Will Lyman as William Tell

Will Lyman as William Tell, the reluctant hero. A former mercenary, Tell has long since put his life of violence behind him and has resolved to live the life of a pacifist. When we first meet Tell he is living

with his family in the village of Claremont, working as a blacksmith. Having known the rigors of war before, Tell is willing to accept Gessler's tyranny to avoid the terror that violence can bring. Such was

Tell's attitude when surrounded by talk of rebellion. His son, Matthew was, however, unwilling to accept the same hardships and was all to eager to fight. Tell did his best to dissuade his passionate son.

Nothing would make Tell raise arms again. - "Given the choice between war and Gessler, I'll take Gessler everytime." Where his family was concerned, well that was another matter. Finding his son

caught up in the spirit of rebellion and endangered by Gessler's soldiers, Tell is forced to raise his crossbow once again and his life is changed forever.



Just as he had feared, once his crossbow had been raised, he could never put it down again. In saving his son's life, he had invited himself into a world of true evil. Gessler's world. Amazed at the story of

Tell's skill with the crossbow, Gessler decided to teach Tell a lesson he would never forget. Matthew was tied to a post and the, now famous, apple placed on his head. Tell was then told to shoot the apple

off his son's head. The expected outcome was that he would certainly miss and kill his own son, a punishment far more damaging than a simple execution and much more amusing for Gessler.

Unfortunately for Gessler, William Tell shot the apple on top of his son's head and a legend was born.




As an outcast from society, never able to settle in one place, Tell quickly adapts himself to the situation at hand. He stealthily moves from town to town, picking up the odd companion along the way. Although, he never

looks for trouble it always manages to find him and he is always quick to fly to the aid of young widows, abandoned children, and fellow outcasts, all those in need will find a friend in him. A born strategist, there

appears to be no one able to outwit Tell. In addition to his famously accurate marksmanship, he is also a skilled swordsman, and an excellent horseman, able to tame a wild stallion through his gentle patience

and air of confidence. These skills combined with his quick wits and a keen observant mind are what distinguish him from ordinary man. He is always triumphant against great odds, a hero through and through.


Tell is by no means infallible, situations have been known to arise where he was overpowered. He has been, shot with arrows, hack with swords, tortured, hit in the head with large beams of wood, tortured again,

had a noose around his neck on more than one occasion, had his head on a chopping block, been entombed in a spider's web (that was one of the weirder episodes), had his hair bleached, and perhaps worst of all,

chained to Gessler! His ability to make good friends has proved invaluable in these situations. Where his strategists mind could not help him a little help from his friends and the difficulty is soon rectified. His natural

geniality makes him well liked wherever he goes, which accounts for his ability to make strong and reliable friends. Despite all his misfortunes, Tell never manages to lose his sense of humour and his winning charm.


His handsome appearance and readiness to help the odd damsel in distress has made many a lady lose her heart. Tell's journey, however is one he must make alone and he is always careful to remain unattached.

But no matter how much he tries he cannot help breaking the hearts of impressionable young women. There is always a thoughtful look in those deep blue eyes, in one sharp glance you can see the fervour, the

caution, the searching need, and the wisdom of a man who has been forced to live by his wits a man who has learned to live with a troubled heart.



His total self reliance has cuased him to look inwardly for strength and forbearance. His life is one of constant self examination. A pacifist at heart, Tell's moral convictions are always at odds with fire raging within him.

The more injustices he sees the greater becomes his struggle to suppress that fire. Pushed almost to the brink many, many times by the destruction Gessler has caused to those he loves, still the goodness inside him

prevents him from ever  sinking to Gessler's level and seeking revenge. -"The fighting has to stop somewhere." Once he is reunited with his son Tell tries to teach him this sense of magnanimity, as his son is always

all too eager for a fight. Tell's journey becomes one of constant struggle between his desire to end all violence and the need to protect himself and others from those who live by the sword.


 His prowess with the bow, his wisdom, and his unending benevolence soon give Tell a larger than life status. He becomes an indestructable icon. A symbol of rebellion. There is no man who can catch him,

no hardship that can sway him, he has cheated Gessler and countless other tyrants in their treacherous plans hundreds of times, but can he cheat the one element in life that all of us must face in time? Can William

Tell cheat death?In the final series we witness the transformation of Tell the man into Tell the legend. As he journey's into the wasteland he must make decisions and confront fears too difficult for an ordinary man.

