The banquet and the prisoner

The Banquet



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The duke of Ursen and his wife join the banguet but can't appreciate the apple scene at all. Later in episode 9 (The Bet) Tell meets The Duke of Ursen again.

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Tell is forced to shoot the apple

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The  people at the banquet like to have some entertainment. Gessler provides it. Some of the banquet can not impreciate this.



Gessler forced Tell to shoot the apple of the head of matthew. If Tell refuses he let a drunk man without crossbow skills shoot or Kill Matthew. Below: the wall with the bend.


Chad Stuart (the other of the duo Chad and Jeremy) was the emperor in Crossbow but he had an eye surgery and a lot of pain so he wasn't able to continue.




While Tell is forced to shoot, Gessler promise Tell he and his son can both go free. Then Gessler witnessed Tell gets two arrows. He said I miss the first one the second is for you.'

To make sure he stay alive Gessler whispers in Tyroll's ear if Tell shoot the apple off, he has to disable Tell immediately.       

While Tell tries to concentrate the best he can, Gessler plays false game, aint interrups him three times to ask him to take a step back.       


The Shot


Tell sees his son fall and in a reflex Tell gets is second arrow and try to shoot Gessler. But Tyrrol prevents Tell could shoot Gessler.   

Tell hits the apple and didn't hit his son. Matthew is fainting and Tell is hit to the ground and taken to prison. Gessler tells the people Tell missed and hit his son. Prince Martin felt sorry for Matthew and takes him to the Citadel.



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here ends the banquet and started the prisoner in Hautecombe and Miolans prison

Later in Albion Virieu comes back as Gesslers castle combined with Miolans


Chateau Virieu. Behind Dantes (in Episode 6 Albion) is the square where also the Banquet was shot (episode 1)

Dantes enters the huge door with iron pins on it, but inside he changinging environment to a room in Miolans. 


This fields and the dubble row of trees is east of the Chateau, It's the parking place for visitors nowadays. See the map below.






      The banquet square and te door



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                   1986                                                        2015                                                                     


Here Matthew and Tell came out during the banquet (Episode 1 The Banquet) Here also Dantes enters the door (episode 6 Albion) Episode 6 is the last episode in this chateau. The scenes switch to Chateau Mioilans. The photo in the middle gives a good impression how big this door is


      The coolest castledoor I have ever seen.                     

Below: the shots continue in Chateau Miolans



          1986                                                                     The courtyard of chateau Virieu                                                   2015



1986                                                          2015                                                                  2015








    The beautiful gardens around Chateau Virieu








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