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Will Lyman as William Tell



Will Lyman as William Tell, the reluctant hero. A former mercenary, Tell has long since put his life of violence behind him and has resolved to live the life of a pacifist. When we first meet Tell he is living with his family in the village of Claremont, working as a blacksmith.

Having known the rigors of war before, Tell is willing to accept Gessler's tyranny to avoid the terror that violence can bring. Such was Tell's attitude when surrounded by talk of rebellion. His son, Matthew was, however, unwilling to accept the same hardships and was all to eager to fight. Tell did his best to dissuade his passionate son. Nothing would make Tell raise arms again. - "Given the choice between war and Gessler, I'll take Gessler everytime." Where his family was concerned, well that was another matter. Finding his son caught up in the spirit of rebellion and endangered by Gessler's soldiers, Tell is forced to raise his crossbow once again and his life is changed forever.

Just as he had feared, once his crossbow had been raised, he could never put it down again. In saving his son's life, he had invited himself into a world of true evil. Gessler's world. Amazed at the story of Tell's skill with the crossbow, Gessler decided to teach Tell a lesson he would never forget. Matthew was tied to a post and the, now famous, apple placed on his head. Tell was then told to shoot the apple off his son's head. The expected outcome was that he would certainly miss and kill his own son, a punishment far more damaging than a simple execution and much more amusing for Gessler. Unfortunately for Gessler, William Tell shot the apple on top of his son's head and a legend was born.




As an outcast from society, never able to settle in one place, Tell quickly adapts himself to the situation at hand. He stealthily moves from town to town, picking up the odd companion along the way. Although, he never looks for trouble it always manages to find him and he is always quick to fly to the aid of young widows, abandoned children, and fellow outcasts, all those in need will find a friend in him. A born strategist, there appears to be no one able to outwit Tell. In addition to his famously accurate marksmanship, he is also a skilled swordsman, and an excellent horseman, able to tame a wild stallion through his gentle patience and air of confidence. These skills combined with his quick wits and a keen observant mind are what distinguish him from ordinary man. He is always triumphant against great odds, a hero through and through.

Tell is by no means infallible, situations have been known to arise where he was overpowered. He has been, shot with arrows, hack with swords, tortured, hit in the head with large beams of wood, tortured again, had a noose around his neck on more than one occasion, had his head on a chopping block, been entombed in a spider's web (that was one of the weirder episodes), had his hair bleached, and perhaps worst of all, chained to Gessler! His ability to make good friends has proved invaluable in these situations. Where his strategists mind could not help him a little help from his friends and the difficulty is soon rectified.His natural geniality makes him well liked wherever he goes, which accounts for his ability to make strong and reliable friends. Despite all his misfortunes, Tell never manages to lose his sense of humour and his winning charm.

His handsome appearance and readiness to help the odd damsel in distress has made many a lady lose her heart. Tell's journey, however is one he must make alone and he is always careful to remain unattached. But no matter how much he tries he cannot help breaking the hearts of impressionable young women. There is always a thoughtful look in those deep blue eyes, in one sharp glance you can see the fervour, the caution, the searching need, and the wisdom of a man who has been forced to live by his wits a man who has learned to live with a troubled heart.


His total self reliance has cuased him to look inwardly for strength and forbearance. His life is one of constant self examination. A pacifist at heart, Tell's moral convictions are always at odds with fire raging within him.

The more injustices he sees the greater becomes his struggle to suppress that fire. Pushed almost to the brink many, many times by the destruction Gessler has caused to those he loves, still the goodness inside him prevents him from ever  sinking to Gessler's level and seeking revenge. -"The fighting has to stop somewhere." Once he is reunited with his son Tell tries to teach him this sense of magnanimity, as his son is always all too eager for a fight. Tell's journey becomes one of constant struggle between his desire to end all violence and the need to protect himself and others from those who live by the sword.

 His prowess with the bow, his wisdom, and his unending benevolence soon give Tell a larger than life status. He becomes an indestructable icon. A symbol of rebellion. There is no man who can catch him, no hardship that can sway him, he has cheated Gessler and countless other tyrants in their treacherous plans hundreds of times, but can he cheat the one element in life that all of us must face in time? Can William Tell cheat death?In the final series we witness the transformation of Tell the man into Tell the legend. As he journey's into the wasteland he must make decisions and confront fears too difficult for an ordinary man. William Tell is not an ordinary man, however . The journey he makes is an ethereal one and as he travels further into the wasteland he becomes more phantom like. We are witness to this transformation and it is an exciting road to travel. For in this journey Tell must ultimately face himself and reconcile the differences between man and legend.


The man behind our hero is, Vermont born actor, Will Lyman. With his subtle delicately crafted performance, Lyman has made the character of William Tell his own. It is in his eyes that we see all of Tell's inner conflicts. One well placed glance or taught expression is enough to convey all the complexities of the character. It is a carefully understated performance, anything more could have made Tell over the top, a paraody of a hero. Lyman handles the role with masterly skill, so that we never lose sight of the humanity of the hero.

A veteran stage actor, Will Lyman has long enjoyed success in the theatre in New York and in Boston. In television he is best known to the general public by his voice, as the narrator of Frontline, PBS's acclaimed documentary series, in the USA.


In addition he has made numerous guest appaearances on shows like 'Law and Order' and had a starring role in the series 'Hull High', In the film world Lyman worked again with 'Crossbow' director George Mihalka in Hostile Takeover and has appeared in such mainstream films as A Perfect Murder, The Seige, and School Ties. He has, however a closer association in the independant film world in the critically acclaimed Welcome to the Dollhouse and in Floating. A man of many talents, Lyman has also directed his own short film Leaving the Post.

His most recent films include The Living Room Waltz, The Gentleman From Boston, and Dog Days. Below in the Summer of 2015 he played a very succesful performance of 'King Lear'



From 'William Tell' to the actor Will Lyman


William “Will” Lyman (born May 20, 1948) is an American voice(-over) artist and actor, who is, perhaps, best known for his polished, resonant voice, who has narrated the PBS series Frontline since its second season in 1984, and as William Tell in the action/adventure television series Crossbow.




Since the summer of his Equity apprenticeship at the Champlain Shakespeare Festival in his hometown of Burlington, Vermont in 1967, Will Lyman’s career has spanned all aspects of the business: theatre, film, television, commercial, industrial and voice-over.

He has performed in 19 productions of 15 of Shakespeare’s plays (only 22 to go), most notably the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s 2015 production of King Lear in what the Boston Globe called “a towering performance.” Also for CSC: Prospero in The Tempest, Brutus in Julius Caesar, and Claudius in Hamlet. He earned his Equity card in a production of Who Killed Santa Claus? starring Arlene Francis. He is a graduate of what, at the time, was called the Boston University School of Fine and Applied Art. Much of his post-graduate theatre training took place in American regional theatre, with memorable turns as Oberon at the Denver Center and Valmont in Les Liaisons Dangereuses at the George Street Playhouse. There were also forays off-Broadway (The Passion of Dracula, The Novelist, The Dwarfs) and on Broadway, as understudy for Stacey Keach (Kentucky Cycle) and Ken Howard (Little Black Sheep.) In 1992, he played Connor Larkin in a Broadway workshop production of Trinity, a two-evening adaptation of Leon Uris’ sprawling novel of The Irish Troubles. He spent many years working in film and television on both coasts and abroad. Source: The bio from Mr. Lyman's website


His television work includes starring roles in three seasons of The Adventures of William Tell aka Crossbow, filmed entirely on location in France; the NBC musical series Hull High; and ABC’s homeland security series Threat Matrix; more recently he played president Teddy Bridges in several episodes of Commander in Chief. His guest star appearances include Ed, Law and Order: Criminal Intent; the original Law and Order, and stretch all the way back to Spencer: For Hire (twice), Murder, She Wrote and the short-lived Mann and Machine. Television movies include Wilson Rogers, Jr., in Our Fathers, Homeland Security Chief Utley in Jeremiah Chechik’s American Meltdown,the Reverend Parris in the memorable Three Sovereigns for Sarah with Vanessa Redgrave and as Washington’s elder half-brother in Buzz Kulick’s George Washington. His first television appearance was in 1976: the title role in PBS’ Kosciuszko: An American Portrait.In film, Will was seen in featured roles in What Doesn’t Kill You, Little Children (as the Narrator,) Mystic River, The Siege, A Perfect Murder, Welcome to the Dollhouse (Sundance Audience Award 1996), and The Crucible. His voice is also heard as the Award Ceremony Narrator in Iron Man, the documentary narrator in Fierce People, and as the Frontline app for the iPhone in The Other Guys. He has had starring roles in independent ventures such as Hostile Takeover, Floating, Beacon Hill, andAlma Mater. He has worked in countless short experimental films for Boston area filmmakers including Ellie Lee’s Dog Days, Dana Glazer’s Intermezzo (Student Academy Award) and Andrew Mudge’s The Perfect Gooseys. Will served two terms on the Screen Actors Guild Board of Directors and was given the Howard Keel Award for service to the union shortly after stepping down.


Recent work in the theatre

concentrated in his hometown of Boston, has resulted in Eliot Norton Awards for Outstanding Achievement as an Actor for James Tyrone in Long Day’s Journey into Night, Otto Hahn in Alan Brody’s Operation Epsilon, Athol Fugard’s Exits and Entrances and Joyce van Dykes’s The Oil Thief, with nominations for his Claudius in Hamlet and Trumpleman in King of the Jews. He was honored with IRNE Awards for his performances as King Lear, and as Joe Keller in All My Sons. He also received one of three nominations for Best Actor at the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival for The Patriot Act. He was last seen playing God in Anat Gov’s Oh God for Israeli Stage. For current work, please refer to Will’s calendar.  Nelsons. Before turning his attention to a career in the theatre, Mr. Lyman had been a first-chair bass player with a number of amateur and semi-professional symphonic and chamber orchestras, so it has been his pleasure to perform as an actor with four prominent musical

organisators: The National Symphony Orchestra, under thebaton of Mstislav Rostropovich, narrating a treatment of Sergei Eisenstein’s unproduced film Ivan the Terrible to Prokofiev’s stirring score; The Cleveland Symphony Orchestra in Tom Stoppard’s play for two actors and orchestra Every Good Boy Deserves Favor with John Neville; as Jason with the Handel and Haydn Society’s presentation of Medea, with Claire Bloom and as Oberon in the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s presentation of Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream under the baton of Andris.

 No journeyman actor’s resume would be complete without a few engagements on daytime television. Lyman started acting in 1976 in the television series Another World. Then The Guiding Light, All My Children, Ryan’s Hope, Lovingand The Doctors.

While all of the above activity represents a successful career as an actor, it would not have been possible without the extraordinary success Mr. Lyman has experienced as a narrator. Heard but not seen, Will Lyman’s voice is one of the most trusted voices on the American airwaves. After narrating Eric Sevareid’s series Enterprise and the highly acclaimed, thirteen hour Viet Nam: A Television History, he became the series narrator for the public affairs program FRONTLINE, now in its 31st season. Over the course of many years, he voiced innumerable hours of television documentary: The Survival series for TLC; Is it Real? For Nat Geo; “Quiz Show Scandal” and “Richard Nixon” for The American Experience; a couple dozen episodes of Nova; Modern Marvels for the History Channel, The Ultimate Guide for Discovery, all of Bud Greenspan’s Olympic films since the Lillehammer Games and many hours of work for NBA Films. He attributes the public’s trust in his voice largely to the fact that he has been given many truths to speak. In 2006, Will agreed to become exclusive to FRONTLINE for documentary narration, a move that protects both that trust and FRONTLINE’s “signature voice” in the world of long-form television journalism. That role has had such an impact on American culture that Frontline fan Matt Groenig wrote Will into an episode of The Simpsons, in which he played himself.His very successful work in advertising is currently limited to a few select clients, most notably, the long-running “Most Interesting Man in the World” series for a certain Mexican beer. His voice is frequently heard on movie trailers dating back to “Jurassic Park” and beyond.He and his wife, Anastasia Lyman, are parents of actor and producer Georga Lyman



The compact bio

Will Lyman’s diverse career encompasses roles both behind and in front of the camera. You’ve probably heard his voice: he’s the exclusive narrator of Public Television’s long-running Frontline series; other voice-over credits include documentaries for National Geographic, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, and The Learning Channel, to name a few. He’s also narrated numerous commercials, including current ads for BMW and Dos Equis (the “most interesting man in the world” campaign). In front of the lens, he’s done extensive work in both film and television,  His film career, which began with a bit part in Jaws  including roles in the films "What Doesn't Kill You," "Little Children," "Mystic River in 2003," "The Siege in 1998," "Hostile Takeover," "The Crucible in 1996,"  "A Perfect Murder," and "Welcome to the Dollhouse,” as well as in the TV series "Commander-in-Chief" and "Threat Matrix.”

Will Lyman is a stage veteran of over 40 years, having worked with multiple companies in his home town of Boston and at regional theaters around the country as well as Off Broadway (The Novelist, Trinity, The Passion of Dracula, The Grinding Machine). He has narrated with the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center, the Cleveland Symphony at the Blossom Pavilion, and both the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Handel and Haydn Society at Symphony Hall.


