Chateau and eglise Faucher and the mine scene

 The Pit 29 and the Rock 30: Paussac et Vivien, lavoir and bridge of Faucher and the town of the Rock

 The taking of castle Tanner 31:  l' Eveque, Faucher castle + garden and the town of the Rock

Short shots of Actors and Fear: l'église Notre-Dame de l'Assomption, perhaps one of the caves. (Fear is shot in Brantome as well)

The rock and the Pit

The search for the quarry


We are still looking for the location of mine and The Emperor part 2

The riders attack 'the village' at 1 Paussac (the field in front of the rock). Then they made a shot at 2 Faucher bridge and lavoir and then the 3 Rock village.

3 different places to let it look like one. Pretty confusing. And the pit itself is unfindable.

Is it Boulou ..? (Photo left). That's nearby Paussac et Vivien. There are hardly photos to find so I can't check it. It seems too tall. One plus.. there seems to be a water in front of this rock.

It also could be the caves of Meme or perhaps Jovelle. It's almost 30 years ago they've shot here so it's likely the place is changed. A few weeks ago i found a mushroom farm, who uses these kind of caves. It's very close.

 It could also be a private place around Brantome or somewhere around Perigord. If it's a private place then this explains why nothing can be found, not even a photo. The right photo below had a broken caracteristic rock which is damaged, also a part of rocks collapsed. Perhaps digging changed this place nowadays. 30 years ago is a long time...



Souterrain nord, close to Paussac et Vivienne rocks, it's private place now. The rocks behind the monastery of Brantome seems much too high.


The map

Funny is all the ancient drawings, they made for Crossbow, seem to be correct. So when Bolgar looks at his map then I recognize Brantome. Brantome caves seems too high, but perhaps behind them? There is also a chance that I do not interpret the map correctly and that it is simply the center of the cave and doesn't indicate a village.



The Emperor part 1 and 2

(Location: quarry)

On his way to find the Emperor back, Tell gets caught by him.


Recognizable for:

 -  water in front of it (real or not real?)

- the shape of the entrance, perhaps things needed to be covered (you see many hills, sand and straw roofs wood).

- caves (not too high) and trees on it.

- and a clear path to them

Below the same kind of environment                                                                                                          



This is where they enter the place

...via a forest path. The river, perhaps it's dug?

                                                                                                                   A shot from the emperor part 2. This is the same place as mine!



A remarkable detail is the bended rock behind Tell left on the photo below.          The Pit                        Above: photos of 'the Emperor part 2'


Is below the same cave? And where is the cave of Trolls?


                                                                                This quarry could be the place. It's nearby the Rock


But it can be changed into a quarry too....


To Compare

Is the Trolls cave in one of these caves too?

The Emperor part 2                                                            The Pit and The Rock    


                                  Tell is trapped                                                                                                                                 Tell protects little Marian.         


The little Marian is missed. (The town of the 'Rock'). She is going to look for her.



3 places have been merged

They make you believe you could look down on the mine village, but in fact is the village at least 30 miles away. Sorry to wake you up from the dream ;)

Location 1

The fields and the rock of Paussac et Vivien    


Location 2

In front of Faucher castle: the Lavoir and the bridge


Bolgar and his sons are standing on the rock (location 1) and they make you believe they have this view on the village (location 3) In fact it's not a shot from the rock but from the rooftop of this village. Nicely done!



Below the other riders taking the same route. One shot in Paussac (1), then a shot in front of Faucher castle (2) and then the main town of the Rock (3).



Paussac et vivien


The rock (location 1a)


These rocks are a private place. Above half way up on a rising road, it doesn't seem that high but they are! This road (you can see above) is halfway up the hill. This shot is great, you can't see the half way sandroad and you can´t see the asphalt road down below.


Under: the asphalt road down below. In the distance the rock Tell sits on


               1987  the shot seems high and it is, but in front you see trees that can't be that high as the rock there is a ridge with a path up. 2017



The field (location 1 b)

Below the field in front of the rock of Paussac et Vivien.






In Crossbow the field always looks bigger because of the lens/angle tricks. Crossbow is zoomed in and took a low shot.

1987                                                                                                 2017



Traps have been set to protect the village and mine


In fact this place is the same one as the field and rock. (The village, bridge and lavoir are elsewhere).

Both pictures showing the road below. The road + the field (in combination with a huge forest gap) made me find this place...



This is also the field of the rider ...she arrived (probably by car and on a different horse) in the town of the rock. This village is 30 miles further...

Strange rocks

The structure of the rock of paussac is total different. No idea where this place is...