William Tell is not an ordinary man, however . The journey he makes is an ethereal one and as he travels further into the wasteland he becomes more phantom like. We are witness to this transformation and it is

an exciting road to travel. For in this journey Tell must ultimately face himself and reconcile the differences between man and legend.



The man behind our hero is, Vermont born actor, Will Lyman. With his subtle delicately crafted performance, Lyman has made the character of William Tell his own. It is in his eyes that we see all of Tell's inner

conflicts. One well placed glance or taught expression is enough to convey all the complexities of the character. It is a carefully understated performance, anything more could have made Tell over the top,

a paraody of a hero. Lyman handles the role with masterly skill, so that we never lose sight of the humanity of the hero. A veteran stage actor, Will Lyman has long enjoyed success in the theatre in New York

and in Boston. In television he is best known to the general public by his voice, as the narrator of Frontline, PBS's acclaimed documentary series, in the USA.



In addition he has made numerous guest appaearances on shows like 'Law and Order' and had a starring role in the series 'Hull High', In the film world Lyman worked again with 'Crossbow' director George

Mihalka in Hostile Takeover and has appeared in such mainstream films as A Perfect Murder, The Seige, and School Ties. He has, however a closer association in the independant film world in the critically

acclaimed Welcome to the Dollhouse and in Floating. A man of many talents, Lyman has also directed his own short film Leaving the Post.


His most recent films include The Living Room Waltz, The Gentleman From Boston, and Dog Days. Below in the Summer of 2015 he played a very succesful performance of 'King Lear'




From 'William Tell' to the actor Will Lyman

William “Will” Lyman (born May 20, 1948) is an American voice(-over) artist and actor, who is, perhaps, best known for his polished, resonant voice, who has narrated the PBS series Frontline

since its second season in 1984, and as William Tell in the action/adventure television series Crossbow.


Since the summer of his Equity apprenticeship at the Champlain Shakespeare Festival in his hometown of Burlington, Vermont in 1967, Will Lyman’s career has spanned all aspects of the business:

theatre, film, television, commercial, industrial and voice-over.


He has performed in 19 productions of 15 of Shakespeare’s plays (only 22 to go), most notably the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s 2015 production of King Lear in what the Boston Globe called

“a towering performance.” Also for CSC: Prospero in The Tempest, Brutus in Julius Caesar, and Claudius in Hamlet. He earned his Equity card in a production of Who Killed Santa Claus? starring

Arlene Francis. He is a graduate of what, at the time, was called the Boston University School of Fine and Applied Art. Much of his post-graduate theatre training took place in American regional theatre,

with memorable turns as Oberon at the Denver Center and Valmont in Les Liaisons Dangereuses at the George Street Playhouse. There were also forays off-Broadway (The Passion of Dracula, The Novelist,

The Dwarfs) and on Broadway, as understudy for Stacey Keach (Kentucky Cycle) and Ken Howard (Little Black Sheep.) In 1992, he played Connor Larkin in a Broadway workshop production of Trinity,

a two-evening adaptation of Leon Uris’ sprawling novel of The Irish Troubles.

He spent many years working in film and television on both coasts and abroad.

Source: The bio of Mr. Lyman's website




His television work includes starring roles in three seasons of The Adventures of William Tell aka Crossbow, filmed entirely on location in France; the NBC musical series Hull High; and ABC’s homeland security

series Threat Matrix; more recently he played president Teddy Bridges in several episodes of Commander in Chief. His guest star appearances include Ed, Law and Order: Criminal Intent; the original Law and Order,

and stretch all the way back to Spencer: For Hire (twice), Murder, She Wrote and the short-lived Mann and Machine. Television movies include Wilson Rogers, Jr., in Our Fathers, Homeland Security Chief

Utley in Jeremiah Chechik’s American Meltdown,the Reverend Parris in the memorable Three Sovereigns for Sarah with Vanessa Redgrave and as Washington’s elder half-brother in Buzz Kulick’s George Washington.



