The Interview with Mr. David Barry Gray Matthew Tell


Wednesday 20th May 2009



1. How did you get into the role of Matthew Tell?

Well after getting the role by auditioning, I did a lot of research on

          the time period and just used my imagination.


2. What do you think about a possible DVD release of Crossbow?

 I would love it!


3. If you had to choose a role to play in the series, which one would you like to do and why?

I would like to play Gessler. I love bad guys.


 4. You were pretty young when you played in Crossbow. Many other children of that same age could only dream of having a role in such beautiful series. How did it influence your adolescence?

It was one of the best experiences of my life. I had never been out of the USA and I got to go to Europe to work! It was like a paid vacation.


5. What was it like for you as a teenager/young man to be living and working on location in Europe?

Fantastic. A dream come true.


6. Did your father and mother go with you when you had to travel so far?



7. We particularly know you as Matthew Tell in Crossbow. What other projects did you do that are your favourites?

I played young Richard Nixon in Oliver Stories "Nixon". I was also in a movie called "Mr. Wonderful". Those were among my favorites.


8. Are you still active in the movie business? 

Yup. Acting in films, Tv and teaching acting as well.


9. How does Crossbow affect your life now?

Just a wonderful memory.


10. If a convention organisation would ask you to come - to sell signed photographs, make a chat with fans, do an interview, - to it's convention (such as Dutch Starcon, German Starcon, Facts, ...), would you come?

Absolutely I would.


11. If Crossbow never would have existed, what would you have done instead?

 I was doing a lot of theater at the time, so I guess I would have continued doing that.


12. Was that period an adventure to you?



13. Did you have to learn any special skills for playing Matthew Tell (stage fighting, sword handling, crossbow etc.) and do you keep in practice with them still? Did you have other chances to use them in your acting career?

I already knew how to ride horses, but I had to learn stage combat.


14. Did you take horseriding lessons for Crossbow? I didnít often see you riding but in Nemesis you did or was that a stand in?

I did all my own riding.


15. Later in episode 70 Matthew Tell appeared again but somebody else is playing the character. Didnít they ask you to return for that episode?

Yes, but I was already working on something else.


16. Later in Nemesis you have a big impressive fight against Yanek in an old monastery. Were there stunts you did yourself?

 I did have a stunt double but I did mostly everything myself.


17. You are not present in all episodes. Didnít you want do more episodes?

I did, but it was not up to me. The producers had their own idea of what they wanted the series to be.


18. How was it to play the son of Tell?



19. Have you seen the whole series yourself?

Not all, but most.


20. Which episodes/scenes are your favourite and why?

(Maybe the episode guide can help you. Itís been a long time ago).

I like the one with Roger Daltry. I am a big fan of "The Who".


21. Do you remember some bloopers on the set or other funny things that happened?

Well me and Nick Brimble(Horst) got in a horse manure fight once!


22. Was it hard work? Long days?

You better believe it!


23. Who is your favourite actor actress? Is there some other actor who is an example for you, someone that you admire?

I love Daniel Day Lewis. He just seems to disappear so effortlessly into every role he plays.


24. What is your favourite filmgenre?



25. What is your favourite movie or series?

Favorite Movie..... American Beauty

Favorite Series...... Six Feet Under


26. Do you have sports you love and what hobbies do you like?

I love american football.


27.  Are you still in contact with other Crossbow-actors? Or do you meet some at festivals or premieres?

I used to keep in touch with Dana Baron. But, I have not seen her in years. Same with Sadie Frost.


28. Is there anything you wish to say towards the fans?

Thanks so much for watching!