Beautiful stage and backstage photos

 from Mr. Lyman.

(The photos are copyrighted. I'm sorry but I have to protect most of them)

The sentences that are white colored that are the real comments of Mr. Lyman.


Escape by monk. My escape from Death Castle. I think I did something terrible to the poor monk who came to give me the last rights.


A prison with a great view (and a rose garden as I recall.)


William Tell and Jadrien Steele in the episode: The Little Soldier.


Yannick Derrien before he jumps as Tell's stunt double from Death Castle (Chateau Miolans).


William Tell and stunt double Yannick Derrien


Gessler and his stuntdouble Yannick Derrien.


Tell's watch. It was a promotion watch.




Robert keeping me amused


Ron Lacey in the Moor, season 1


The Moor's lady.



Marc the Scribe. He is of the infamous “paper cut.”


Tired Duck Lady. A background player wondering where the glamour is in filmmaking.




Clermont (Castle of Eppiere) burns - Tell's hometown is torched.



The cook’s assistant took this with his instamatic.


A background player in “Clermont.”


A background player awaits his death shot.


Geshwin John Abineri


                                          Arne Gordon waits for a shot.




Resting zone. Wrangler and utility stuntman Phillipe Zone, catching a snooze.


Episode 5 near the lake where Eleanor was swimming.

Beginning of the first Conrad episode. Episode 5 the Reunion near Arlempdes.


Fight choreography


Eline: Volker Marek also got a role in Robin of Sherwood.


Bertie Cortez on my right, Arne Gordon on my left


With Roger Daltry


Ling Tai as Lotus. She had the gunpowder.


"A stunning picture of Conrad"


Mihalka on lift in Chartreuse


The pilgrim to the Citadel.


The Three horsemen


Guy Rolfe and Conrad Phillips


Guy Rolfe. Seated at the “Sacred Well” in the Chartreuse Monastery


The Emperor 'Guy Rolfe'


Valerie Steffen. She’d have liked me better if I’d washed my face before I came





Towards the end of season one, near Senanque






A background player in episode

The mouth of the Dragon


A portrait in blue.


Georgia is looking for shade


Georgia goatgirl


Georgia Lyman with Yannick Derrien's kids.


My Parents


Francois Hardy


Tell drinking


George the Armeror (the guy with the truck with all the weaponry, it's a revealing picture in my opinion, because I had no idea how all the weapons were transported, now we know who did it all, it was George!!)


Tell dies. First episode of season three.


Take 4, Tell dies.


Christian Duguay filming on the Bridge


With Christian Duguay. The Bridge.

He used a Steadycam and I think it was George, the Armorer, who built a saddle mount for it. The Steadycam was invented about 30 years ago. It is a camera mount with spring-loaded arms that is strapped to the cameraman’s body and basically allows the camera to float unaffected by the motion of the cameraman. Thus, he can walk through a scene and it creates a picture that looks like the camera is dolly-mounted on a track.


On the Bridge


Christian Duguay


Doppelgangers. Georgia, Will, Imogen and Mitchell Laurens.


Mitchell Laurence clowning for Imogen and me.


Imogen Annesly as 'Pamenta' in 'Doppelgangers'


Nick, Will and Jeremy


The Headhunters


The soundman Christian Evengalou



On the right the sound recorder Christian Evangelou taking a nap.


Bob Forester


"Joan and Robert Baff, neighbors in Perigord, and Alex Cormanski, my French tutor"




Tell enjoying the refreshing waters of France.



The wrangler almost had my head on a stick for this. I was fortunate not to have crippled the horse.


Waterbreak. Never missing a chance to sample the waters.


Recording the Gods


In the Gods, season 3


Gabrielle Anwar, The Bounty Twins


Phillippe Guegan, Stuntcoordinator


Philip Tan as Gorian The Spider


Minou applies blood to my hands.


Will in the wasteland.


With Mai Zetterling in The Wind Wagon


Recording the Wind Wagon


Hairdressing Christianne


The Bounty Twins, season 3.


Phillipe Guegan on horse, stunt coordinator.


In the Wasteland.  This guy was a utility man, doing several jobs and even appearing in the background.


Prince of the wasteland 'Horst'


My good friend Christian Vizier.


Trash can fire. A fire stunt. Was it in “The Last Emperor”?


Episode The Shadow, season 3


Trailbreak with Morgan Shepard



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