Film and voice

His first television appearance was in 1976: the title role in PBS’ Kosciuszko: An American Portrait. In film, Will was seen in featured roles in What Doesn’t Kill You, Little Children (as the Narrator,) Mystic River,

The Siege, A Perfect Murder, Welcome to the Dollhouse (Sundance Audience Award 1996), and The Crucible. His voice is also heard as the Award Ceremony Narrator in Iron Man, the documentary narrator in

Fierce People, and as the Frontline app for the iPhone in The Other Guys. He has had starring roles in independent ventures such as Hostile Takeover, Floating, Beacon Hill, and Alma Mater. He has worked in

countless short experimental films for Boston area filmmakers including Ellie Lee’s Dog Days, Dana Glazer’s Intermezzo (Student Academy Award) and Andrew Mudge’s The Perfect Gooseys. Will served two terms

on the Screen Actors Guild Board of Directors and was given the Howard Keel Award for service to the union shortly after stepping down.



Recent work in the theatre

concentrated in his hometown of Boston, has resulted in Eliot Norton Awards for Outstanding Achievement as an Actor for James Tyrone in Long Day’s Journey into Night, Otto Hahn in Alan Brody’s

Operation Epsilon, Athol Fugard’s Exits and Entrances and Joyce van Dykes’s The Oil Thief, with nominations for his Claudius in Hamlet and Trumpleman in King of the Jews. He was honored with IRNE

Awards for his performances as King Lear, and as Joe Keller in All My Sons. He also received one of three nominations for Best Actor at the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival for The Patriot Act.

He was last seen playing God in Anat Gov’s Oh God for Israeli Stage. For current work, please refer to Will’s calendar.  

Before turning his attention to a career in the theatre, Mr. Lyman had been a first-chair bass player with a number of amateur and semi-professional symphonic and chamber orchestras, so it has

been his pleasure to perform as an actor with four prominent musical


Organisators: The National Symphony Orchestra, under thebaton of Mstislav Rostropovich, narrating a treatment of Sergei Eisenstein’s unproduced film Ivan the Terrible to Prokofiev’s

stirring score; The Cleveland Symphony Orchestra in Tom Stoppard’s play for two actors and orchestra Every Good Boy Deserves Favor with John Neville; as Jason with the Handel and Haydn

Society’s presentation of Medea, with Claire Bloom and as Oberon in the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s presentation of Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream under the baton of Andris.

No journeyman actor’s resume would be complete without a few engagements on daytime television. Lyman started acting in 1976 in the television series Another World. Then The

Guiding Light, All My Children, Ryan’s Hope, Lovingand The Doctors.



While all of the above activity represents a successful career as an actor, it would not have been possible without the extraordinary success Mr. Lyman has experienced as a narrator. Heard but not seen, Will

Lyman’s voice is one of the most trusted voices on the American airwaves. After narrating Eric Sevareid’s series Enterprise and the highly acclaimed, thirteen hour Viet Nam: A Television History, he

became the series narrator for the public affairs program FRONTLINE, now in its 31st season. Over the course of many years, he voiced innumerable hours of television documentary: The Survival series

for TLC; Is it Real? For Nat Geo; “Quiz Show Scandal” and “Richard Nixon” for The American Experience; a couple dozen episodes of Nova; Modern Marvels for the History Channel, The Ultimate Guide

for Discovery, all of Bud Greenspan’s Olympic films since the Lillehammer Games and many hours of work for NBA Films. He attributes the public’s trust in his voice largely to the fact that he has been given

many truths to speak.



In 2006, Will agreed to become exclusive to FRONTLINE for documentary narration, a move that protects both that trust and FRONTLINE’s “signature voice” in the world of long-form television journalism.

That role has had such an impact on American culture that Frontline fan Matt Groenig wrote Will into an episode of The Simpsons, in which he played himself. His very successful work in advertising is

currently limited to a few select clients, most notably, the long-running “Most Interesting Man in the World” series for a certain Mexican beer. His voice is frequently heard on movie trailers dating back

to “Jurassic Park” and beyond. He and his wife, Anastasia Lyman, are parents of actor and producer Georga Lyman.


The compact bio

Will Lyman’s diverse career encompasses roles both behind and in front of the camera. You’ve probably heard his voice: he’s the exclusive narrator of Public Television’s long-running Frontline series; other

voice-over credits include documentaries for National Geographic, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, and The Learning Channel, to name a few. He’s also narrated numerous commercials,

including current ads for BMW and Dos Equis (the “most interesting man in the world” campaign). In front of the lens, he’s done extensive work in both film and television,  His film career, which began with

a bit part in Jaws including roles in the films "What Doesn't Kill You," "Little Children," "Mystic River in 2003," "The Siege in 1998," "Hostile Takeover," "The Crucible in 1996,"  "A Perfect Murder,"

and "Welcome to the Dollhouse,” as well as in the TV series "Commander-in-Chief" and "Threat Matrix.

