get Tell's weapon back. All the people have to collect their weapons and bring them to the soldiers. Tell is in a depression,

 after the murder of his wife. He decided to give his crossbow too. While Matthew wants to get it back, he gets caught by the soldiers. Matthew first wants to join them, but later he

changes his mind. When he hears about their plans to arrest his farther and the discovery of Tell's hiding place, Matthew goes immediately back to his father to warn him and apologizes.

                                                                     1986                                                        2015 Walking the bridge then goinf left and you get at Boulbon castle



2015 The same place. The small bridge in front of chateau Boulbon. Matthew is hiding here. The soldiers go to Boulbon castle. 2015



       The evening shot of the camp, can be everywhere. So it's still unknown.                                 At Boulbon castle.                                            


 Passing this bridge and turning left (west) to the entrance of Boulbon castle.


1986                               The road to the castle                       2015       



More about the the soldier's camp spot



Please look below to the clever compilation of  C. Petit. It's situated near Frigolet.




The found symbol - The trails around the abbey of Frigolet - 1986 Handmaiden.

Scene: While looking for Tell...Horst and Gessler do meet on this spot. There is still no signal from Tell. While the soldiers are only a few meters apart and the valley is almost sealed off. Gessler

suspects that Tell is getting help from farmers. Here Horst shows a symbol he has found. Gessler thinks it's an attack on the Emperor, but the Emperor thinks Gessler is the one being threatened.

 As far as I can see, north-northwest of Frigolet  1986                                                      2014 Abbaye de Frigolet.                                                                                   The symbol                                      


                         These photos around Frigolet are made by C. Petit, 2019






C. Petit found the place and draw this map


The maid - Fort St. Andre Avignon

The maid brings the ring from the Princess to a messenger in the mountains. Riding out Fort St. Andre in  Villeneuve les Avignon, the changing of clothes and hiding them.

This spot is recently found near the parking place of the abbey of Frigolet. See the Google photo above, it's written with a yellow marker 'Servan't hidden place.' See the map above.



1986                                                                                                               2018         


On the big Google photo (a few lines back) you can see in the yellow text 'the servant's hidden place'. That here.

From the house to the bushes the handmaiden changes clothes


Scene: And ´Meanwhile´ the maid gets arrested (Location: Saint-André)  



Sentier de la Roque Canine - Boulbon the path of the messenger

              1986  The messenger on his way to look for Matthew and Tell                 2014                                                          2014                                                                    



Episode handmaiden and Rebirth is located at: the abbey of Senanque. A compilation of small pictures below.

Scene below: 'Mission accomplished. While the emperor is weak, Tell's wife got murdered.



Location: Same room as above! The Abbey of Senanque; In this episode the seat of the emperor and Gessler's residence. Funny this old map is really old France and Gessler pointed the right area.


 The shots of the emperor in ep. 'Handmaiden' and 'Rebirth' are all shot in abbey of Senanque.

(While previous episodes: 'The Citadel' and 'The Princess' were shot in Villeneuve les Avignon, Le Petit Cloître, Villeneuve-lès-Avignon. Bit confusing.



'Meanwhile' in Senanque. Great winter shot of the courtyard! I Love these torches in the colt.



St. Jean Cloistre, Avignon Chapterhouse, click here                                   Villeneuve Les Avignon                     



Compilation of the episodes.

                                               Senanque                                                                       Senanque                                                                             Frigolet                                       Perhaps Boulbon still unknown                                  



Chateau Boulbon

Is in episode 23 and 24. And is called the ruins of 'Hellburg castle' Boulbon is a commune in the Bouches-du-Rhône department in southern France.



The castle of Boulbon is a stunning ruin of the feudal castle built from the 12th century, located at 1-5 Rue du Fort in Boulbon, Bouches-du-Rhône. Located on a strategic commercial and strategic axis, overlooking the

Rhone valley, bordering the county of Provence and the Kingdom of France and crossing major roads at the time, the castle of Boulbon was considered, from its construction, As a sentinel of Provence.