Recent notable performances include King Lear on the Boston Common, the world premiere of Israel Horovitz’s Man in Snow, Operation Epsilon, Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Exits and Entrances, The Oil Thief (the last four of which won him the Norton Award), DollHouse, The Clean House, The Ice Breaker, Celebration, Nicholas Nickleby, All My Sons (IRNE Award), Timon of Athens, The Wrestling Patient, and King of the Jews. He is on the Board of the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, for whom he has previously performed in Hamlet, The Tempest, As You Like It, and Julius Caesar. Many years ago, he performed various roles at various times in the long-running One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at the Charles Playhouse. For current work, please see Will’s CALENDAR.


He has been the narrator of the multi-award-winning PBS series FRONTLINE since 1984. Television series regular: William Tell (1987-1989) in 72 episodes of Crossbow, The Guiding Light (1994-1995) Colonel Atkins in Threat Matrix, John Deerborn in Hull High and the dying and deceased President Bridges in Commander in Chief (recurring.) Series Guest: Spenser: For Hire twice, Law and Order twice, Ed, Murder She Wrote.


Movies for TV: Our Fathers, Meltdown, George Washington and Three Sovereigns for Sarah.

Soaps: Another World, The Doctors, Loving, Ryan’s Hope, All My Children


source: www.whitethroat.com


  After this he played several roles in television series and films such as Crossbow, The Siege (1998), Mystic River (2003), Threat Matrix (2003 -2004), Little Children (2006), Iron Man (2008) and The Other Guys (2010). In addition to his acting, he is also active as a voice-over for TV commercials, for example for BMW

In the January 26, 2014 episode of The Simpsons, "Specs and the City", Lyman spoofed his Frontline voiceovers.



Little facts

- Will is the father of actress Georgia Lyman, a member of Orfeo Group, whose production of Look Back in Anger was recognized with a Norton Award for Best Production by a Fringe Company.
- He was Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, dedicated to free Shakespeare on the Boston Common for several years.


Interviews and video's




Awards and Nominations



Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Achievement as an Actor ::

• Alan Brody’s Operation Epsilon (2013)

• Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey into Night (2013)

• Joyce Van Dyke’s The Oil Thief (2009)

• Athol Fugard’s Exits and Entrances (2009)

2013 Elliot Norton Award for Sustained Excellence

IRNE Award

2011 Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) Award

• Shakespeare’s King Lear (2016)

• Arthur Miller’s All My Sons (2011)



NETC Award

2015 New England Theatre Conference (NETC)

Special Award for Outstanding Achievement

in the American Theatre

IRNE Award

2011 Screen Actor’s Guild Howard Keel Award


In 2008, he was one of four nominees for Best Actor at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Some Reviews


What an actor of Will Lyman’s stature brings to any given role is more than talent; more, even than the craft learned and honed during a lifetime on the stage.

What Lyman also brings is that ineffable, you-know-it-when-you-see-it quality known as presence.

Don Aucoin | The Boston Globe | Review of ‘Beckett in Brief’


No one quite ranks with Lyman as a narrator. As an authoritative off-camera voice, the man’s a rocket, an  audio auteur. No telling the number of documentaries I’ve watched while thinking how much better they would be were Lyman the narrator. He and his tubes are that good, his sense of pitch and instinct for the moment flawless. Not one misplaced vibrato. TV’s finest narrator.

Howard Rosenberg | The Los Angeles Times


… the extraordinary Will Lyman, a master at finding humanity in  characters who could easily be dismissed  as two-dimensional.

 Terry Byrne | The Boston Globe | Review of ‘DollHouse’


Exits and Entrances … features a gem of a performance by Will Lyman as an aging actor confronting the dimming of his professional light …

Ed Siegel | The Boston Phoenix | Review of ‘Exits and Entrances’ 



We came in contact with Will in 1997. In the summer of 2004 we met. Now we're in 2019, where has the time gone? He picked Patrick and me up and took us for a nice lunch. Will spend a lot of hours on us that afternoon. We were grateful for that and we will never forget. Time flies we are living in the year 2019. Who knows we will ever come to see a play and combine it with a citytrip.

Will Lyman provides the right note of ironic wit, even as the plot gets darker.

Peter Travers | Rolling Stone | Review of ‘Little Children’


Entertainment Weekly magazine recognized Will in a review of the film Little Children.

Lyman’s charismatic and troubling Trumpleman.

Louise Kennedy | The Boston Globe | Review of ‘King of the Jews’  


A luminous and wrenching production.

Liza Weisstuch | The Boston Phoenix | Review of ‘King of the Jews’


Improper Bostonian magazine listed their picks of ‘Boston’s Best 2007’ and honored Will as ‘Best Local Actor.’


Lyman’s transformation from confident king to Nixonian cover-upper is a model piece of acting.

The Boston Globe | Review of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’


The excellent Will Lyman … conveys the intense, almost savage energy of a man recovering from  emotional frostbite to confront old pain and new vulnerability.

The Boston Phoenix | Review of ‘Icebreaker’


Click here for an intervieuw about his work in Frontline. http://soupcans.blogspot.com/2008/10/soup-cans-interview-will-lyman.html



Below an overview of some of the movies, tv series and theatre plays he was in 

(note: this is not all Lyman has in to, please visit the imdb list and his website to  view the complete list)

Another World (TV Series)
Ken Palmer (1976-1977) (as William Lyman) 1964


The continuing story of life in the Midwestern town of Bay City, and the love, loss, trials, and triumph of its residents, who come from different backgrounds and social circles. Those who call Bay City home include the Matthews, Cory, Frame, Winthrop, Love, Hudson, Harrison, and Burrell families.

A small and old newspaper article about Will and "Another World"          Will and daugther Georgia around 2015


It says: William Lyman is a newcomer to "Another World" and plays sculptor Ken Palmer. Although this is his first role in a soap opera, his acting credits include "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (Boston), two seasons with the Chamlain Shakespeare Festival playing various roles in "King Lear," "As You LIke It" and Titus Andronicus." He's done a lot of summer stock and has appeared in several films including "Jaws," "To Keep our Liberty" and "Rain Fugue." Will is 6'3", weigh 170 lbs and keeps in shape by fencing, swimming and boxing. He's also into singing and is baritone. The singing part did I verify ;) His answer: "I studied singing from time to time, but not with the intention of becoming a singer, but only to better understand the voice and how it works. About boxing: "I trained with a boxer for about a year, but quit because I didn’t like the ultimate goal, which was to hurt the other guy."


Ryan's hope 1979

Ryan's hope 1979 Kenn Alexander

Link 1

Link 2

RH 1062 beginning and RH 1066 in the middle




George Washington 1984

as Laurance


George Washington is a 1984 American television miniseries directed by Buzz Kulik. The miniseries, released in three parts, chronicles the life of George Washington, the 1st President of the United States, from age 11 to age 51. George Washington is based on the biography by James Thomas Flexner.


The miniseries was shot mainly on location near Washington, D.C. and was aired on April 8, 10 and 11, 1984. Washington's life in the French and Indian War, the second part shows the coming and commencement of the Revolutionary War and the final part describes the victory of the Independence from England. It was nominated for six Primetime Emmys.



 This miniseries covers the life of George Washington, from the time he is a young man, through his experiences in the French and Indian War and his rise to lead the Continental Army during the American Revolution. It concludes shortly after the end of the war, with Washington's return to his home in Mount Vernon. Below I found Youtube parts Lyman was in.


Link 1

Link 2


The Three Souvereigns for Sarah 1985

Will Lyman just before Crossbow, has role as rev. Mr. Samuel Parris

This is a true story based on transcripts of the Salem Witch Trials. Sarah (Vanessa Redgrave) and her two sisters are put on trial for suspicion of witchcraft. While her sisters are burned at the stake, Sarah is sentanced to a prison term to be served in a box barely large enough for her to lie down in. When she is released, her family name is cleared and all she is given for all she has suffered are three gold sovereigns- coin of the realm at the time.

Abby Williams, the preacher's niece, starts getting into fourtune telling and such illegal activities, as taught to her by the slave Tituba. Other local girls get into it, and then start acting strange. Abby and the girls eventually start to name local people as 'witches' and blame their sicknesses on witchcraft. Hundreds are accused and sent to jail, though there are many who doubt the truth of the accusations. Among these are three sisters, Mary, Rebecca, and Sarah. All are kept in jail for quite some time, until Mary and Rebecca are found guilty, though they pleaded innocent. They are hanged, and due to over crowding, Sarah is sent to a farm until her hearing. She is kept in utter isolation in a chicken coop, getting very sick and lonely, until family comes to save her. The madness is over, though the clever girls, along with one 'afflicted' mother, first suceeded in giving enough 'evidence' so that 19 people were hanged on the count of witchcraft, and one was pressed to death. The story is told to a court 10 years later by Sarah, wanting to clear the family name. Though they can not immeadeatly decide on guilt, or give her compensation, the three judges do give Sarah 3 symbolic sovereigns, one for each of the lives that had suffered.  


Below: Noted actor and voice-over artist Will Lyman portrayed the Rev. Mr. Samuel Parris, whose miniature oval portrait is at right. Photo by Douglas Miller.


Hostile Takeover  1988

During Crossbow in 1988 Will Lyman starred together with David Warner in Hostile Takeover, directed by George Mihalka (of Crossbow)

A man takes three co-workers hostage while working overtime on Thanksgiving weekend. He has no demands. Filming Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

His appearance on Crossbow was not the only time he worked with Will Lyman and director George Mihalka. The three of them worked together in Hostile Takeover (aka Office Party or The Devastator) and a production with 3 Crossbow related men. And Warner also appeared in Silver Bears(1977) with Jeremy Clyde. Hostile Takeover (also called Office Party) is the reason Tell came back in the wasteland with pretty blond hair. They coloured his hair for this movie and back in France the hair colour products are different from the canadian ;)




Hullhigh 1990


Hull High (also known as Hull Street High) is an American musical teen drama series which aired on the NBC television network in 1990. It was created and executive produced by Gil Grant.

Hull High told the story of Cordell Hull High School, a hip, racially integrated school in an urban area. The series involved elements of soap opera (the ongoing and evolving relationships among teachers and students) and musical (featuring The Hull High Devils, something of a rap Greek chorus, whose songs related to the show's plot). The main adult character was history teacher John Deerborn (Will Lyman).













School Ties  1992

With Brandan Fraser Chris O Donnell, Matt Damon and ben Affleck

School Ties is a 1992 American sports-drama film directed by Robert Mandel and starring Brendan Fraser, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Chris O'Donnell, Cole Hauser, Randall Batinkoff, Andrew Lowery and Anthony Rapp. Fraser plays the lead role as David Greene, a Jewish high school student who is awarded an athletic scholarship to an elite preparatory school in his senior year. 






Law and order  1994

Will is Victor Conner in Family Values (1994)



and later again in

Law and order: Criminal Intent (tv series)

2001 Will is Roger Jamesonin episode 'Smothered'


Welcome to the Dolhouse 1995

Welcome to the Dollhouse is a 1995 American coming-of-age black comedy film.

Will is Mr. Adwards

An independent film, it won the Grand Jury Prize at the 1996 Sundance Film Festival and launched the careers of Todd Solondz and Heather Matarazzo.The story follows the unpopular middle schooler Dawn as she goes to extreme lengths trying to earn the respect of her vicious fellow students and her disinterested family. Dawn reappears in two of Solondz's other films, Palindromes and Wiener-Dog. Trailer


The Crucible 1996

A Salem resident attempts to frame her ex-lover's wife for being a witch in the middle of the 1692 witchcraft trials.

Will is Isaiah Goodkind with Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder, Paul Scofield. Director: Nicholas Hytner, Writers: Arthur Miller (play), Arthur Miller (screenplay)




Celtic Pride 1996 Will plays a rich man


Floating, 1997 Van's father

Floating is the story of a young man's struggle to come of age during a violent period of emotional and financial bankruptcy. The film stars Norman Reedus as Van, a son shouldering the responsibility of his embittered father, with no one to nurture him through his own pain. Van's father is so engrossed in his own troubles that he fails to emotionally support his son. As Doug, Chad Lowe provides Van with friendship, but more importantly, with the knowledge that a "perfect life" isn't always what it seems. After Van and Doug engage in a crime spree that ends in tragedy, father and son finally come together for the first time to transcend mourning.


The Siege 1998, Will is FBI director

The Siege is a 1998 American action thriller film directed by Edward Zwick. The film is about a fictional situation in which terrorist cells have made several attacks in New York City. The film stars Denzel Washington, Annette Bening, Tony Shalhoub, and Bruce Willis.


Intermezzo 1998 The student academie award winner



Dana H. Glazer of 'Intermezzo,' student academie award winner 1998

This is my NYU Graduate thesis film, which won a Student Academy Award in 1998. It stars Will Lyman, who is best known for his voice over work on Frontline, BMW commercials and dozens of other roles in TV and feature films. It also stars Frank Gio, who was in "Once Upon A Time In America," "Moonstruck" and many other films. 