Will Lyman is a stage veteran of over 40 years, having worked with multiple companies in his home town of Boston and at regional theaters around the country as well as Off Broadway (The Novelist, Trinity,

The Passion of Dracula, The Grinding Machine). He has narrated with the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center, the Cleveland Symphony at the Blossom Pavilion, and both the Boston Symphony Orchestra

and the Handel and Haydn Society at Symphony Hall.


Recent notable performances include King Lear on the Boston Common, the world premiere of Israel Horovitz’s Man in Snow, Operation Epsilon, Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Exits and Entrances,

The Oil Thief (the last four of which won him the Norton Award), DollHouse, The Clean House, The Ice Breaker, Celebration, Nicholas Nickleby



 All My Sons (IRNE Award), Timon of Athens, The Wrestling Patient, and King of the Jews. He is on the Board of the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company,for whom he has previously performed in

Hamlet, The Tempest, As You Like It, and Julius Caesar. Many years ago, he performed various roles at various times in the long-running One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at the Charles Playhouse.

For current work, please see Will’s CALENDAR.



He has been the narrator of the multi-award-winning PBS series FRONTLINE since 1984. Television series regular: William Tell (1987-1989) in 72 episodes of Crossbow, The Guiding Light (1994-1995)

Colonel Atkins in Threat Matrix, John Deerborn in Hull High and the dying and deceased President Bridges in Commander in Chief (recurring.) Series Guest: Spenser: For Hire twice,

Law and Order twice, Ed, Murder She Wrote.



Movies for TV: Our Fathers, Meltdown, George Washington and Three Sovereigns for Sarah.

Soaps: Another World, The Doctors, Loving, Ryan’s Hope, All My Children

source: www.whitethroat.com



  After this he played several roles in television series and films such as Crossbow, The Siege (1998), Mystic River (2003), Threat Matrix (2003 -2004), Little Children (2006), Iron Man (2008) and

The Other Guys (2010). In addition to his acting, he is also active as a voice-over for TV commercials, for example for BMW In the January 26, 2014 episode of

The Simpsons, "Specs and the City", Lyman spoofed his Frontline voiceovers.




Little facts

- Will is the father of actress Georgia Lyman, a member of Orfeo Group, whose production of Look Back in Anger was recognized with a Norton Award for Best Production by a Fringe Company.
- He was Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, dedicated to free Shakespeare on the Boston Common for several years.

                                                                                                                                  Not this is a pencil not a sigarette. Mr Lyman doesn't smoke.  In this role he plays teacher



Awards and Nominations


Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Achievement as an Actor ::

• Alan Brody’s Operation Epsilon (2013)

• Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey into Night (2013)

• Joyce Van Dyke’s The Oil Thief (2009)

• Athol Fugard’s Exits and Entrances (2009)

2013 Elliot Norton Award for Sustained Excellence

IRNE Award

2011 Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) Award

• Shakespeare’s King Lear (2016)

• Arthur Miller’s All My Sons (2011)



NETC Award

2015 New England Theatre Conference (NETC)

Special Award for Outstanding Achievement

in the American Theatre

IRNE Award

2011 Screen Actor’s Guild Howard Keel Award

        In 2008, he was one of four nominees for Best Actor at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Some Reviews

What an actor of Will Lyman’s stature brings to any given role is more than talent; more, even than the craft learned and honed during a lifetime on the stage.


What Lyman also brings is that ineffable, you-know-it-when-you-see-it quality known as presence.

Don Aucoin | The Boston Globe | Review of ‘Beckett in Brief’


No one quite ranks with Lyman as a narrator. As an authoritative off-camera voice, the man’s a rocket, an  audio auteur. No telling the number of documentaries I’ve watched while thinking

how much better they would be were Lyman the narrator. He and his tubes are that good, his sense of pitch and instinct for the moment flawless. Not one misplaced vibrato. TV’s finest narrator.

Howard Rosenberg | The Los Angeles Times


… the extraordinary Will Lyman, a master at finding humanity in  characters who could easily be dismissed  as two-dimensional.