The oldest part of the castle is probably the keep, the central rectangular tower that dates back to the eleventh century. The curtain wall, surrounding the keep and perfectly embracing the rock, dates from the

thirteenth century while machicolations seem later (14th century. The latter, decorated with tri-lobed motifs, are similar to those which crown the royal castle of Tarascon. It was only at the end of the fourteenth century

that the lords' house and the large terrace on the west side were built. It was in the 17th century that the castle saw the development of its terraced gardens as well as the road that leads to the north gate.

Gaston de Raousset-Boulbon, owner of the castle in the 19th century The castle o'f Boulbon belonged to many different owners since its construction. Raymond de Turenne and King René are examples of this in the

15th century. In 1608, the lordship of Boulbon was erected in county. Then, in 1784, it passed to the family of Raousset-Boulbon which will keep until the XIXe century. From the beginning of the XIXth century, the castle

itself is no longer habitable. Gaston de Raousset-Boulbon, after squandering the family fortune, tries to settle in French Algeria, then in the course of colonization, then is a key protagonist of the founding of the Republic

of Sonora in Mexico in the years 1850, before To die there shot. The last count of Boulbon, Gaston de Raousset, died at Boulbon without direct descendants in 1956. The castle now belongs to the Bonaparte-Wyse family4.


Hellburg castle 

Are you curious how Fort Boulbon looks like from above? Here is a beautiful drone video.    

                       1986                                                                                     2014 made by the owner                                                                                         1986                           



           1986  Tell in front of Chateau              The Entrance of Boulbon           Around 2015                     



This huge tree is still there. The entrance changed over the years. Around 2017 /2018 the ruin is restored by it's owner. During Crossbow the entrance had a huge

wooden door and nowadays an iron fence.  The same trees were there and have witnessed many Mistral winds and Crossbow 30 years ago and probably muchs longer.



Through the Entrance

  1986 They used cool lights that creates big shadows behind these ruined walls.                   2015 same spot.          



 Scene: The maid awaits. Horst followed the maid and Matthew and Tell get caught in a trap. From every corner soldiers appear on their horses and they closes the gate.



1986  The pursuit through the old ruined wall just beyond the entrance fence.     2015                         




Scene: all the rooms in the lower ruin (photo above). The place Horst pushed his soldiers off the edge and demanded them to follow Tell.



The smashing of the door

Scene: Next morning the soldiers are coming back with a battering ram. Location: The internal second gate of Boulbon






                                                 1986                                                                                          2015                                                   





Storming the door, Tell and Matthew on the run! A tense pursuit. The great scenes are supported by music of Stanislas Syrewicz and beautiful shots from above the castle

(there were no drones yet but this shots looking very impressive. Like a drone that follows, It seems so stable and that on a difficult position on top!) 


Above you see the parts of the wall at the left side

                                                 1986                                         2015 It's unbelievable this doesn't fall down.     2015 taken from another angle.       



1986                                                                                                                     2015



The stairs

1986                                                                                 Around 2015



   1986                                                                                 2015                                                                                                2016        



2015, the 'open' spiral staircase. Who dares to take this spiral open staircase?  Scene of the photo in the middle is shot a few steps higher around the corner of this spiral staircase.

                                      2015                                                                          Look at that open staircase! 1986                                            2016, Made by a knowledge. Almost the same angle.






On the top of Boulbon



           I think this shot could be on top of the tower with the castle wall behind the soldier.                                                                                                                    



Boulbon castle


Scene: Below you see Tell and maathew finding shelter but they are trapped again as well. Horst sets the place on fire. Location: Boulbon castle, but where in the entrance of this room?


I could not find the front of this room. It's in the tower. I recognize the window but not the door yet. The castle is private property. I'm lucky I got pictures from someone. There are sometimes

local partying gangs in the castle. The place above the stairs is not accessible. I also don't know if the open staircase and curved roof can be trusted. it was always a tricky spot during crossbow.

I wonder if the actors have actually been upstairs...yes maybe to get to that room. But where that entrance is is still a mystery to me...  Boulbon is one of my favorite locations, perhaps partly

because the episode is spectacular. When you stand in front of it, the locations are unfortunately smaller than you think, although the terraces are spacious. Boulbon is beautiful as it is, pristine.