Dana H. Glazer is an award-winning filmmaker who lives in New Jersey with his wife and two young sons. He grew up in Newton, Massachusetts and attended Bowdoin College and NYU Graduate Film. He is a Student Academy Award winner as well as a Writer's Guild East Member who has written for Warner Brothers and the SyFy Channel. Most recently, he completed The Evolution of Dad, a feature documentary about the changing role of fatherhood.

Likes to place his parents in his films. On Youtube you can find this wonderful short film with Will Lyman as maincharacter, published 27 okt. 2011




A Perfect Murder 1998

With Michael Douglas, Gweneth Paltrow, Viggo Mortensen and David Suchet



Mystic river 2003

Directed by Clint Eastwood. With Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon

Will lyman is FBI Agent Birden


Three childhood friends, Jimmy Markum (Penn), Sean Devine (Bacon) and Dave Boyle (Robbins), are reunited after years by the murder of Jimmy's eldest daughter. Sean has become a detective and is investigating the case. Ex-criminal Jimmy meanwhile wants revenge, while the unstable Dave still struggles with a trauma from the past. Because of these circumstances, the mutual bond of the three is put to the test, and old wounds are torn open ... Below: Clint Eastwood and Sean Penn during the shootting.





Threat Matrix


Will Lyman portrays Colonel Roger Atkins in the ABC series 'Threat Matrix'

Threat Matrix is a 2003 American drama television series. It lasted 16 episodes. The plot consisted of the events in a United States Homeland Security anti-terrorism unit, led by Special agent John Kilmer.

The title of the show refers to a report given to the President of the United States each morning, which contains information relating to the latest threats against the security of the United States.



Our fathers 2005

With Christopher Plummer


In theatre

Mr. Lyman is well known to Boston audiences for his work with Commonwealth Shakespeare Co., of which he is a founding Board Member (King Lear, Prospero, Claudius, Brutus), at the Huntington (All My Sons, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Dead End), at New Rep (Long Day’s Journey into Night, Exits and Entrances, Clean House, Ice Breaker), Speakeasy (The Dying Gaul), Wheelock (To Kill a Mockingbird), Boston Playwrights’ Theatre (The Wrestling Patient in collaboration with Speakeasy, King of the Jews, A Girl’s War), and the Nora (Equus, Operation Epsilon). Elsewhere in the U.S. he has performed with the Denver Center, Hartford Stage, Pennsylvania Stage, American Place, George Street Playhouse, NJ Shakespeare, and several Off Broadway productions in New York. He has narrated with the National Symphony (Ivan the Terrible), and acted in conjunction with the Boston Symphony Orchestra (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), the Cleveland Symphony (Every Good Boy Deserves Favor) and the Handel and Haydn Society (Medea). He is a multiple recipient of the Norton and Irne Awards and was honored with the Howard Keel Award for service to the Screen Actors Guild. He was given 2013’s Norton Award for Sustained Excellence and 2015’s NETC Award. Not: It's not possible for me to show all the theater plays Mr. Lyman was in. For more information please visit www.whitetroat.com

Madeleine Lambert as Elena and Will Lyman as Derek



'Man in snow' with Sara Skipley

Karen MacDonald and Will Lyman star as Kate and Joe Keller in the Huntington Theatre Company's production of "All My Sons" at the Boston University Theatre.


The Icebreaker 2006

The Ice-Breaker depicts the developing relationship between two scientists: Sonia, a brilliant academic completing her thesis on climatology, and Lawrence (played by film and TV veteran Will Lyman), a once-legendary scientist, now living in self-imposed exile, whose research on polar ice inspired Sonia's work. When the two meet, sexual and intellectual sparks fly, but in the course of one sleepless night, both learn that their romantic attraction is as volatile and mysterious as the potential climate change they fear. In 2006 with Amt Russ. (Laurel went to play).


S. Newhouse as Nora. Will is Evan in Dollhouse 2011

Man in snow Ashley Risteen and Will Lyman  



What doesn't kill you 2008

Two childhood friends from South Boston turn to crime as a way to get by, ultimately causing a strain in their personal lives and their friendship.


Dischord 2001 as Captain Jack

On the brink of her world tour, at the height of her success, alternative rock violinist, Gypsy, put down her violin and walked away..


Long Day’s Journey Into Night by Eugene O’Neill  2012

where we meet four members of an Irish family, whose history and inter-relationships are remarkable complex. Beautiful set by Janie Howland, beautifully lit, as can be seen below the set and everyone (in Act 1) is dressed entirely in white, quite striking. Stars are Will Lyman and Karen MacDonald, two of the finest Boston actors, and they deliver powerful performances in this long play. Will Lyman has a wonderful long selique about his growing up poor in Ireland, explaining why is thrifty. And Karen MacDonald gets to play a woman on the edge of madness. source: http://www.twinkletoesengineering.info/awake_sing_III.htm


“Ulysses on Bottles."

Will Lyman, Jeremiah Kissel, and Karen MacDonald in the play Ulysses on Bottles.

Maureen Keillar in Oh God

Agnostic therapist Ella (Maureen Keiller) doesn't believe in her new patient (Will Lyman), who says he's God, in the Israeli Stage production of "Oh God." (Courtesy Paul Marotta)

               Below: Will Lyman (left), Josephine Moshiri Elwood, and Eliott Purcell in “Old



Will In  Shakespeare's King Lear  July - August 2015




For the 20th season production of Free Shakespeare on the Common, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company is pleased to present King Lear for the very first time.King Lear follows the journey of an aging king, faced with his own mortality and mental decline, who tries to secure the legacy of his kingdom by dividing it among his three daughters. Only through loss—of status, of love, of loyalty—does King Lear learn what is truly resonant at the end of a life. Will Lyman starred as King Lear.


A nice photo of 'bearded Will' during the summer of 2015 for the play King Lear

For the past several years, Will has worked almost exclusively in the Boston theatre community and has been consistently well-received by critics and audiences alike. His roles have included Apemantus in Shakespeare's little-performed Timon of Athens with Actors' Shakespeare Project; Joe Keller in Miller's All My Sons IRNE Award for best actor) directed by David Esbjornson at the Huntington; Rex, an actor struggling with the effects of age on his work and his love life (Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, The Oil Thief, Norton Award for Outstanding Achievement as an Actor), an actor “left behind by time” (New Rep Theatre, Exits and Entrances, Norton Award for Outstanding Achievement as an Actor), and a German psycho-chirologist who wrestles with his patients in Speakeasy Stage/BPT/40 Magnolias' premiere of The Wrestling Patient. Most recently, he portrayed Ralph Nickleby in The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, parts 1 and 2 (IRNE Award for Best Ensemble) at the Lyric Stage Company, and Evan in Theresa Rebeck's DollHouse, an update of the Ibsen classic, for New Rep Theatre, where he will be seen again next year in Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night. Recently he did Shakespeare's King Lear, in Boston. New play is Romeo and Juliet with Will as Friar Laurence;


Compilation of Crossbow 






Always in company of the white horse







Jeremy Clyde


Gov. Hermann Gessler

About 40 episodes, 1987-1989


Jeremy Clyde as Governor Hermann Ricardo Neuhausen Gessler, a real villain's villain. The kind of man who never shrinks from the slaughter of innocent women and children (even nuns), so long as it serves his cause. '-'The cause being, in this case, ME." - He ruled with an iron fist crushing anyone who dared oppose him, a system that proved very effective and satisfactory for him. ''Little children used to run and hide at the very mention of my name.''

Then along came William Tell and everything got spoilt. It was bad enough that Tell humiliated Gessler by beating him at his own sick game. Tell then insisted on becoming a thorn in his side by spreading hope and a spirit of rebellion among the previously docile peasantry. A state of affairs far too extreme for a governor to bear. -"What starts as charity, can only end in democracy and if that's not madness I don't know what is.''

Never one to forget any sort of humiliation, Gessler carries a grudge against Tell so strong, that he would drag his entire country into debt and sacrifice anyone, even those most close to him, just to catch the man who humiliated him.....well...quite a few times. Despite all his big talk, there is one person whom Gessler will stop at nothing to protect. Even if it means letting Tell go. Who is this revered being, this epitome of all of Gessler's hopes and dreams? Why, Hermann Gessler of course. For you see, the man is, at heart, a terrible coward. Dignity has no meaning for him where his life or position is at stake. On several occasions he has been known to snivel and cower like a child and have his face shoved in the mud without any resistance, humbled by the threat of William Tell's Crossbow. He is just one big jumble of loneliness and insecurity. The poor man has no one to comfort him in these trying times. When Gessler wakes up screaming from a terrible nightmare who is there to comfort him?....Horst


Socially Gessler is quite charming. Always surrounded by beautiful women in a crowd, you would think the governor would never be really lonely. With his dashing good looks, his winning smile, a ready wit, and those snazzy black leather duds he'd make any woman with a pulse swoon. Especially if he didn't kill any of her relatives. Combine that with access to loads of cash and land, whether he is the rightful owner or not, and you'd think he would be an excellent catch. The only problem is the truely virtuous women usually see right through Gessler. Those women who hang around seem to be just as shallow as him. -'"Ach, I prefer horses to women!"'- Where is the challenge in lieing to someone who isn't interested in integrity?

You see, dissemblance is one of Gessler's favorite past times. He prides himself on his ability to convince those around him that he is an honest, kind, godfearing man. Although his words will promote the most benevolent of intentions, his actions always belie them. His mind is constantly scheming how best to gain the upper hand and crush all that stand in his way. How else would such a worm manage to creep his way into the position of Lord Protector of the Empire? Where is the man's conscience? -"Conscience! What are you talking about?! I don't have a conscience! I doubt if I know how to spell it."

 Where does Gessler get his deep malicious streak ? His total disregard for anyone's life but his own? When we meet his brother, he seems to share Gessler's tendency towards lieing, scheming, and total self absorbtion. -"Oh stop the flattery. If you're anything like me you don't believe a word of it."- The similarity in their personalities does not, unfortunately, lend itself towards filial affections. They're both out to get each other just as much as they are out to get everyone else, perhaps more. Well we do get an opportunity to meet Gessler's mother, a woman who seems to be just as malicious and uncaring. In addition to being very critical of her son. Oedipal complex anyone? -"'I would never have done any of those terrible things if only somebody had loved me!"- Too late, he sacrifices the only woman who ever truly loved him in his pursuit of Tell.

So apparently the damage is done and no one can save Gessler from himself. Whether or not his villainous behaviour is due to a neglected childhood or to an inborn tendency towards evil, Gessler's tyranny can have no excuse, but that it is immensely entertaining. Charming in his wickedness, we love Gessler because of his ingenuous scheming, not in spite of it.  We wait with baited breath to see what deliciously maniacal plan lurks within those flashing blue eyes.


To Jeremy Clyde I once said: "if you ever come to Amsterdam and find yourself with some time, please let me know." And then months later I received a postcard and later a call from Jeremy. He was in Amsterdam for business. He invited me for cofffee in the Rembrandt cafe and we walked through Amsterdam. I think it was just a few years before the millenium. It was a great afternoon with a charming, happy gentleman. Grateful!

 Gems of iniquitous wisdom flow from his mouth with an ease that is delightful to observe. We can be sure of never a dull moment so long as this paragon of treachery remains. Would we find Gessler so very entertaining were it not for the skillful performance of Jeremy Clyde? He slithers his way through Gessler's venomous speeches with perfect precision. In his eyes we see all of Gessler's inadequacies and fears along with the deep seeded cruelty that shades them. Clyde wears Gessler like a glove. Charming his way across the screen with unsurpassable ease. It is this charm that brings a real and unexpected depth to the villain. Clyde's first rise to fame was, however, not as an actor. Although he trained for the theatre, his career began as half of the 60s pop duo Chad and Jeremy. Chad Stuart being the other half of the singing, guitar playing, song writers. They became caught up in the British Invasion.

Rising to fame in the States with hits songs like 'A Summer Song' and 'Yesterday's Gone'. The 60s came to a close and Chad and Jeremy began to pursue separate careers. Clyde began a prominent career on the London stage with acclaimed performances inPassion Flower Hotel, Black Comedy and Conduct Unbecoming . He continues to enjoy a successful stage career. His career on screen has also continued to grow, appearing in the films Silver Bears, ffolkes (North Sea Hi-Jack), Wilt, and Kasper Hauser. He has become a very familiar face on British television with numerous guest appearances and major roles in the series The Mixer and the hit BBC comedy Is It Legal?


Recent television includes A Rather English Marriage, The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star, The Moth, Inspector Morse, The Colour of Justice, Chambers, and D'Artagnan

North sea Hijack   1979




From 'Gessler' to the actor Jeremy Clyde

The young Jeremy


Michael Thomas Jeremy Clyde (he was born 22 March 1941, in the village of Dorney, Buckinghamshire). He is one of three children. He has two younger brothers, Robin (d. 1950 by drowning) and William. Jeremy Clyde has two children with Vanessa Shanks. Daughter, Lucy Sophia Clyde, was born on 5 December 1971 and son, Matthew Clyde (Matthew Thomas Clyde), was born on 16 October 1974.