One ridge further or another place? The trees have become very high so you have little view on the rocks these days.


The lavoir and bridge in Faucher (2)

Faucher lavoir and the bridge are in episode 29 The Pit and The Rock 30 (and ep. 32 Fear, but further down the river and around the castle of Faucher).

That's the same with episode 31 The Taking of Castle Tanner, Actors (Chapelle) and the Seekers of the Soul (chapelle and castle). All these episodes are filmed in or around Chateau Faucher. An important location from season 2.

The Cole river.


1987                                                                                                               2016


1987                                                                                             2016




                                                                                                                           Oops.. a traffic pole



l'église Notre-Dame de l'Assomption - La Chapelle-Faucher in episode Fear

The church was built mostly in the 12th century. It includes a nave, a bay following which rises the bell tower and a choir ended with a circular apse. A chapel was added in the 15th century against the south facade. The interior retains six sculpted Romanesque capitals. On the first bay of the south facade, above the entrance gate, which has been extensively remodeled or rebuilt afterwards, is a group of three small arcades with columns adorned with sculpted Romanesque capitals. Above are two patterns with characters embedded in the masonry

The monster walked around this church. With a nice shadow effect, the monster seems 3 times bigger than it really is ;)

You see the shots with the shadow and Calibar breaking through traps and other precautions the villagers took.


The photos below seem in the chateau of Faucher (take a look at the windows). More about it down on this site.

The Chateau stands next to this Church. Episodes like 'Actors' and 'Soulseekers' are recorded in this church next to chateau Faucher and also in the castle.


l'église Notre-Dame de l'Assomption

                        Episode The Seekers of The Soul 1986/87                                                                      Around 2016                                            



1986/87                                                                                                      2016



                   1987  Episode Actors                                                                                                 2016                   



Not the same cross but there are more of them in this church.



                                   1987                                                                    Around 2016   They were sitting on the right side




1988                                                                                                                  2016




Look.. the same stairs




      Shot from Actors in l'église Notre-Dame de l'Assomption.                        This place is also the castle of Faucher, not the church, only the exterior of the church         


As you can see above, the church doesn't have the windows you see below. Fear is shot in Faucher castle and in front of the l'église Notre-Dame de l'Assomption.


Above castle Faucher and below in front of  l'église Notre-Dame de l'Assomption - La Chapelle-Faucher


In all those pictures there are other parts of the wall visible to get a complete picture of it. That also applies to the ornaments.



   The interior must be Chateau Faucher. The shadow of 'the monster' approaching on the wall is the exterior of eglise Faucher next to the Chateau.



la Chapelle Faucher

The Taking of Castle Tanner




in Episode The Seekers of The Soul

It's located on a cliff behind its castle built in the 13th century. La Chapelle Faucher, 25 km north of Périgueux, between the Trincou valley and the valley of the Côle. This village has 4 churches. - Our Lady of the Assumption 12th century pure Romanesque style. The exceptional frescoes date from the wars of religions - Virgin and child of the thirteenth century. - The Chapel of the 15th century cemetery (St Roch) - The Church of Petit Jumilhac Romanesque style of the 13th century (ST Maurice) - The Chapel of Puymartin of the thirteenth century former membership of a military order (ST Blaise), now private property.

As well as several mills dating from the 19th Pierre Brune, Rochevideau, Rochecaille, Lacroix, Faurilloux, Barrat, Lasfont.

 The Château de la Chapelle Faucher It belonged to the XIIIth. at the Vicomte de Limoges. In the 14th century, the Périgord knew the 2nd 100 years war against the English, it was at this particularly deadly time, that the Castle, the village and a church were looted, burnt and destroyed.

Around 1460, the Vicomte de Limoges sold the Château to Audoin de Farges Ecuyer of the Duc de Guyenne. He had a part of the castle rebuilt in the center of the two towers in the style of the first renaissance. It is in 1515 that the Castle became property of the family De Bruc Chabans and it is from the same family that lives this property.

Today a vaulted room can accommodate 280 guests sitting (meeting, wedding reception, etc


The woman warns Tell for the monastery, she tells him about the strange things that are happening.


Terence wants to join the convent



After a warning, Tell gets worried about his friend in the convent, he decides to take a look.