No way out



Then a soldier suddenly appeared via the window                                                                                                                                                                                       



Horst sets the place on fire



1987                                          The window of the room                                         2015 



The escape


                                                             1986                                                                                                    1986                                                                                                                    2015                                                  



Look at the shape of the window and the shape of the upper window, the lowest window has also not this shape.?? It's never what it seems..



Left: The fire is in the room with highest window, although they make you believe it's this window.. I think both windows have a have a straight over frame and in crossbow it's a bended arcade.



                    1986  The roofless Moulin of Boulbon on top of the mountain.      2015 Moulin de Boulbon, nowadays restored with mill blades and a roof again.



This shot is a long one! The stuntmen are climbing down and that takes a minute. My favorite episode. The ruined wall with hole in it. It always seemed to me

like a bunker standing on the ground, but in fact It's a ruined part of the castle. A beautiful camera shot! (the castle and the tree, shaped by the mistral wind!)

                                                                                                                                        The escape scene switches into the snowy fields of Senanque.



Handmaiden ending scene.

Location: Boulbon and later Senanque. And in the end of the episode: Senanque's frozen fields.

Both scenes in Senanque are in Room Chauffoir and the field in front of Senanque. Scene: The emperor wants Tell free. Gessler is really no amused and thinks of a plan.



Beautiful pictures

These photos are copyright of the owner







On the machicolations, some battlement panels that have not been reversed during the French Revolution.                                                                                          





Shot in  Petit cloistre Villeneuve les Avignon

     Episode episode 20, 21          Petit Cloistre Villeneuve les Avignon Chartreuse, click here for more           Rebirth 24 In this Cloistre Matthew left his father.



All the seats of the Emperor

I wonder why there were 3 locations for the emperor.

                                                              Palais du Papes                                                                                                                         Senanque                             Petit Cloistre Villeneuve Les Avignon                          



The abbey of Frigolet


It's a beautiful decorated church! Every inch of walls and columns is colorfully painted. It's really amazing! The abbey is situated south of St-Michel de Frigolet, in the la Montagnette countryside.

A cloister and small church date from the 12th century, but in in 1858 a Premonstratensian abbey was founded and one of the most richly decorated. The whole interior is colourfully painted

with stars and saints on the pillars and ceiling. After a brief period of exile in Belgium at the beginning of the 20th century, the monks returned to Frigolet. The word Frigolet is Provencal for Thyme.


Frigolet Abbey (French: Abbaye Saint-Michel de Frigolet) is a Premonstratensian monastery, originally Benedictine, in southern France. It is located in the territory of the commune of Tarascon,

in the region of the Montagnette, the parishes of which are served by the canons of the monastery.



Monks, canons and friars

The monastery, dedicated to Saint Michael, was founded about 960 at Frigolet by Conrad the Pacific, King of Arles, on one of the numerous hills which lie between Tarascon and Avignon. It was initially occupied by Benedictine

monks from Montmajour Abbey. By the 12th century, the abbey was home to a community of canons regular. A document from 1133 lists the prior of the canons as Guillaume of Loubières. The chapel of Our Lady of

Good Remedy dates from this period. The canonical Augustinian community lasted until 1480, when the canons petitioned the Holy See to suppress the monastery. This request was granted by Pope Sixtus IV, at which

time the monastery was abandoned. The chapel, however, remained a popular pilgrimage site. In 1647 the monks of the Hieronymite Order were given possession of the derelict monastery. They worked to restore it,

at the same time expanding the complex, enlarging the choir and sacristy, and erecting a chapter room. The community did not stay long, however, and were replaced in 1661 by the Discalced Augustinians. The friars of

this order continued the work of the Hieronymites, but also did pastoral care in the surrounding region, providing support to the local clergy. At the time of the French Revolution, it was suppressed and sold by the

French Republic. source  As far as we know the interior of this abbey has not been a location. 

                                                                                                                          Old drawning


You can visit the abbey and it is easily accessible by car, but my favourite way of visiting it is on foot, setting off from the town of Boulbon and passing by its medieval fortified castle along the way. 