Clyde is an English actor and musician. He is the son of Lady Elizabeth Wellesley Through his maternal line,  His mother, Lady Elizabeth Wellesey, is the younger sister of the 8th Duke of Wellington. Therefore, he is the great-great-great-grandson of the famous "Iron Duke" Wellington who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. He made his first public appearance as a pageboy at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in 1953.


Middle: Apsley House. Above: In 1953, he participated in the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II as a Page of Honour for his grandfather and carried his grandfather's coronet during the ceremony. Clyde was educated at two independent schools: at Ludgrove School in the civil parish of Wokingham Without, adjoining the market town of Wokingham in the English county of Berkshire, and at Eton College in the small town of Eton, near Windsor (also in Berkshire), followed by the University of Grenoble in France. He would later go on to attend and graduate from the Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London where he studied acting. This is also where he met musical partner, Chad Stuart in 1960.



Was at one point reportedly romantically linked to British singer Marianne Faithfull.

Just got back from Paris, where I had the chance to reconnect with an old friend - Marianne Faithful. source:

November 7, 2017

Clyde has enjoyed a long television acting career, and continues to appear regularly, usually playing upper-class characters. He once guest-starred in an episode of the American sitcom My Three Sons, when Chip Douglas is excited that someone from Liverpool was coming to visit and expected him to be a talented musician, implying the success of The Beatles. (The episode aired during the height of Beatlemania.) He is perhaps best known for his portrayal of villainous Austrian Imperial Governor Hermann Gessler in the 1980s action series Crossbow, which incorporated Clyde's ability to convey evil in a distinctly aristocratic way. His other notable acting role was as Dick Spackman in the ITV sitcom Is it Legal?. In 1965, Clyde appeared in a stage production of The Passion Flower Hotel, a musical adaptation written by John Barry and Trevor Peacock, at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London. It also featured Jane Birkin, Francesca Annis, Pauline Collins, Nicky Henson and Bill Kenwright

In 1969, he appeared in Conduct Unbecoming as part of the original cast, which included Paul Jones. He also travelled to the US as part of the original Broadway cast.

 He appeared in the BBC TV adaptation of Moll Flanders in 1975, and in 1979 he played Godfried Schalcken in the BBC's television horror story Schalcken the Painter.  Clyde also portrayed King Charles I in the BBC series By the Sword Divided (1983–85), which focused on the English Civil War (the beheading of the king is featured in the second episode of Season 2). Clyde also starred as Algernon Moncrieff in 1985 in the Great Performances production of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest opposite Gary Bond as Jack Worthing and Dame Wendy Hiller as Lady Bracknell. In the same year, he played the civil servant Densher in Blott on the Landscape. In 2002 he appeared in The Falklands Play (a BBC dramatisation of the Falklands War) as Sir Nicholas Henderson, the British Ambassador to the United States at the time. In 2004 he appeared in the BBC drama series The Alan Clark Diaries as British Conservative politician Jonathan Aitken and also appeared in the BBC drama series Ashes To Ashes as the Superintendent which was aired in 2008.

 . His film career has included roles in The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery (1966), Silver Bears (1977), North Sea Hijack (1980), Invitation to the Wedding (1983), Wilt (1990), Splitting Heirs (1993), The Musketeer (2001) and The Iron Lady (2011).

He has also acted on the radio. He portrayed the gentleman thief A. J. Raffles in a dramatization of the books by E. W. Hornung on the BBC radio in mid-late 1980s.

In 2017 he played Dennis in The Girls at the Phoenix Theatre in the West End.




From Left to Right: on stage with Nicky Henson in The Passion Flower Hotel (1965), Rehearsing for a radio broadcast of War and Peace (1969), on stage with Paul Jones and Maxine Audley in Conduct Unbecoming(1969), in Black Comedy, with Diana Rigg in 'Tis Pity She's a Whore (1972)


With Roy Marsden in Proof of Guilt (1980), in the title role of Sexton Blake (1978) with Jacquey Chappell, as Charles I in By the Sword Divided (1984)


Above: with Roger Moore, Jennifer Hilary, David Hedison, and James Mason in ffolkes (North Sea Hi-Jack) (1980)


A publiciy photo from 1978, 1982, from the 1983 Chad and Jeremy album,

in Campaign (1987), in Bust (1988)


With Simon Williams in The Mixer(1990), with Helen Masters in Wycliffe (1996), as Dick in Is It Legal? (1996)


Publicity photos 1996 and one the right one is with partner.

Split with musical partner, Chad Stuart, in the late 1960s and returned to England in order to pursue his true passion, acting. The two would reunite on and off through the 1970s and 1980s, before reuniting in the late 1990s on a permanent basis.Chad and Jeremy have been working together since reuniting in 2004. They weree doing concert tours through the USA, and worked on a retrospective album, as well as a CD of new material. They brought out the last album in 2013.

Extra Photos






  In Crossbow





Chad and Jeremy


The two met while attending London's Central School of Speech and Drama. Chad taught Jeremy how to play the guitar and by 1962 they were performing together as a folk music duo. At the same time, they formed a band called The Jerks, which Chad described as "the world's screwiest rock and roll group."

Chad & Jeremy are an English musical duo. They began working together in 1960, and had their first hit song in the U.K. with "Yesterday's Gone". That song became a hit in the United States in the following year when they rode to fame as a part of the British Invasion. Unlike the rock music sounds of their peers, Chad & Jeremy presented a soft, folk-inflected style readily distinguished by their hushed and whispered vocals. The U.S. proved to be fertile soil for them, and they went on to have a string of successes there, including "Willow Weep for Me", "Before and After", and their biggest hit, "A Summer Song". Nonetheless, after some commercial failures and divergent ambitions between the two partners, Chad & Jeremy disbanded in 1968.

 Chad played also in one episode of Crossbow 'The Banguet.' Chad Stuart continued to work in various capacities in the music industry while Jeremy Clyde devoted his energies to acting on film and stage. In the early 1980s, however, they rejoined one another for a new album and concert performances including a multi-band British Invasion nostalgia tour. Afterwards, another long period of separation ensued but in the early 2000s Chad & Jeremy began performing again and developed a semi-regular schedule of touring for many years. They maintain an online presence through their website and Stuart's independent studio Electric Paintbox, and continue to play occasional performances. source: wikipedia. Please visit the link for much more information about  their hits, their tours and reunion. 2 years ago they were still touring, At the moment (febr 2019) there are not tours planned yet.







Chad & Jeremy by the sea, February 2011                                                      In the Patty Duke Show    




History of Chad and jeremy

And here


Chad & Jeremy's new album for 2013.

The last chad and jeremy album is from 2013



Rien Ne Va Plus is released AUGUST 4th 2013 to celebrate the anniversaries of two big events in the Chad & Jeremy story. This summer marks the 10th anniversary of Chad & Jeremy's 21st century reunion, and the 50th anniversary of their first studio recording session in 1963.

"Rien Ne Va Plus", loosely translated, is a French saying for "the die is cast". It is often used to indicate that no more bets can be accepted on the spinning roulette wheel. All bets are in on the first decade of C&J's reunion, and Chad & Jeremy's new album rewards you with the jackpot.

Rien Ne Va Plus collects personal favorites from the last decade, including material from the extremely rare out-of-print "tour CDs", and brand new recordings such as "The Water Is Wide" and a new studio version of the 1983 classic "Zanzibar Sunset".

We hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed entertaining you for these last ten, and these last fifty, years.

SONGS INCLUDE: Zanzibar Sunset/The Way You Look Tonight/Hey Baby/In Love Again/Lady Wants A Gentleman/Everyone's Gone To The Moon/The Water Is Wide/What's The Score?/Homeward Bound/I'll Be Back/Rien Ne Va Plus/Purple Haze

Chad and jeremy haven't toured partly 2018 and no plans for 2019. Jeremy Clyde is performing select dates with Peter Asher of Peter & Gordon (2018 2019) for more info please visit Jeremy Clyde's new website

Jeremy solo

Why The Bottom Drawer?

The clue lies in the title. The Bottom Drawer Sessions. The songwriting continued in the 1970s after I ceased to be 'And Jeremy', late of Chad & Jeremy. It carried on, rather slowly, through the early years of marriage and fatherhood. The problem was always What To Write About. "Got up this morning, feeling mighty bad"... It had all been done before. So then I roped in my old friend, Hugo Williams, now one of our most famous and revered poets. We managed to write a few decent songs, but poets are not necessarily lyricists and he went on to scale the literary heights.

And then, at a party in the early 1980's given by the renowned jazz singer Annie Ross, I met an enormously tall Canadian fellow in a cowboy hat, David Pierce, known to all and sundry as Big Dave. I asked what he did. "I'm a lyricist", he said. He had been working with a fine 70's band, Meal Ticket, which happened to include another old friend, one Rick Jones. Naturally, I went over to Big Dave's place the next day and was duly amazed to be shown his bottom drawer, a vast & brilliant collection of unpublished lyrics.

Since then, in London, Los Angeles, and latterly, Paris, as the wind blew both of us in unexpected directions, we continued to write in that old fashioned way... he writes the words, and I set them to music. We have been at it for so long now that we seem to speak a kind of shorthand. A publisher suggested we try to write a musical. The result was "What's The Score?" and "B Movie", neither of which worked as a musical. But the silver lining was my being introduced to Jo Meacham, a brilliant guitarist and all round good guy who was musical director on the project.

Some of these songs have seen the light of day as Chad and I started to work together again in the past few years, but not all of them have suited our vocal style and, besides, the public quite correctly want to hear our old hits. source The albums are for sale here. There is also nice jeremy Clyde merchandise stuf overhere

 Jeremy Clyde is still very active/ He recently made solo albums and is planning a short tour with Peter Asher. 2019. See below.














Nick Brimble

Horst in about 35 episodes, 1987-1989, personal site here


 Nick Brimble as Horst, Gessler's Captain of the Guard. His scheming, double-dealing, self serving antics rival Gessler's in their wickedness. His unlimited capacity for cruelty and cunning allow him to rise through the ranks to become Gessler's top man.

His physique is more suited to doing Gessler's dirty work as is his physiognomy. Unlike his Governor though, his face is not one to easily assume the semblance of trustworthiness.

It is one to be feared. When looking into Horst's deep blue eyes, one can see the evil lurking within. When he is in a particularly violent rage, his face strongly resembles that of the Incredible Hulk. His capacity for deceit, though not approaching the great skill of Gessler , proves very effective when combined with a very keen and calculating mind. His charm, though of a cruder variety, also serves him quite well. He manages to charm his way into Gessler's trust, quite a feat in itself. There is something inviting in such an apparently evil countenance. Perhaps it is Horst's strength of purpose, which inspires this trust and reliance. There is always certain to be something cunning and devious lurking beneath those heavy brows and when Horst smiles you know to be afraid. Why does such a clever and domineering man waste his time toadying for Gessler? Funny that same question occured to Horst.

Unbridled ambition is the one driving force behind Horst. Horst's goal, during his years of faithful service to Gessler, was to reap the subsequent rewards that usually accompany service above and beyound the call of iniquity. His fortitude under such abusive circumstances is really something to be admired. No one could ever accuse Horst of being lazy.

Gessler's personal vendetta for Tell becomes just as close to Horst's own heart. Who could blame him for coming to hate the man who stands between him and the reward he so richly deserves. The hardships and humiliations Horst endures at the hands of Tell are quite remarkable, coupled with the continuous stream of abuse he receives from his master. Despite all of this Horst always shakes it off and keeps on trying with unyielding perseverance. Everyman however has his breaking point.

Unfortunately, for Horst, there is not enough room in the empire for two lieing, cheating, sneaking, dirty, double crossers of such extreme magnitude. Horst's ambition proves to be his downfall. Unsatisfied with Gessler's constant abuse and lack of recognition, Horst seizes an opportunity to betray Gessler. An opportunity, which backfires on him, and he is banished to the wasteland. You cannot keep a bad man down and so in his usual style Horst manages to backstab his way across the criminal infested wasteland and some how winds up being its prince. Free of Gessler's hold he is now free to practice his own brand of tyranny.

Nick Brimble's career as an actor encompasses an enormous body of work , both in Britain and the US. On television, among his more prominent appearances are Ivanhoe, Lock Stock...., The Final Cut, and Dempsey and Makepeace

Films include Sheena, Little John in Robin Hood: Prince of Theives, Year of the Comet, Loch Ness, Gone Fishing, The Calling and most recently A Knight's Tale. More about the actor Nick Brimble and his work, below.


Nick Brimble

Early life

Nick (for Nicholas) Brimble Height: 6' 4" (1.93 m) is one of three brothers, all actors. The other two, twins, are Ian Brimble (has a role in Crossbow as blackknight) and Vincent Brimble. Their father, Roy Brimble was an actor, which freed him in summers to travel around with and sometimes manage groups of performers. He acted with WEA and Bristol Arts Society and the sons grew up taking him through his lines and going to see him plays.

Nick was born in
Bristol, England, UK at 22 July 1944. His father was a schoolteacher, who was also a keen amateur actor, an activity in which Nick appeared in plays with him. He and his brothers also played children's parts in TV and Radio productions from Bristol.