 Terry Byrne | The Boston Globe | Review of ‘DollHouse’


Exits and Entrances … features a gem of a performance by Will Lyman as an aging actor confronting the dimming of his professional light …

Ed Siegel | The Boston Phoenix | Review of ‘Exits and Entrances’ 


Will Lyman provides the right note of ironic wit, even as the plot gets darker. Peter Travers | Rolling Stone | Review of ‘Little Children’


Entertainment Weekly magazine recognized Will in a review of the film Little Children. Lyman’s charismatic and troubling Trumpleman. Louise Kennedy | The Boston Globe 


A luminous and wrenching production. Liza Weisstuch | The Boston Phoenix | Review of ‘King of the Jews’


Improper Bostonian magazine listed their picks of ‘Boston’s Best 2007’ and honored Will as ‘Best Local Actor.’ 


Lyman’s transformation from confident king to Nixonian cover-upper is a model piece of acting. The Boston Globe | Review of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’


Our first contact with Will was in 1997. In the summer of 2004 we met. Now we're in 2019, where has the time gone?

It was a real pleasure to meet Mr. Lyman in the summer of 2004



 The excellent Will Lyman … conveys the intense, almost savage energy of a man recovering from  emotional frostbite to confront old pain and new vulnerability.

The Boston Phoenix | Review of ‘Icebreaker’


Click here for an intervieuw about his work in Frontline. Click here for an interview



Below an overview of some of the movies, tv series and theatre plays he was in 

(note: this is not all Lyman has in to, please visit the imdb list and his website to  view the complete list)




Another World (TV Series)
Ken Palmer (1976-1977) (as William Lyman) 1964


The continuing story of life in the Midwestern town of Bay City, and the love, loss, trials, and triumph of its residents, who come from different backgrounds and social circles.

Those who call Bay City home include the Matthews, Cory, Frame, Winthrop, Love, Hudson, Harrison, and Burrell families. Link


A small and old newspaper article about Will and "Another World"    Will and daugther Georgia around 2015                                                           


It says: William Lyman is a newcomer to "Another World" and plays sculptor Ken Palmer. Although this is his first role in a soap opera, his acting credits include "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's

Nest" (Boston), two seasons with the Chamlain Shakespeare Festival playing various roles in "King Lear," "As You LIke It" and Titus Andronicus." He's done a lot of summer stock and has appeared

in several films including "Jaws," "To Keep our Liberty" and "Rain Fugue." Will is 6'3", weigh 170 lbs and keeps in shape by fencing, swimming and boxing. He's also into singing and is baritone.

The singing part did I verify ;) His answer: "I studied singing from time to time, but not with the intention of becoming a singer, but only to better understand the voice and how it works.

About boxing: "I trained with a boxer for about a year, but quit because I didn’t like the ultimate goal, which was to hurt the other guy."


Ryan's hope 1979


Ryan's hope 1979 Kenn Alexander

Link 1 and Link 2

RH 1062 beginning and RH 1066 in the middle



George Washington 1984

as Laurance


George Washington is a 1984 American television miniseries directed by Buzz Kulik. The miniseries, released in three parts, chronicles the life of George Washington, the 1st President of the

United States, from age 11 to age 51. George Washington is based on the biography by James Thomas Flexner.


The miniseries was shot mainly on location near Washington, D.C. and was aired on April 8, 10 and 11, 1984. Washington's life in the French and Indian War, the second part shows the coming

and commencement of the Revolutionary War and the final part describes the victory of the Independence from England. It was nominated for six Primetime Emmys.



  This miniseries covers the life of George Washington, from the time he is a young man, through his experiences in the French and Indian War and his rise to lead the Continental Army

during the American Revolution. It concludes shortly after the end of the war, with Washington's return to his home in Mount Vernon. Below I found Youtube parts Lyman was in.


Link 1 Link 2


The Three Souvereigns for Sarah 1985

Will Lyman just before Crossbow, has role as rev. Mr. Samuel Parris

This is a true story based on transcripts of the Salem Witch Trials. Sarah (Vanessa Redgrave) and her two sisters are put on trial for suspicion of witchcraft. While her sisters are burned at the stake,

Sarah is sentanced to a prison term to be served in a box barely large enough for her to lie down in. When she is released, her family name is cleared and all she is given for all she has suffered

are three gold sovereigns- coin of the realm at the time.