Card of 1977                                                                                                                                                                                                               




A story about life at Frigolet

You can take the path from Boulbon castle to Frigolet. The path takes you up a steep climb through the dry garrigue (scrubland), scented with wild thyme, sage and rosemary. After a few twists and turns, taking you ever

further into the hills, you finally reach the plateau where you can see the towers of the abbey emerging ahead of you and at certain times during the day you can hear the bells faintly ringing across the hilltops calling

the brothers to prayer. This is the sight and sound that would have greeted the pilgrims as they came to pray to The Blessed Virgin Mary, Nostra Domina de Ferigoleto, in the Chapel of Our Lady at Frigolet and to

St Michael at the Church of St Michel.  No doubt the pilgrim would have been offered a night’s bunk and something to eat before heading off to the next place of worship along the way.

The abbey, which is still in use today and home to Canons Regular (as they are called) of the Prémontré Order, dates back to AD 938. Over the centuries buildings were added and enlarged as the importance of the

monastery grew. It survived the comings and goings of Kings and Queens and various Religious trends throughout the centuries.  However, it was sacked and plundered during the French Revolution, forcing the

inhabitants to flee as the buildings were set on fire and only one of the chapels survived.


The Canons Prémontrés, returned to the abbey in 1858 restoring and rebuilding it to what it is now. They still live there today, though there are only 10 of them left. They welcome people from the outside World to

join them in their Religious Services, Laudes, Mass, Vespers and Evening Mass, which are conducted in Gregorian chant.  They also offer Spiritual retreats for people looking to spend up to 8 days in silence and

contemplation, eating and living along-side the brothers and attending one religious service a day.  If this is something you might be interested in, you can apply to the Père Hôtelier, Abbaye Saint-Michel de Frigolet,

13150 Tarascon, France.  They suggest that you should be able to speak some French and you’ll have to leave your modern life at the door, as there is no mobile signal and no wifi in the buildings and you will literally

be living like a monk, rising at 6.30am, eating your meals in silence and going to bed at 9.15.

The abbey used to be self-sufficient and produced its own honey.  Sadly the last of the apiarists died some years ago and no one has taken his place.  In the 19th century, one of the brothers, an herbalist, came up with

a recipe for a liqueur using 30 herbs and plants that grow in the hills.  His claim was that it was a tonic and that it “does nothing but good”.  Le liqueur de Frigolet is still made today in a distillery in the nearby town of

Graveson and its recipe kept a closely guarded secret. If you walk around the grounds, you can see where the vegetable garden and the herb patch were, but sadly only the wooden markers remain.



If you would like to stay at the abbey, but living like a monk is not your thing, there is a touristique hotel within the Abbey’s walls called the Hotellerie de L’Abbaye de St Michel de Frigolet.  It is run independently from

the abbey, but the rooms are rather Spartan and barely furnished none-the-less.  It is utilitarian rather than luxe and befitting to its two star rating.  But if you are after a unique location, surrounded by wild and rugged

countryside and looking for some peace and quiet, this could be the place for you.  There are lots of hikes that lead straight from the hotel door and the hotel will even give you a packed lunch for €9. There are,

of course, plenty of towns and villages nearby to explore by bike or car. Attached to the hotel is a restaurant touristique, called Le fournil de la Montagnette and is housed in the old bakery, sous les micoculiers.

You sit on wooden benches along wooden tables under the shade of the big Hackberry tree. The food is locally sourced and mainly organic and the menu is provençal. Source: Provence calling 2013


Extra photos and information about the Abbaye de Frigolet. While looking at this tower (right below) I always have to think about the game Chess!



Once a year the restaurant runs foraging classes on how to cook with the wild herbs picked in the surrounding hills. Who knows what the future of the abbey will hold. How long will the brothers be able

to hold out with their dwindling numbers? Will it become part of the modern World with its churches becoming hotels and its pilgrims, wealthy travellers in search of Michelin stars? At least for now,

the only stars you’ll see at Abbaye de St Michel de Frigolet are those in the skies above. Distance: 7-8 km according to the visits.

For more information on the abbey go to

Address Saint-Michel de Frigolet. 13150 Tarascon, France