For several summers, his father also managed the French/Czech high-wire act, the White Devils. When they toured Britain, the Brimble family travelled with them. In July 1961 he organised their blindfolded high-wire crossing of Cheddar Gorge. At the end of the season's tour of Britain, Nick travelled through France with the White Devils, helping as they set up and performed in towns as they went, and returning for the start of the autumn school term. Nick spent several happy summers travelling through Europe with them.

When Roy did TV and radio from Bristol, the three children played parts in productions such as 'Children Of The New Forest'. Nick applied to the Italia Conti stage school when he was about ten, but wasn't allowed to go. Instead, he passed his scholarship to Bristol Grammar school. In his first year, he played Miranda in a school production of The Tempest. His parents gave him a season ticket to the Bristol Old Vic where he saw every play from the age of 11 until he went to university at 18 in 1962.

Nick studied Philosophy and English Literature at the University of Sussex from 1962 to 1966. Nick graduated with a two-one degree (roughly equivalent to summa cum laude in the States) which attests to his brilliance. He taught for a while after graduation. When he began acting, it was with a group of mostly young actors who learned and evaluated each other as they performed. After leaving the University of Sussex, with degrees in Philosophy and English, he was appointed Lecturer in English and Drama at the University of Baghdad. His stay in Iraq only lasted one years, due to the political unrest there and he left at the outbreak of the Six-Day War in 1967, driving back to the UK overland in a battered mini car purchased from British tourists he had met in Baghdad. The next year he became schoolteacher in London, before deciding to try his luck as an actor.

In 1968 Brimble became Youth Theatre Organiser at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. He administered the TIE (Theatre in Education) company, which toured plays to schools in Kent. He also acted in the plays as well as driving the van and doing whatever else was necessary. At the same time he appeared in small parts for the main Marlowe Theatre Company. In 1970 Brimble and other members of the TIE company formed Actors' Circus, an independent company. The first production was Waiting for Godot at the University of Kent's Gulbenkian Theatre in which Brimble played Vladimir.

Later that year, Actors' Circus performed at London's Little Theatre Club. Brimble then went on to work at Hull Arts Centre in Richard III with Bob Hoskins, the London Theatre Group in Macbeth with Steven Berkoff, the Palace Theatre, Watford, as well as playing a small part as a villager in the 1971 Hammer film Lust for a Vampire.

From 1971 to 1973 Brimble worked at the Northcott Theatre repertory company in Exeter. He appeared in Caucasian Chalk Circle, Julius Caesar, The Tempest, Loot, Guys and Dolls, and many other plays. He played Jesus in The Cornish Passion Play.

In 1973 Brimble's television work began with Thomas Hardy's Wessex Tales, playing the part of Willowes in Barbara of the House of Grebe, with Ben Kingsley and Joanna McCallum. He had a semi-regular part in The Sweeney as well as appearing in guest roles in many television productions such as Softly Softly, Z-Cars, The Professionals, Blake's 7, Danger UXB, and Dempsey and Makepeace. During the 70's and 80's he became a regular on British television.

Brimble's film work during this time included Silver Dream Racer, Sweeney!, Who Dares Wins and Sheena.

His Television career began during this time with Ben Kingsley in Thomas Hardy's Wessex Tales for the BBC.  Television includes The Professionals, To Play the King, Skallagrigg, Doc Martin, Lock Stock, Ivanhoe, The Bill, Emmerdale, 'The Coroner, Grantchester and many others. His later films include A Knight's Tale, Loch Ness, Gone Fishin', and Soulmate.

His film work started in the 90's when Roger Corman cast him as The Monster in Frankenstein Unbound with Raul Julia, Bridget Fonda and John Hurtand, a year later, he appeared as Little John in the popular film Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, playing Little John (1991) and he also appeared on the"Robin of Sherwood" (1984) TV Series in the episode, "The Swords of Wayland." In Ivanhoe part two, three, four in 1997. Also starring in the Calling and Fortress 2 as Max Polk together with Christopher Lambert. And in Gone fishing, Casualty, Loch Ness.

He and Brian Blessed appeared together in the "Space: 1999) (1975) episode "The Metamorph" many years before appearing together in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) and Crossbow.

Since then he has continued to combine international films and British television, as well as radio drama and voice work.

See his diverse commercials: here and here

A nice showreel from Nick


 A year later he took the position of Youth Theatre Organiser at The Marlowe Theatre (Canterbury) and toured schools with plays and workshops as well as acting in the Theatre's main productions. The Theater shows of Mr Brimble you can see here: http://www.nickbrimble.co.uk/nickbrimble/theatre.asp

This lead to many years working in Theatre. During this time he played Jesus in The Cornish Passion Play at the Northcott Theatre, Exeter, and Chief Bromden in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest at the Manchester Royal Exchange as well as working for the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company and in London's West End.



A number of facts in summary

Prior to playing "Little John" in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991), he appeared in the Robin of Sherwood (1984) episode, Robin of Sherwood: The Swords of Wayland (1984).
He and Brian Blessed appeared together in the Space: 1999 (1975) episode, Space: 1999: The Metamorph (1976), many years before appearing together in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991).


Summary of imdb

When Roy did TV and radio from Bristol, the three children played parts in productions such as 'Children Of The New Forest'. Nick applied to the Italia Conti stage school when he was about ten, but wasn't allowed to go. Instead, he passed his scholarship to Bristol Grammar school, and his reward was a season ticket to Bristol Old Vic Theatre where he saw every show until he went to University in '62.

Nick graduated with a 2.1 degree (read "two-one" or Second Class Honours, Upper Division), which roughly equates to the American high 'B' range (3.0 - 3.3) as the minimum standard for entry into graduate school in England and Wales. He taught for a while after graduation. When he began acting, it was with a group of mostly young actors who learned and evaluated each other as they performed.

Nick's strong features enable him to adopt a forbidding appearance in so many of his tough-guy roles. However, he's an utterly charming, somewhat reserved gentleman with a wonderful smile and electrifying blue eyes.


Nick Brimble 2019

At the moment Mr. Brimble still does large amounts of voicework and he still does bits of TV in Granchester (at 2019)


       Crossbow photos     


A selection of Movies and series

Gone Fishing 1997



Lust for a Vampire 1971

Nick Brimble and John Kerr



Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 1991

Nick as John Little

Prior to playing "Little John" in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991), he appeared in the Robin of Sherwood (1984) episode, Robin of Sherwood: The Swords of Wayland (1984).

Beautiful shots from Robin Hood

And he was also in the Robin Hood Robin of Sherwood TV series

Robin of Sherwood (TV Series) Earl Godwin's Captain  The Swords of Wayland (1984), see below.


Below a nice picture of Crossbow's gueststars Mark Ryan and Robert Addie Also in Robin of Sherwood. And Conrad Phillips was Philip in episode The Swords of Wayland (1984)



 Dempsey and Makepeace (1985-86)

Nick Brimble as Keith Lymon  in Dempsey and Makepeace (1985-86).

Dempsey and Makepeace is a 1985 crime television series, produced by Golden Eagle Films and London Weekend Television (LWT). Starring Michael Brandon as Lt. Dempsey and Glynis Barber as Det. Sgt. Makepeace.

- The Bogeyman (1985) ... Keith Lymon

- Bird of Prey (1986) ... Keith Lymon




         Brian Coburn (in Crossbow in ep. Bounty twins) as Davros                                               The arms dealer Jimmy (Mark Ryan) aims at Dempsey in S03E05.                                   


Maclean (Anthony Dutton) in "Silver Dollar" (S02E01).


In Loch Ness 1996

Nick as Andy MacLean



Ivanhoe 1997

Reginald Front de Boeuf

- Part Four (1997) ... Reginald Front de Boeuf    - Part Three (1997) ... Reginald Front de Boeuf    - Part Two (1997) ... Reginald Front de Boeuf



A Knight´s Tale 2001

A knights tale together with crossbow guest actor Roger Ashton-Griffiths               Mr. Brimble was Sir Ector in "Knight's Tale"



Fortress 2 2000

with Nick Brimble (as Max Polk) and Chrisopher Lambert

Fortress 2: Re-Entry is a 2000 American-Luxembourgish science fiction action film directed by Geoff Murphy. It is the sequel to the 1992 film Fortress. In the film, the principal actor Christopher Lambert reprises his role as John Henry Brennick, still on the run from the MenTel Corporation. Lambert was the only original actor from Fortress.

Ten years after the events of the first film, John Brennick is somewhere in North America, still on the run from Men-Tel and living in the rural mountains. His son Danny tells him to come home immediately. When they arrive, there are three people waiting for them. They ask John to help them destroy Men-Tel's new power station, saying that the company is on the verge of collapse and "without their power, they have no power". John refuses, wanting to protect his family, so the trio leave on a boat.


 As John waves goodbye, two Men-Tel helicopters appear and John scrambles his family's escape plan. He sends Danny and Karen through an underground passage, while he leads the soldiers on a wild goose chase. The battle ends, though, with one helicopter destroyed, but Brennick's Jeep is overturned.

John is then knocked out and captured. He wakes up in a room with a disembodied voice telling him that he is in prison again and has been sentenced to death. He has been implanted with a behavior modification device which causes headaches of various intensity when prisoners enter prohibited areas. He also finds one of the men who visited him, a former Men-Tel vice president, who is now brain-damaged because of an improperly planted device. Another of John's visitors, a former soldier, is also in the jail and friends with one of the guards. Below: Christopher Lambert and right picture with Nick Brimble, also kept in prison.         


Brennick starts making enemies almost immediately. A video of Director Teller "welcomes" the new prisoners. He shows them a female prisoner receiving her death sentence, being blown out into space through an airlock. The video then shows the prisoners that their new prison is actually a space station orbiting the Earth which is used to generate power via a solar array.

Brennick tries to escape in a water-delivery shuttle but is caught and sent to "The Hole" - an exposed area of the ship where John is bombarded with solar radiation while the station faces the sun and extreme cold when its orbit takes it behind the Earth. When Men-Tel's president arrives he tries to kill John by jettisoning him without a spacesuit. John manages to hold his breath and propel himself towards another airlock and back into the prison. Due to the sudden decompression, the computerized warden, Zed, begins to malfunction and cannot perform its duties. John uses a prison gun to destroy the computer and Teller is subsequently electrocuted. John and all his friends board the Shuttle and head back to Earth, where John reunites with his family.


The Chronicles of Narnia

1988-1990 the series

Is a BBC-produced television serial that was aired from 13 November 1988 to 23 December 1990 and is based on four books of C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia series. The first series aired was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in 1988, the second series aired was Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 1989 and the third series aired was The Silver Chair in 1990. This television serial was produced by Paul Stone and teleplayed by Alan Seymour. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was directed by Marilyn Fox, while Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair were directed by Alex Kirby.


Frankenstein unbound 1990

Frankenstein Unbound is a 1990 science fiction horror film movie based on Brian Aldiss' novel of the same name, starring John Hurt, Raúl Juliá, Bridget Fonda, Jason Patric, and Nick Brimble. The film is co-written and directed by Roger Corman, returning to the director's chair after a hiatus of almost twenty years. 1990. Right picture is from the German movie "Hui Buh: Das Schlossgespenst".



Scene from a TV series called Doc Martin 2004

Gentlemen Prefer Mr. Brimble as Bruce Denham


Grantchester  2014-2019

(still working on it at febr. 2019)

                                                                                                          Grantchester Mrs Maguire and Jack



Emmerdale farm 2006

The second actor to play Terence Turner in Emmerdale, playing the role from January until the character's death in April 2006 in 26 episodes!

'Emmerdale' fans are set to see ailing Alan Turner finally reunite with his estranged son. Long-lost Terence Turner, who hasn't seen his ageing dad for more than 20 years, will appear at a Hull hostel just after Christmas.While Terence, who is played by actor Nick Brimble, is at the Salvation Army hostel he discovers Betty Eagleton, who is played by 74-year-old Paula Tilbrook, is trying to find him.The kind-hearted pensioner wants to help Terence reunite with his dad, and Terence agrees after deciding he wants to revisit his roots.Betty sets up a reunion between Terence and Alan, who is played by 73-year-old actor Richard Thorp.Although Terence and Alan are thrilled they have the chance to meet, there is trouble ahead for father and son.A soap insider is quoted in Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "It won't all be plain sailing. Terence is a troubled man with an equally troubled life."

          ep. 4251                                                                                              ep. 4319


Midsomer Murders 2011

Nick as Adam Grace

Dark Secrets



ep. “My conscience is clear” Release date:

Rob and Tyler are called to some sheltered flats to investigate a robbery.

short part



Extra photos







                       Nick, Will and jeremy at Boissets       Will's wife dancing with Guy Rolf     Horst changed from Horst into Prince of the Wasteland (third season of Crossbow)



A beautiful picture Nick Brimble shares with us. This is the woman who still is at Nick's side.


Below two other pictures from Mr. Brimble.       Nick and Georgia Lyman                         and Conrad Phillips and Nick                           






David Barry Gray

Matthew Tell the son of William Tell.

7 episodes, 1987-1989

David Barry Gray as Matthew Tell, William Tell's tempestuous son. Although he inherited his father's moral fervour and concern for the oppression of the poor, he does not share his father's sense of pacifism. He has all the restlessness and strong convictions of youth, without the caution and wisdom of age. Action is the only philosophy he understands.