Abby Williams, the preacher's niece, starts getting into fourtune telling and such illegal activities, as taught to her by the slave Tituba. Other local girls get into it, and then start acting strange.

Abby and the girls eventually start to name local people as 'witches' and blame their sicknesses on witchcraft. Hundreds are accused and sent to jail, though there are many who doubt the truth of

the accusations. Among these are three sisters, Mary, Rebecca, and Sarah. All are kept in jail for quite some time, until Mary and Rebecca are found guilty, though they pleaded innocent. They are

hanged, and due to over crowding, Sarah is sent to a farm until her hearing. She is kept in utter isolation in a chicken coop, getting very sick and lonely, until family comes to save her. The madness is

over, though the clever girls, along with one 'afflicted' mother, first suceeded in giving enough 'evidence' so that 19 people were hanged on the count of witchcraft, and one was pressed to death.

The story is told to a court 10 years later by Sarah, wanting to clear the family name. Though they can not immeadeatly decide on guilt, or give her compensation, the three judges do give Sarah

3 symbolic sovereigns, one for each of the lives that had suffered. 


Below: Noted actor and voice-over artist Will Lyman portrayed the Rev. Mr. Samuel Parris, whose miniature oval portrait is at right. Photo by Douglas Miller.



Hostile Takeover  1988

During Crossbow in 1988 Will Lyman starred together with David Warner in Hostile Takeover, directed by George Mihalka (of Crossbow)

A man takes three co-workers hostage while working overtime on Thanksgiving weekend. He has no demands. Filming Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.



His appearance on Crossbow was not the only time he worked with Will Lyman and director George Mihalka. The three of them worked together in Hostile Takeover (aka Office Party

or The Devastator) and a production with 3 Crossbow related men. And Warner also appeared in Silver Bears(1977) with Jeremy Clyde. Hostile Takeover (also called Office Party)

is the reason Tell came back in the wasteland with pretty blond hair. They coloured his hair for this movie and back in France the hair colour products are different from the canadian ;)



Hullhigh 1990

Hull High (also known as Hull Street High) is an American musical teen drama series which aired on the NBC television network in 1990. It was created and executive produced by Gil Grant.

Hull High told the story of Cordell Hull High School, a hip, racially integrated school in an urban area. The series involved elements of soap opera (the ongoing and evolving relationships

among teachers and students) and musical (featuring The Hull High Devils, something of a rap Greek chorus, whose songs related to the show's plot). The main adult character

was history teacher John Deerborn (Will Lyman).




School Ties  1992


With Brandan Fraser Chris O Donnell, Matt Damon and ben Affleck

School Ties is a 1992 American sports-drama film directed by Robert Mandel and starring Brendan Fraser, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Chris O'Donnell, Cole Hauser, Randall Batinkoff,

Andrew Lowery and Anthony Rapp. Fraser plays the lead role as David Greene, a Jewish high school student who is awarded an athletic scholarship to an elite preparatory school in his senior year. 




Law and order  1994 and 2001

Will is Victor Conner in Family Values (1994)

And later again in another episode of Law and Order Criminal Intent (tv series)

2001 Will is Roger Jameson in episode 'Smothered'



Welcome to the Dolhouse 1995

This movie is a 1995 American coming-of-age black comedy film. Will is Mr. Adwards


An independent film, it won the Grand Jury Prize at the 1996 Sundance Film Festival and launched the careers of Todd Solondz and Heather Matarazzo.The story follows the unpopular

middle schooler Dawn as she goes to extreme lengths trying to earn the respect of her vicious fellow students and her disinterested family. Dawn reappears in two of

Solondz's other films, Palindromes and Wiener-Dog. Trailer





The Crucible 1996

A Salem resident attempts to frame her ex-lover's wife for being a witch in the middle of the 1692 witchcraft trials.

Will is Isaiah Goodkind with Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder, Paul Scofield. Director: Nicholas Hytner, Writers: Arthur Miller (play), Arthur Miller (screenplay)




Celtic Pride 1996 Will plays a rich man



Floating, 1997 Van's father

Floating is the story of a young man's struggle to come of age during a violent period of emotional and financial bankruptcy. The film stars Norman Reedus as Van, a son shouldering the

responsibility of his embittered father, with no one to nurture him through his own pain. Van's father is so engrossed in his own troubles that he fails to emotionally support his son.