            The garden of chateau Faucher.                                   The eglise next to the chateau



The room

Probably in Faucher castle



The cemetery






The Taking of Castle Tanner, episode 31

The son of Tanner is on the run (Chateau L' Eveque). And a short shot of the soldiers searching in the same town as The Pit ep. 29 + The Rock ep. 30)


The same place (one row up)

                The Taking of Castle Tanner                                       The Seekers of the Soul                                                                                                


The Taking of Castle Tanner is the same space as The Seekers of the Soul




The interior of Faucher castle


 Tells tries to locate the scream to be able to help Terence (ep. The seekers of The Soul)





To compare

The gate of Faucher castle in episode The seekers of the Soul'

   Below left: 'The seekers of the Soul'                                                The gate in opposite 'The taking of castle Tanner'                      



The gate in The Taking of Castle Tanner

     And a white car in the back.



This photo below is taken from the balcony (above the gate).







1987                                                                                 2015?


The last scene of Seekers of the Soul



Tell meets Gothar (episode The Taking of Castle Tanner)


They make you believe they went in the tavern but it is probably chateau Faucher, where the exterior shot is shot too



The same place

          The Seekers of the Soul             


They make you believe they went in the tavern but it is probably chateau Faucher




The garden of Faucher castle

The taking of Castle Tanner                                                            The Seekers of The Soul


You can see this building above and below. Only the outbuildings were preserved. The castle has superb vaulted stables dating back to the 17th century. Antoine de Chabans had the carousel in the extension built. This ride is the oldest preserved. Let us not forget that for fifty years a military camp had settled there. The 6 columns seem placed on a small wall.

The stables have been transformed into a reception room that can accommodate more than 200 people. The household, contiguous, can shelter him a cocktail, in case of rain!



The gardens of Faucher castle





Above and below: the two different faces of Chateau Faucher


Below: In front of Chateau Faucher



The woodshed

An unknown location



Start of episode The Taking of Castle Tanner.

Interior and garden of Faucher castle



The towers of Faucher castle    




Faucher: The taking of castle Tanner (started with a shot of  l'Eveque)                                                                                                                                        



The last scene of The Taking of Castle Tanner




1987                                                                                                            2015



1987                                                                                          2016



It's hard to find pictures from the Faucher garden and it's buildings, the right picture you see the same windows behind the soldier


Chateau Faucher - Fear

   Chateau Faucher in episode Fear



Waterside Faucher



Kalibar followed Tell and Godrill and wounds Tell. Godrill didn't tell the truth about what she has taken from Kalibar and Tell left. In the night he woke up because of a loud scream that came from the direction of a little light in Faucher. The stairs are in Brantome

The rock and the Pit Cave

Location of The Pit, The Rock, The Emperor part 2

The riders start with the attack in Paussac in front of the rocks, then they a shot in Faucher bridge and lavoir, then the Rock village Three differend places to let it look like one. Very confusing. And the pit itself is unfindable (also the place of emperor part 2).  Perhaps Paussac Boulou could be the place.....Photo below.

Unknown pit!

And the pit itself is unfindable (also the place of emperor part 2).  Perhaps Paussac Boulou could be the place.....Photo below. That's very nearby Paussac et Vivien. There are np photos online so I can't check it.

On his way to find the emperor back, Tell gets caught by him. Same place as the mine in the pit and the rock

Recognizable for: a real or fake river in front of it, the shape of the entrence, perhaps things needed to cover because of the hills with stones and sand and straw roofs and wood. It is or was a busy area, more carierres or caves around to see.


An impression of the whole mine area





A remarkable detail is the bended rock behind Tell left photo below                                                                                                                                                 


The rock (rock village south of Bourdeille, Paussac et Vivien, Faucher lavoir and this unknown cave / rock formation)    



Looking from the inside



From the outside

Middle: Not the one you see, it's hidden around the corner (left of the people)



Probably the gardens of L' Eveque castle

Riders the rock..they started around le evque then over the bridge of faucher then walk right into the ambush in front of Paussac..They made it look like the ambuse is just in front of the town, but in fact It is about 20 km away. 

Paussac et Vivien




Below both pictures show us the road left below. The road and the field into the forest made me find this place...



This is the rider...she arrive probably by car and a different horse into the rock's village south of Bourdeille 30 miles further...

  They found a small piece of gold

Georgia Lyman and Morgan Vasseur, Lavoir Faucher



They make you believe you could look down on the village, but in fact is the village at least 20 miles away and has no rocks nearby. Sorry to wake you up from ideal location ;)


The Rock

1987                                                                                                  2016



   These rocks are a private place nowadays       




The height of the rock

    The rock is pretty high but the right photo is only the half of the hill. Because the cameraman chooses the lens angle well , you can not see the slope is interrupted and has another smaller road in between.


            1987                                                                                           2016                                         




The riverside of Faucher castle




The Taking of Castle Tanner (Tell goes to the inn but in fact he enters Faucher castle).



Extra photos of Chateau Faucher