His dignity and freedom are more important to him than life and with those sentiments he rushes headlong into disaster. His eagerness to show his distaste for Gessler's rule is what leads to the apple incident. The incident that tears apart his family and makes his father a legend. His subsequent disappearance becomes the subject of Tell' travels throughout the first series, which ends with Matthew's rescue. He has been kept as a companion to Prince Martin, the Emperor's young grandson, who felt sorry for Matthew's plight. During his time in the Citadel Matthew's hatred of Gessler and his need for revenge only deepens. Once reunited with his father Matthew he only talks of fighting and rebellion. In his eyes the ends justifies the means and he is not above stealing from the rich if it serves his noble endeavor.

It takes the steady hand and watchful eye of his father to calm Mattew's rage. It takes many lessons in hardship and life threatening scrapes, but Matthew finally matures and learns to follow his father's lead and think with his head not his heart. In episode 28, 'Nemesis' his heart is stolen away by Rosa (Sadie Frost) and he settles down and is never seen again. Although he was seen somewhere around 21 Jump Street. During the interview he confesed that he had a short relationship with Sadie during the recordings.


Crossbow was American actor, David Barry Gray's television debut. He subsequently received roles on the hit television series 21 Jump Street, Dream Street, and the televison series of John Grisham's The Client. Film credits include Nixon, Mr. Wonderful, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, Lawn Dogs, Blind Faith, and Dead Presidents.




The little David                                                                                             



A longtime student of acting, David Gray grew up on and around the stages of New York City. He is a Graduate of NYC’s High School of Performing Arts. He studied extensively after high school, with his prime mentor Anthony Abeson. He also attended H.B. Studios where he had the pleasure of studying with such teachers (and actors) as Herbert Bergoff, Carol Rosenfeld, Bill Hickey, and Uta Hagen. As an actor, David performed on and off Broadway. Most notable was his critically acclaimed portrayal of Rodolpho in the Tony Award Winning production of Arthur Miller’s A View From The Bridge. He has performed at Lincoln Center, The John Houseman Theater, Playwrights Horizons and many other venues in NYC. He is a company member at South Coast Repertory Theater in Orange County, California. He has appeared in several feature films working with Academy Award Winning directors Oliver Stone in Nixon, and Anthony Minghella in Mr.Wonderful, as well the feature films One Good Cop, S.F.W., Mutiny, Dead Presidents, Lawn Dogs, Cops And Robbersons, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, and Soldier Boyz. He has been a regular on three network series: Fox’s  21 Jump Street,  NBC’s  Dream Street, and NBC’s  The Client. David most recently played Todd Palin in the critically acclaimed HBO movie, Game Change.  He is thrilled to be teaching alongside his wife, and love of his life Shanelle Gray.

David grew up on and around the stages of New York City. He is a Graduate of NYC's High school of performing arts. He studied extensively after high school, with his prime mentor Anthony Abeson. He Also attended H.B. Studios where he had the pleasure of studying with such teachers (and actors) as Herbert Bergoff, Carol Rosenfeld, Bill Hickey and Uta Hagen.

As an actor, David performed on and off
broadway. Most noteable was his critically acclaimed portrayal of Rodolpho in the Tony Award-winning production of Arthur Miller's "A View From The Bridge". He has performed At Lincoln Center,The John Houseman Theater, Playwrite Horizons And many other venues in NYC. He is a company member at South Coast Reperetory theater in Orange County, California.

He has appeared in Several feature films working with academy
Winning directors Oliver Stone in "Nixon", and Anthony Minghella in Mr. Wonderful. As well as other feature films like "One Good Cop", "Mr. Wonderful", "S.F.W.", "Mutiny", "Dead Presidents", "Lawn Dogs", "Cops And Robbersons", "Why Do Fools Fall In Love", Soldier Boyz" and more... He has been a regular on three network series... Fox's - "21 Jump Street", NBC's - "Dream Street", and NBC's - "The Client", as well as many guest star appearances, and lead roles in movies of the week, and miniseries. Most recently in 2008, he completed a episode of ABC's new show, Eli Stone. This is the last thing that is mentioned in his bio. At imdb

On IMDB we see David has worked on tv until 2016. We can see he started as a producer since 2015. Nowadays he is co-owner of Children's acting school with his wife Shanelle Gray. It's called 'Gray's studio'

21 Jumpstreet 1987 -1990

Officer Dean Garrett


- Back to School (1990) ... Officer Dean Garrett - Tunnel of Love (1990) ... Officer Dean Garrett - Everyday Is Christmas (1990) ... Officer Dean Garrett


Dreamstreet 1988


Cops and Robbersons 1994

Tammie Morgan and David Barry Gray attend the premiere of 'Cops and Robbersons'

Cops & Robbersons is a American comedy film directed by Michael Ritchie, and starring Chevy Chase, Jack Palance, Dianne Wiest, and Robert Davi.

When the police discover that a mob hitman has moved in next door to the Robbersons, they want to find out what he is up to. So they set up a stakeout in the Robbersons' home. Hard-nosed, tough-as-nails Jake Stone (Jack Palance) and his young partner Tony Moore (David Barry Gray) are assigned to the stakeout, but now it's a question of whether Jake can last long enough to capture the bad guys. The Robbersons want to help and by doing so, they drive Jake crazy.






The Client 1995 1996



Soldier Boyz 1997

David is lamb


Burn Notice 2x10

"Do No Harm" 2009

- Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) & Kenny (David Barry Gray)

Michael has questions for Carla, and he wants to know who tried to blow him up. But first he goes after a group of medical scam artists who stole the life savings from a man trying to take care of his sick child. With: Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona Glenanne, Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe, Sharon Gless as Madeline Westen, Tricia Helfer as Carla, David Barry Gray as Kenny



X-Files in 2000


Roadrunners (2000) ... Hank Gulatarski


In Crossbow 1986-1988 Matthew Tell

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor david barry gray       










Personal life

David is brother-in-law of Jimmy Workman and Ariel Winter and has two daughters with a wife Shanelle Gray.




       Hans Meyer



Played Tyroll in Crossbow

72 episodes, 1987-1989, In the last adventure 1967

Hans Meyer as Tyrroll, Horst's predecessor. Gessler's first Captain of the Guard and Horst's superior is a no nonsense soldier. Unlike Horst or Gessler he does have some pangs of conscience, slight though they may be. 

Inspite of his disgust with Gessler's over zealous pursuit of Tell, Tyrroll obeys his orders to the letter. Burning and pillaging the province into bankruptcy on his masters orders.

Only leaving the occasional upstart alive, much to Gessler's disgust, he performs his duties well. He has however one fatal flaw for a man who works for gessler. He is a man of honour and keeps his word regardless of orders a flaw that will ultimately leave his post open for the ever ready Horst. Hans Meyer's multilingual career includes the films Barry Lyndon, Inside the Third Reich, Red Sonja, The French Revolution, Double Team and K.



Hans Meyer was born into a German farming family on 21 July 1925 in Paulpietersburg, South Africa, and spent his childhood in Natal/Zululand Province. Upon completing schooling he became a farmer, but after a few years he decided to leave that life and travel to England.

While in England, Hans inspired Sydney Jordan, creator of the acclaimed Daily Express newspaper science fiction comic strip "Jeff Hawke" to model his comic's hero on Hans! This is regarded as one of the most important science fiction comics ever created, and was published between 1955 - 1974.

Hans also modeled for "photo novels" (a popular form of romance novels) in Europe, and became a well known advertising model for several products including Terry Cognac in Spain, where he is still known as "Senor Cognac". A friend in Germany who was working in an advertising agency saw potential in his handsome friend and arranged for Hans to have his first acting job, in a television advertising campaign for Pushkin Vodka. His acting debut was such a success that this vodka quickly became the best sellling vodka in Germany and Hans became one of the best known faces in Germany!

Hans Meyer was born into a German farming family on 21 July 1925 in Paulpietersburg, South Africa, and spent his childhood in Natal/Zululand Province. Upon completing schooling he became a farmer, but after a few years he decided to leave that life and travel to England.

While in England, Hans inspired Sydney Jordan, creator of the acclaimed Daily Express newspaper science fiction comic strip "Jeff Hawke" to model his comic's hero on Hans! This is regarded as one of the most important science fiction comics ever created, and was published between 1955 - 1974.



Hans also modeled for "photo novels" (a popular form of romance novels) in Europe, and became a well known advertising model for several products including Terry Cognac in Spain, where he is still known as "Senor Cognac". A friend in Germany who was working in an advertising agency saw potential in his handsome friend and arranged for Hans to have his first acting job, in a television advertising campaign for Pushkin Vodka. His acting debut was such a success that this vodka quickly became the best sellling vodka in Germany and Hans became one of the best known faces in Germany!

Because of this success with his first appearance before a camera, Hans was offered the leading role in a Spanish film, "Culpable Para un Delito". This new career as an actor appealed to Hans, but he realized he needed to study acting to develop his talents if he was to achieve further success. He decided to study with the great French film director, Claude Chabrol, in Paris. Within a few years Hans was part of the popular "Nouvelle Vague - New Wave" film genre developed in France between 1958 - 1973, appearing in a succession of films directed by some of the greatest directors of that era, and acting alongside most of the popular actors of the day: Godard/Belmondo & Karina (1965), Oury & Korber/ de Funes (1966 & 1971), Enrico/Delon (1967), deBroca/Belmondo (1973).

When BBC Television was searching for European actors for the German roles in its groundbreaking television series "Colditz" in 1972, Hans joined the cast of this series and became one of its most popular cast members. In 1973 Hans starred in a BBC television series production of "Heidi", as "Grandfather". Although young at 48 for the part, his creative talent brought the role to life and this version of the classic children's story remains the most charming of the many created over the years.

In 1978 Martin Chomsky directed the renowned television series "Holocaust" and cast Hans in the role of Ernst Kaltenbrunner. Hans impressed Chomsky with his portrayal of Kaltenbrunner, and Chomsky again cast Hans as Kaltenbrunner in his 1982 "Inside the Third Reich."


In 1960 Hans connected with the gifted young director Leos Carax, for his short film "Strangulation Blues". This led to two further associations with Carax, "Boy Meets Girl" (1984) and "Mauvais Sang" (1986).

In 1987 Hans co-starred in the popular television series "Crossbow", based on the Swiss tales of William Tell. Hans portrayed "Tyroll" with a touching combination of menace and pathos. In 1989 Hans began what would become an ongoing collaboration with talented, young, upcoming directors in the field of Short Films, starring in "Celeri Remoulade". He went on to star in a long list of films in this genre that continues to this day, including "John" (1992), "un Cuilleree pour Papa" (1992), "Entre les Vagues" (1997), "Morteterre" (2002), "Baptiste" (2003), "Sentence Finale" (2006), "Piscine du Maman" (2007), and "Fin du Bal" (2007).

Hans admits his very first love of acting focused on the theatre, and while his life's work took another direction he has "tread the boards" in several theatre productions including "Juin '40" (19??), Theatre le Lucernaire, Paris...."Fragments Nocturnes, Tapages Faciles" (1999), Theatre Essaion, Paris.....and "Phedre et Hippolyte" (2001), National Festival at Bellac, France.

(NOTE: this career synopsis covers only a small portion of Hans' long list of film, television, and theatre credits! Please refer to the IMDB for complete list)

Take a look on the fansite made by Jeen Ruette.

Terry Cognac 1960s

Magazine/Newspaper advertising, Spain.

Coplan Sauve sa Peau 1968

Director, Yves Boisset, Hans: Hugo

   Cannon for Cordoba 1970

Director, Paul Wendkos, Hans: Svedborg


CRUEL 2010

Modelling                                                         Director, Eric Cherriere, Hans: Le Libraire         



At the moment (jan 2019) he lives in Paris, his health is fragile.





Hans Meyer (born 21 July 1925, Paulpietersburg KwaZulu) is a South African actor born to German parents. In Britain, he is probably best known for his portrayal of Hauptmann Franz Ulmann in the television series Colditz (1972–74).

His family were German farmers in Natal and Zululand. Originally a farmer, Meyer decided to move to Europe in the early 1960s. He worked initially as a model where he posed for book covers until a friend in Germany working for an advertising agency lined up his first work as an actor, a television advert for Puschkin Vodka. The brand became Germany's best selling vodka and Meyer became known as "Frank S. Thorn" The Puschkin Man and a familiar face. His acting career took off and he appeared in many television series and movies including Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon (1975).

Since then, he has appeared in Steven Spielberg and George Lucas's The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles as well as the French cult movie Brotherhood of the Wolf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Meyer_(actor)


 Hans Meyer's film, television, and theatre credits span over sixty years! The most complete and accurate listing of all Hans' career data is on the InternetMovieDataBase.

On the fansite of Jeen Ruette you can watch all kind of Youtube video's so you can watch Hans in different roles!