As Doug, Chad Lowe provides Van with friendship, but more importantly, with the knowledge that a "perfect life" isn't always what it seems. After Van and Doug engage in a crime

spree that ends in tragedy, father and son finally come together for the first time to transcend mourning.


The Siege 1998, Will is FBI director

The Siege is a 1998 American action thriller film directed by Edward Zwick. The film is about a fictional situation in which terrorist cells have made several attacks in New York City.

The film stars Denzel Washington, Annette Bening, Tony Shalhoub, and Bruce Willis.



Intermezzo, 1998

The student academie award winner


Dana H. Glazer of 'Intermezzo,' student academie award winner 1998

This is my NYU Graduate thesis film, which won a Student Academy Award in 1998. It stars Will Lyman, who is best known for his voice over work on Frontline, BMW commercials and dozens of

other roles in TV and feature films. It also stars Frank Gio, who was in "Once Upon A Time In America," "Moonstruck" and many other films. 

Dana H. Glazer is an award-winning filmmaker who lives in New Jersey with his wife and two young sons. He grew up in Newton, Massachusetts and attended Bowdoin College and NYU Graduate Film.

He is a Student Academy Award winner as well as a Writer's Guild East Member who has written for Warner Brothers and the SyFy Channel. Most recently, he completed The Evolution of Dad,

a feature documentary about the changing role of fatherhood.

Likes to place his parents in his films. On Youtube you can find this wonderful short film with Will Lyman as maincharacter, published 27 okt. 2011 Link






A Perfect Murder, 1998

With Michael Douglas, Gweneth Paltrow, Viggo Mortensen and David Suchet






Mystic river, 2003

Directed by Clint Eastwood. With Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon

Will lyman is FBI Agent Birden

Three childhood friends, Jimmy Markum (Penn), Sean Devine (Bacon) and Dave Boyle (Robbins), are reunited after years by the murder of Jimmy's eldest daughter.

Sean has become a detective and is investigating the case. Ex-criminal Jimmy meanwhile wants revenge, while the unstable Dave still struggles with a trauma from the past.

Because of these circumstances, the mutual bond of the three is put to the test, and old wounds are torn open ...

                                                         Clint Eastwood and Sean Penn during the shootting.






Threat Matrix, 2003-2004

Will Lyman portrays Colonel Roger Atkins in the ABC series 'Threat Matrix'

Threat Matrix is a 2003 American drama television series. It lasted 16 episodes. The plot consisted of the events in a United States Homeland Security

anti-terrorism unit, led by Special agent John Kilmer.


The title of the show refers to a report given to the President of the United States each morning, which contains information relating to the latest threats

against the security of the United States.




Our fathers, 2005

With Christopher Plummer



In theatre

Mr. Lyman is well known to Boston audiences for his work with Commonwealth Shakespeare Co., of which he is a founding Board Member (King Lear, Prospero, Claudius, Brutus),

at the Huntington (All My Sons, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Dead End), at New Rep (Long Day’s Journey into Night, Exits and Entrances, Clean House, Ice Breaker),

Speakeasy (The Dying Gaul), Wheelock (To Kill a Mockingbird), Boston Playwrights’ Theatre (The Wrestling Patient in collaboration with Speakeasy,

King of the Jews, A Girl’s War), and the Nora (Equus, Operation Epsilon). Elsewhere in the U.S. he has performed with the Denver Center, Hartford Stage,

Pennsylvania Stage, American Place, George Street Playhouse, NJ Shakespeare, and several Off Broadway productions in New York. He has narrated with the National Symphony

(Ivan the Terrible), and acted in conjunction with the Boston Symphony Orchestra (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), the Cleveland Symphony (Every Good Boy Deserves Favor)

and the Handel and Haydn Society (Medea). He is a multiple recipient of the Norton and Irne Awards and was honored with the Howard Keel Award for service to the

Screen Actors Guild. He was given 2013’s Norton Award for Sustained Excellence and 2015’s NETC Award.

Not: It's not possible for me to show all the theater plays Mr. Lyman was in. For more information you can visit  here  his site.

Madeleine Lambert as Elena and Will Lyman as Derek                                                                     'Man in snow' with Sara Skipley              

Karen MacDonald and Will Lyman star as Kate and Joe Keller in the Huntington Theatre Company's production of "All My Sons" at the Boston University Theatre.