Shots of Crossbow








Conrad Phillips - Stefan

Conrad Phillips as Stefan, Tell's old friend and comrade-in-arms. In his search for Matthew, William Tell runs into his old friend Stefan. They fought together in the border wars when Tell was a mercenary and tell saved Stefan's life. The bond between them is a strong one and they have eachother's trust. We first find Stefan as the leader of a ragtag group of outlaws and rebels in the mountains. Their activities include undermining Gessler's authority and relieving him of his gold. A widower with one daughter, Eleanor, whom he has raised like a son, Stefan has done his best to make a life for himself and his daughter, but it is a life of constant and unpredictable change.

Unlike many of tell's old mercenary companions, Stefan is a good man with a strong and commanding presence. A great deal older than tell, he still has all the vigour of youth and can ride fight and scale walls with the best of them. He is very proud of his daughter and the two of them are very close. Stefan's kind and generous heart and keen sense of humour make him a very easy friend. Stefan accompanies Tell on his adventures during the first two series. He is always a loyal and trustworthy friend to Tell. Stefan stays with him longer than anyone else and never lets Tell down. He has very idealistic views and hopes to one day see his dreams of a free world take fuition and will take any chance in order to see them through.


This is not the first time Conrad Phillips has appeared on television in a series about William Tell. In 1958 Phillips starred as Tell himself in The Adventures of William Tell, where he wore the same sheep skin tunic he wears in Crossbow. A veteran of the English stage and screen with countless credits to his name he has become a familiar face on British television with guest appearances on shows like The prisoner, Fawlty Towers, and Robin of Sherwood and had a stint on Emmerdale Farms. Among his more prominent film credits are the Powell and Pressberger film The Battle of the River Plate, Stranger's meeting, Murder She Said (a Miss Marple film), and Impact!, which he also wrote.

He returned to the story of William Tell for Crossbow (1987-88) in which he played Stefan, the protagonist’s mentor. “Stefan was a much older and grizzled character,” Phillips recalled. “I had far more action in my series but I enjoyed the challenge [of being] an arthritic warrior.” (the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art).






A Game of Murder 1966

Directed by Alan Bromly TV Mini-series, Crime. United Kingdom, 1966





The prisoner 1967


The General (1967) ... Doctor




Fawlty Towers 1975


The Wedding Party (1975) ... Mr. Lloyd

Fawlty Towers is a British television sitcom broadcast on BBC2 in 1975 and 1979. Just two series of six episodes each were made. The show was created and written by John Cleese and Connie Booth, who also starred in the show and were married at the time of the first series, but divorced before recording the second series. The show was ranked first on a list of the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes drawn up by the British Film Institute in 2000.

The series is set in Fawlty Towers, a fictional hotel in the seaside town of Torquay on the "English Riviera". The plots centre on the tense, rude and put-upon owner Basil Fawlty (Cleese), his bossy wife Sybil (Prunella Scales), the sensible chambermaid Polly (Booth) who often is the peacemaker and voice of reason, and the hapless and English-challenged Spanish waiter Manuel (Andrew Sachs), showing their attempts to run the hotel amidst farcical situations and an array of demanding and eccentric guests and tradespeople.

                                                                      Diana King and Conrad Phillips in Fawlty Towers 





The Avengers 1965


Silent Dust (1965) ... Mellors




The Queen's Traitor  1967


Campbell Logan





Heidi tv mini series 1974

Episode #1.2 (1974) ... Pastor






 Robin of Sherwood 1984


Conrad Phillips was Philip in episode The Swords of Wayland (1984)



Emmerdale Farm 1981-1988


Conrad Phillips was an English actor who played Christopher Meadows in Emmerdale Farm inbetween 1981 and 1988





The return of the Sherlock Holmes 1986


The Abbey Grange (1986) ... Sir Eustace Brackenstall


The Abbey Grange is the 5th episode of season 3 of the Granada series: Sherlock Holmes (The Return of Sherlock Holmes), starring Jeremy Brett (Holmes) and Edward Hardwicke (Watson), aired on 6 august 1986 on Granada TV, 51 min.


Conrad Phillips plays the simple role of Sir Eustace, but it is really Anne-Louise Lambert who gives him his humanity.  Sir Eustace is a drunkard for the most part, and pretty abusive to his wife, smacking her around on several occasions.  When Captain Croker enters the picture expressing concern for Sir Eustace’s wife, there is a confrontation and Eustace is killed.




Conrad's visit to Swiss

Phillips travelled to Switzerland for the first time at the invitation of swissinfo, to visit the places where the Tell legend unfolded.The 39-part series, The Adventures of William Tell, first aired on British television in 1958 and 1959.
The key scenes from the Tell legend are shown in the very first episode.     Brittish William Tell meets the Swiss.

Yet the man millions of people around the world knew as the Swiss hero was actually British. At the invitation of swissinfo, Conrad Phillips has just paid his first visit to Switzerland.

The 79-year-old actor says he is still getting fan mail even though it has been nearly 50 years since he played the starring role in the British television series, “The Adventures of William Tell” (see video and audio).What he could not have realised when he



Took aim at the apple on his son’s head was that his shot would be seen round the world, thanks to rebroadcasting deals with television stations in many different countries. “Even behind the Iron Curtain,” Phillips states proudly as he catches his first glimpse of the alpine scenery in central Switzerland, the setting for the Tell legend. The actor says he would have liked some of the scenes to have been shot on location, but the producer at the time “thought a rock was a rock”, so to save money the mountains of Snowdonia in northern Wales stood in for the Swiss Alps."There must have been a William Tell! "  Thomas Christen, Tell museum.  Larger-than-life. The Adventures of William Tell was a children’s show, and it had a cast of larger-than-life characters, led by Tell and the evil Austrian governor, Gessler. Gessler is an overweight arch villain - a comic fool with a mean streak and the forerunner of the “bad guy” type found in many later action series and films. Now, nearly 50 years later, Phillips finds himself confronted with an equally eccentric cast of characters - on location in Switzerland. Convinced they alone know the truth about Tell, these guardians of the legend at times use outlandish gestures and admonishing tones to get their point across. “There must have been a William Tell!” insists Thomas Christen of the Tell museum in Bürglen, the village said to be the birthplace of the crossbow-toting avenger.


“This is where Tell ambushed Gessler!” shouts Hans Grossrieder, the secretary of the strip of forest known as the Hohle Gasse.
Phillips, still the consummate actor, grants them the undivided attention they feel they and the story deserve.

Tell today " I feel slightly humbled by the weight of history. "
Conrad Phillips He is, however, rather surprised by the mild manners of Thomas Gisler - the amateur actor who is playing Tell this summer at the Tell playhouse in Altdorf, the town where the Schiller production was first performed in 1895. As Phillips learns, Gisler is a rare breed, refusing to lavish the usual praise on the legendary figure.

Still, Phillips says, “we tried in our television show to put over simple truths of honesty, integrity and loyalty, all personified in William Tell.
“[Being here] I feel slightly humbled by the weight of history, the weight of the legend and the fact that one contributed in a small way in keeping the idea alive, even in an entertainment form,” he reflects.
“I felt some value in that because it kept alive the whole concept of what Tell was about, and what Switzerland was about.”
swissinfo, Dale Bechtel in Altdorf

After William Tell, Conrad Phillips went on to perform in numerous TV, stage and film productions.
In the 1980s he had a supporting role in “Crossbow”, a French production loosely based on the Tell legend.

He is survived by his second wife, Jennie Slatter, whom he married in 1968, their two daughters, Kate and Sarah, and two grandchildren, Alice and Leo.

 The picture below is with his first wife  Jean Moir, a fellow student at Rada, in 1949, ended in divorce. – and his son Patrick who died in 1982.

Conrad Phillip’s marriage to Jean Moir, a fellow student at Rada, in 1949, ended in divorce. Their son, Patrick, died in 1982. His second wife was  Jennie Slatter, whom he married in 1968, and had two daughters, Kate and Sarah. He also had two grandchildren, Alice and Leo.

Actor Conrad Phillips, who gained fame in the 1950s as the star of The Adventures of William Tell, has revealed his swashbuckling adventures nearly cost him his life in his Autobiography titled Aiming True.

The book begins in the late 1930s when he joined the Navy aged 17 in the Second World War and goes on to follow his career as an actor.

He said it was tough to be an actor as a family man because he did not always get a regular pay packet, and he often had to be away from home, but playing William Tell in the black and white television series that ran for 39 episodes was a big thrill.

He said: “It was an adventure every week, I had sword fights, knife fights and fist fights every week and we were always up against time to shoot the film.

“I did the last episode from a wheelchair. During the first shot I came out and jumped and broke my ankle.

“I was sword fighting from a wheelchair and someone else did the long shots.”

However, that wasn’t the only danger the father-of-two faced while filming for the show.

Mr Phillips recalled: “Once I was sitting on a horse being hanged with my hands tied behind my back when the clapper board snapped shut.

“The moment the horse heard the noise, it reared up.

“I just got my hands free to swing onto the scaffolding, otherwise I would have been hanged.”

Mr Phillips, who wrote his autobiography while living in Normandy for 20 years with his wife Jennie, hopes to inspire young actors. He will give a talk to the Chippenham Youth Theatre on April 23.

His nine-year-old granddaughter, Alice Atkinson, is a member of the theatre group.

Mr Phillips said: “I had a very humble background and eventually became the star for a television series which was sold all over the world. “From humble beginnings you can make anything work.


What a wonderful photo! Jenny with Conrad and their two daugthers during their 'adventure' in Scotland


Conrad Phillips (Conrad Philip Havord is born 13 april 1925 and died 13 January 2016 at the age of 90).

Conrad, became a familiar face on television in the late 1950s when he starred in the title role of The Adventures of William Tell.

Period tales of derring-do were a staple of the early evening television of the time and when The Adventures of Robin Hood (starring Richard Greene) wound down at the end of the 1950s, Phillips began to perform a similar “swashbuckling” role. As the 14th-century Swiss folk hero (though speaking his lines in crisp English RP), he wielded a crossbow against the occupying forces of Emperor Rudolph of Austria in 39 episodes of the ITC series.

While shooting in Snowdonia, each day’s rushes would be screened at the only cinema nearby, at the village of Llanberis. Phillips did much of his own stunt work in the mountains and suffered several injuries.

The show was sold throughout the world, even, to Phillips’s surprise, behind the Iron Curtain: “I think there was the association with the wartime resistance that still lingered on. It was an easy concept for people to understand: the occupation by Austria in the case of William Tell, and the occupation of most of Europe by the Nazis.”

He was born Conrad Philip Havord on April 13 1925 in south London. His father, Horace Havord, was a journalist on The Sunday Express who also wrote mystery novels under the nom de plume Conrad Phillips. He later suggested it to his son as a stage name.

Phillips attended St John’s Bowyer School in Clapham, South London. He served as an able seaman manning a gun on landing craft. He worked for an insurance company, and forged his birth date on his ration book so that he could join the Royal Navy at the age of 17.


In three years of service during the Second World War he saw action in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and the North Sea and survived the mining of a landing craft. Invalided out of the service in 1945He called himself 'Bill' in the navy because his shipmates kept ridiculing the name Conrad. His name wasn't changed to 'Phillips' until he started acting.

He enrolled at Rada on a ex-serviceman’s grant. “My audition was, to say the least, committed,” he said. “I threw myself around the stage with passion and secured a place as a student for two years.” His fencing lessons at Rada would later come in useful while filming The Adventures of William Tell.

During the 1950s he alternated theatre work with television and film roles, including an appearance alongside Peter Finch in Powell and Pressburger’s The Battle of the River Plate, before winning the part of William Tell.

After the series ended Phillips and Peter Maxwell, one of the programme’s directors, formed Arriba Productions and worked together on the B-movie Impact (1963), about a crime reporter framed for a robbery. Maxwell directed while Phillips starred as the wronged man.


He met his wife, Jennie, in April 1968. In January 1972 they set about restoring a Scottish hill farm called Skeoch.Conrad married his second wife, Jennie, in July 1968 and they are still together and now living in Chippenham, Wiltshire. Before that they bought and ran a dilapidated Scottish hill farm called Skeoch. Jennie has written a book about the time there and this is on sale in both paperback and ebook formats. After Skeoch, they moved to France and spent 20 years restoring an old French barn.

Throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s he continued to appear on stage, including a run with the ENO at the Coliseum, on the small screen (Fawlty Towers, Heidi, Callan), and in cinema. By the mid-1970s he was balancing an acting career with the management of a hill farm in Scotland

 During the 1960s and 1970s, he worked in theatre, television and films – it was to be his busiest period as an actor. And in the 1980s Phillips’s credits included The Return of Sherlock Holmes; Emmerdale; Howard’s Way and Hannay.

He returned to the story of William Tell for Crossbow (1987-88) in which he played Stefan, the protagonist’s mentor. “Stefan was a much older and grizzled character,” Phillips recalled. “I had far more action in my series but I enjoyed the challenge [of being] an arthritic warrior.”

He retired from acting in the early 1990s and in later life lived in Chippenham, Wiltshire. In 2013 he published his memoirs, Aiming True (2013). “I’ve had quite a bouncy life,” he wrote.