The Icebreaker 2006

The Ice-Breaker depicts the developing relationship between two scientists: Sonia, a brilliant academic completing her thesis on climatology, and

Lawrence (played by film and TV veteran Will Lyman), a once-legendary scientist, now living in self-imposed exile, whose research on polar ice inspired Sonia's work.

When the two meet, sexual and intellectual sparks fly, but in the course of one sleepless night, both learn that their romantic attraction is as volatile and mysterious as the potential

climate change they fear. In 2006 with Amt Russ. (Laurel went to play)


    S. Newhouse as Nora. Will is Evan in Dollhouse           Man in snow Ashley Risteen and Will Lyman  2016      



What doesn't kill you 2008

Two childhood friends from South Boston turn to crime as a way to get by, ultimately causing a strain in their personal lives and their friendship.


Dischord 2001 as Captain Jack

On the brink of her world tour, at the height of her success, alternative rock violinist, Gypsy, put down her violin and walked away..


Long Day’s Journey Into Night by Eugene O’Neill  2012

Where we meet four members of an Irish family, whose history and inter-relationships are remarkable complex. Beautiful set by Janie Howland, beautifully lit,

as can be seen below the set and everyone (in Act 1) is dressed entirely in white, quite striking. Stars are Will Lyman and Karen MacDonald, two of the finest Boston actors,

and they deliver powerful performances in this long play. Will Lyman has a wonderful long selique about his growing up poor in Ireland, explaining why is thrifty.

And Karen MacDonald gets to play a woman on the edge of madness.

source here



On the right: Maureen Keillar in Oh God. Agnostic therapist Ella (Maureen Keiller) doesn't believe in her new patient (Will Lyman),

who says he's God, in the Israeli Stage production of "Oh God." (Courtesy Paul Marotta)



On the left: “Ulysses on Bottles." Will Lyman, Jeremiah Kissel, and Karen MacDonald in the play Ulysses on Bottles.



Will Lyman (left), Josephine Moshiri Elwood, and Eliott Purcell in “Old




Will In Shakespeare's King Lear, July - August 2015


We have permission from Mr. Lyman to post this photo.


For the 20th season production of Free Shakespeare on the Common, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company is pleased to present King Lear for the very first time.

King Lear follows the journey of an aging king, faced with his own mortality and mental decline, who tries to secure the legacy of his kingdom by dividing it among his three daughters.

Only through loss—of status, of love, of loyalty—does King Lear learn what is truly resonant at the end of a life. Will Lyman starred as King Lear.


For the past several years, Will has worked almost exclusively in the Boston theatre community and has been consistently well-received by critics and audiences alike.

His roles have included Apemantus in Shakespeare's little-performed Timon of Athens with Actors' Shakespeare Project; Joe Keller in Miller's All My Sons IRNE

Award for best actor) directed by David Esbjornson at the Huntington; Rex, an actor struggling with the effects of age on his work and his love life (Boston Playwrights’

Theatre, The Oil Thief, Norton Award for Outstanding Achievement as an Actor), an actor “left behind by time” (New Rep Theatre, Exits and Entrances, Norton

Award for Outstanding Achievement as an Actor), and a German psycho-chirologist who wrestles with his patients in Speakeasy Stage/BPT/40 Magnolias' premiere of

The Wrestling Patient. Most recently, he portrayed Ralph Nickleby in The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, parts 1 and 2 (IRNE Award for Best Ensemble) at the

Lyric Stage Company, and Evan in Theresa Rebeck's DollHouse, an update of the Ibsen classic, for New Rep Theatre, where he will be seen again next year in Eugene

O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night. Recently he did Shakespeare's King Lear, in Boston. New play is Romeo and Juliet with Will as Friar Laurence;


A nice photo of 'bearded Will' during the summer of 2015 for the play King Lear


Will Lyman 2020

- Animaniacs (TV Series) 2020 Narrator Here Comes Treble/That's Not the Issue/Future Brain/The Incredible Gnome in People's Mouths


- Tv movie Christmas on Ice 2020 Mayor Greenwood

- Frontline 1984-2020


-As a hobby Will Lyman is a true woodworking craftsman, in his woodshop he makes the most beautiful things like whole desks with drawers for his daughter and grandchildren.


Compilation of Crossbow 






Always in company of the Lipizzan white horse, 'Napolitano.'





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