In 1949 Phillips married Jean Moir, who also studied at Rada. The marriage was later dissolved and in 1968 he married, secondly, Jennie Slatter, who survives him with their two daughters. A son from his first marriage predeceased him. source

Both Conrad and Jennie are authors. Here's the blog of his wife Jennie.  They finally lived in
Chippenham, Wiltshire. Phillips released his autobiography, Aiming True, in 2013


Crossbow photos















                                 Behind the scenes with Jean-Marc Vasseur.            Behind the scenes with Guy Rolfe        Conrad did much of his own stuntwork                        





15th January 2015


 Among his notable TV roles was as Mr Lloyd in the 1975 Wedding Party episode of Fawlty Towers, playing the father of a family that hotelier Basil (John Cleese) mistakenly believes to be a wife-swapping group involving maid Polly. 


Who performed many of his own stunts – which left him with a broken ankle, torn ligaments and a scar on his right shoulder from a wound inflicted during a sword fight. Serious injuries to his knees . Severe back pain, and replacement hip that brought a premature end  to his acting career in 1991 when he was in the 60's .


 William Tell, the programme was also notable for its theme song, based on Rossini’s William Tell Overture, with lyrics by Harold Purcell. 

An accident on the set of The Adventures Of William Tell, which saw him fall down a 12-foot drop and injure his knee and a broken ankle, meant he filmed the final episode from a wheelchair.

 The accident contributed towards the severe back pain,


Towards the end of his career, he would play Stefan, William Tell's mentor, in Crossbow, a 1987 updated version of the Swiss folk tale, that included guest appearances from Brian Blessed and Roger Daltrey. 

He is survived by wife Jennie, daughters Kate and Sarah and died January 13th 2016 and aged 90.




They both brought out their own biography.



By the mid-1970s he was balancing an acting career with the management of a hill farm in Scotland.

In 1972, Phillips bought a hill farm in south-west Scotland (Skeoch bio see above) and ran it for six years while continuing to take television roles. Among these was an episode of Fawlty Towers (1975) as Mr Lloyd, one of a group of wedding guests staying at the hotel: John Cleese as the puritanical Basil Fawlty so completely misreads the warm exchanges between family members and friends that at one point he tells Mr Lloyd to leave. However, with two young children to bring up, Phillips found the farm to be a rather isolated location, so he moved to Wiltshire – first Lacock, then Chippenham.


                                                            A little personal note


About Jennie Phillips


Jennie Phillips lived her early life in London before moving to Skeoch and then emigrated from there to Northern France where she and her actor husband, Conrad, set about restoring a dilapidated farmhouse. This was all despite neither of them speaking French. After 20 years spent in France, she now lives in Wiltshire where, apart from writing, she also sells paintings (mostly landscapes), plays music, knits (including copious numbers of sweaters for her grandchildren) and cooks.


Among Jennie’s favourite authors are Maureen Lipman, Derek Tangey and Ken Follett and she particularly likes reading about the emotional lives of people and poetry.


Jennie has also written the prequel to Skeoch called ‘A Bolt For Freedom’ and you can also read Conrad’s fascinating autobiography called ‘Aiming True’.


Her particular and heartfelt thanks go out to her family and her husband, Conrad. for all their support and encouragement towards writing Skeoch.


All available on Amazon. Skeoch is also available in paperback, all the others e-books. A Barn in Normandy will also be paperback - but all will be in Amazon and all available in Kindle. A Bolt for Freedom is a prequel to Skeoch. Isle of Dreams is a novel. Con's autobiography Aiming True is also available but as e-book only.



Dana Barron


6 episodes, 1987-1989

She played Eleanor, the daughter of Tell's friend Stefan. She played in the first season.


                                                                                       Below Dana Barron and her sister, both actresses





About Eleanor

Dana Barron as Eleanor, Stefan's tom-boyish daughter. Having grown up without a mother, Eleanor learned to fight, ride, swim, and hunt just like her old man. Surrounded by her Father's rebel friends, she has learned to be careful of strangers and is always ready to defend herself. When she first meets Tell she over powers him and takes him prisoner, unaware of who he is. She's the best scout around or so her father boasts, and she has proved it by the amount of times she's managed to track Tell down


She and her father accompany Tell in the search for Matthew in the first series and more than pulls her wait in the search, she's never shy with her actions or her opinions. She can take care of herself and everyone else, frequently acting on her own initiative. At one point she even manages to rescue Tell from Gaston.


Though she is constantly in the company of men and performs tasks thought to be reserved predominantly for men, there is nothing masculine about her. She is a beauty and her scouting skills are enhances by her swift and graceful movements, never lumbering. She is most at ease in trousers and and riding boots and is only once seen in a dress, but she wears it well. She has a gentle and sweet temperament when she is not on her guard, but watch out, when she feels threatened. She'll speak her mind and then some. A terrific role model growing up for us tom-boys. Sadly she stayed for the first series and was seen no more.


About Dana

Dana Barron was born on April 22, 1966 in New York City, New York, USA. She is an actress and producerDana Barron, began her career as a child actress and is best known as the original Audrey Griswold in National Lampoon's Vacation. Her work in television includes a stint on One Life To Live, Babylon 5, Beverly Hills 90210, and The Magnificent Seven. Among her films are He Knows You're Alone, Heartbreak Hotel, City of Industry, Man in the Iron Mask II, Python, Roomies, The Perfect Nanny,  Happythankyoumoreplease (2010)and Snowbride 2013.

Her mother is stage actress Joyce McCord. She is older sister of Allison Barron. She studied sculpture at The Art Students League of New York. She is together with writer/director/producer Michael Vickerman and they have a son, Taylor.





Dana Barron (born April 22, 1966) is an American actress who has starred in film and on television. Barron is best known for her role as the original Audrey Griswold in the 1983 film National Lampoon's Vacation which she reprised in 2003's Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure for NBC television.

 Barron was born in New York City, New York, the daughter of Joyce McCord, a stage actress, and Robert Barron, a commercial director and former child actor. She has a sister named Allison

Barron appeared on the soap opera One Life to Live from 1984–1985 as Michelle Boudin. She starred in the 1998 TV series The Magnificent Seven as Casey. She had a recurring role as Nikki Witt on the Fox series Beverly Hills, 90210, for which she won the Youth in Film Award for as best recurring actress.

Barron has made guest appearances on TV shows including The Equalizer, In the Heat of the Night, Murder, She Wrote, and Babylon 5 as a telepath named Lauren Ashley in the Season 5 episode "The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father".

Personal life: Barron is married to writer/director Michael Vickerman, and they have a son, Taylor



Dana Barron was born in New York City into a well known and respected theatrical family.  Her grandmother, Marion Weeks, was the first person to sing in ‘talkies’ directed by Thomas Edison.  Marion’s sister, also a vaudevillian, won local acclaim for her performance in “Monsieur Verdeaux”, a Charlie Chaplin film.. Her grandfather was an opera singer.


Dana’s father, Robert Barron, followed his
mother’s passion for the theatre and after a successful career as an actor and director opened the world’s first school for commercial and soap opera acting.  The Weist-Barron School of Television has been in business for over fifty years with at one time eleven locations throughout the United States.

National Lampoons Vacation                                                                      Dana and her family




Confident of her hereditary skills, without a single acting lesson, Dana auditioned for, and got, a part in the film, ‘He Knows You’re Alone’ opposite another first time actor, Tom Hanks.  This lead to a role in the Broadway play, ‘Hide & Seek’ starring Elizabeth Ashley.  Dana had become the fifth successive generation as a performer in her theatrical family and by the turn of the century she completed over seventy film and television projects.  


Why They Got A New Audrey For National Lampoon's "Vacation" Interview with Michael Yo Michael Yo caught up with Dana Barron, the actress who played Audrey in National Lampoon's Vacation


Michael Yo interviews Dana Barron about Vacation



Dana attended the Hunter School for eight years, and after graduating, she attended New York University’s Stern School of Business from where she graduated with distinction, majoring in business marketing. In 2005, she received her Associates degree/ certification in Early Childhood Education from Santa Monica College. She also did a restaurant management course at the New York University.

Some Non-Acting Business Experience:
At age twenty-two Dana attended a restaurant management course at NYU and with several other students from the business school opened and managed a restaurant (Chumley’s ) in Greenwich Village.  After seven years, the last three of which Dana spent in Los Angeles pursuing her acting career, it became evident her partners were something less than honest (addictions) and the business relationship was dissolved. 

When in New York, Dana is a part-time teacher at the New York City Zoo & the Natural History Museum

Charity Business:
One of Dana’s greatest passions is her charity various work.  Despite her busy schedule, Dana for the last nineteen years has been a teacher and volunteer for United In Harmony - an organization that provides a summer camp for homeless and under privileged children.  In the year 2000 Dana, along with Pierce Brosnan and Jane Seymour, became a founding member of ‘Children Uniting Nations’ – an organization that holds a mentoring event (International Day of the Child) for two thousand foster children.



Some nice anekdotes taken from the interview, click here to read our interview with Dana

What was the influence of Crossbow on your further career?

It definitely helped when I got the television series Magnificent Seven, because I already rode horses and fought. I rode horses in Magnificent Seven.  I had to do a lot of roping and tricks on horses. Also I loved to fight with the wooden staff, I didn’t learn that with martial arts. I know with kung fu they teach the staff work (episode 5 Reunion). My son is learning the staff work now and he is getting quite good. I had to learn everything there. As I watch it back, I think now I thought that I was really good back then. But when I see experts, I’m really very slow.


Which episode do you especially like?

The Reunion, when I see William for the first time. The one with the quarter staff. It’s a lot of fun, I enjoy the action and learning how to do that. There was one episode where there was a scene with people that were trying to hurt me with the sword. And I have a certain routine. Like I said I was my own stunt person. And I forgot the routine and I remember that moment looking at the guy when I was literally dodging for my life. He was coming at me and I love watching that scene, cause I can see the look in my eyes, like Oh my gosh, what do I have to do? And then I dive… it is very much fun knowing what I was thinking at that time when I almost was chopped…. There was a lot of danger in stunts, but I felt confident, doing those martial arts for many years back then. I’m glad I did it. It made the series much more important to me.


Would you like to do such a role as in Crossbow again?

Anytime! It was one of my favorite experiences ever and I love New York, my home. It was the first time I remember flying on the airplane crying that I had to go back. I had such a wonderful time with the cast and the crew, and such a wonderful role. To be able to work in castles and such history, and I created bonds and friends that do, 30 years later, still exist.

People ask me what are my favorite characters, I’ve done 80 roles at least, and the role in Crossbow is one of my top three.


What are the things you have in common with Eleanor?

Well, obviously: adventure. She’s very adventurous, she is not a girly-girl. I’m very tiny, I don’t dress masculine, I’m definitely someone who likes being outdoors and being athletic, more then painting your nails. I share with Eleonor the wild-child spirit


Do you miss France?

I lived in London for a while, and now that I have a youngster, I planned to take him back to Paris, we were gonna go last year, but the trip had to be cancelled. But definitedly, cause I do speak French to him, and he wants to go, because he wants to taste the incredibele European foods, bread and cheese and everything I keep telling him about. And also, I almost moved to Cannes at one point. Although I like the Paris – Lyon area better, Cannes is really beautiful, but I don’t know If it would be my first choice. Because of the back and forth travelling, I eventually decided not to move. It was the first time I was outside New York for a long period of time, and being around such incredible actors as Jeremy Clyde, with whom I have been in contact for quite some time afterwards. It was a special time, I think for most people. Being around, at my age, fun crew, fun actors, magical place, historical place… Working with horses, working with swords, it was a dream all.


Producing Business:
Dana won an Emmy for best actor on a project for Symphony Pictures, ‘No Means No’.  Symphony Pictures is an independent film company co-founded by Martin Sheen. In pursuit of her ambition to develop and make films Dana joined Symphony Pictures as Director of Development and Co-produced her first film for Lifetime called, “Seduced By A Thief” starring Sean Young.  In 2002, Dana became an executive producer for National Lampoon and produced several projects for their television network.  Her biggest project was a co-production between Symphony Pictures and National Lampoon called, “Pucked,” starring: Jon Bon Jovi & David Faustino.


In 2006 her biggest dream was realized by the birth of her son, Taylor Barron Vickerman.  Kind-hearted, altruistic yet wonderfully cheeky Dana (along with Michael Vickerman (writer/prod/director – Long term relationship) could not be prouder of their son.  Although Dana has slowed down in acting ‘just a tad’ Dana has still has appeared in several projects – including, ‘HAPPY THANK YOU MORE PLEASE’ that won the 2010 Sundance Audience award, Hallmark’s ‘NAUGHTY OR NICE’ that was the highest rated cable movie of 2012 and Dean Devlin’s LEVERAGE (starring Timothy Hutton).  Dana’s latest project, ‘SNOW BRIDE’ is released on the Hallmark channel in Nov/Dec 2013. (source Dana Barron website)


The future is the future, I don’t know. I have recently invested in a health food restaurant, which is very important to me. They talked about doing a National Lampoons Vacation night,  so that fans come and greet 
me at the restaurant. I really believe in health food. We are working with Ellen De Generes her chef. He is her personal chef in vegan food. Elovate is the name, easy to find on the web if you are interested. 
http://www.elovatekitchen.com/  It’s a special place now for me. Other things I do is that I am a mother, he’s almost 10 now. And I am on real estate.