The Interview with Melinda Mullins


                                     Held in October 2018.

                               First Blade’s story:


She and Roland live in (Tell’s hometown) Clermont (chateau Epierre)

Some day the landlord put a pole with a hat on top at each central point of the village. The Emperor wants the people to show their loyalty to him. They must obey.  Matthew doesn’t want to bow for the hat of the Emperor and is arrested. Also is Tell, who defends his son. Then the village wants to know what happened to Tell and his son. Blade and Roland try to resist until  the end and keep standing there hand in hand against the force majeure of soldiers. But Gessler sent so many soldiers they can’t fight and the village will be destroyed soon. The survivors are arrested and taken to the same prison Tell is in (chateau Miolans). Tell is imprisoned in solitary. Tell finally escapes by kidnapping his doctor who has to keep him for one other day alive so Gessler can hang him next day.    


Free, he shoots the key through the window to free Blade, Roland and other villagers. Blade and Roland meet again in episode 4: ‚the Scarvengers.‘ Roland has plans to create a small army to fight against the corrupt empire. (The emperor took Roland’s family farm). Roland, Blade and Tell meet again Tell in the forest during a campfire and they spend the night there. At night they are robbed by children. They find out the reason why the kids are stealing and they offer to help. At the end of this episode they say goodbye to Tell and Roland remembers Tell he can’t put his back to the revolution. 

Then 5 episodes later (episode 9 The Bet) they meet again. Tell goes to Ursen to join the archery match. The shooters are incognito and carry bird masks, Tell needs the money and  asks the landlord to join his team. Gessler gets suspiscious by the great shots and wants to reveal the marksman.  At episode 11 The Imposter and episode 12 The Pass they meet again.


Gaston makes a deal with Blade and Roland but later Gaston changes his mind. Gaston heard Roland stole Tell’s name to make his own army ready against the emperor. Then Roland is confronted by Tell himself.

Blade doesn’t survive episode 12 and her compagnon Roland either.


Blade got role in episodes:  1 the Banquet,  2 The Prisoner,  4. The Scarvengers    9. The Bet   11. The imposter  and 12. The Pass.



1. When did you realize you wanted to become an actress?

When I saw Hamlet performed at Stratford on Avon when I was 8 years old...or possibly even before that when my mother took me to the Comédie Française (the cheap seats) when I was 6.


2. How did you first come involved with Crossbow?

Just good fortune. It was my first real job when I got out of Juilliard and I think I got the part because I knew how to ride horseback and I speak French.




3. Did you enjoy playing the role of Blade and do you have something in common with her?

Oh yes, I’m a revolutionary from way back!


4. Was it possible for you to influence your role of Blade: e.g. improvise?

I can’t remember; but I think I wouldn’t have dared to attempt to change the words...


5. What do you like or dislike about your role?

 I disliked that I had to ask to have myself killed off! I would’ve like to continue! But my mother was dying of cancer back in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was VERY young and I loved her more than I can say. So...when she got very bad, I asked the producers to “kill Blade” and I took the Concorde back to the US.


6. How was it to be in a partly French production and in France?  

Good. I speak French. I’ve been bilingual since I was 6 and I live in France now and have for the past 10 years.


  7. You and Roland do almost have all the scenes together. Did you develop a special bond?

I don’t think we got along all that well! Are personalities were VERY different! Plus which, my mother being sick had a rather strange effect on me...I didn’t take too many things seriously (other than her illness) And I think Val was or is a very serious and dedicated fellow.  


8.   Locations: As far as we know you have been on several beautiful locations. Do you remember them?

 I do remember them and that is one of the many beauties of France (at least as compared with the US): they take good care of their heritage sites and there is a great appreciation of history.  


9.   How was working together with Brian Blessed (Gaston), Will Lyman (Tell), Valentine Pelka (Roland), Dana Barron (Eleanor) and Conrad Phillips (Stefan)  

All great people! My favourite was Brian Blessed and I re-watch Kenneth Brannagh’s Hamlet rather often and enjoy catching a glimpse of Brian.


 10.   Do you have anekdotes or nice memories to share with us?

I guess I mostly remember the French equestrian crew allowing me to ride one of those beautiful Fresian horses bareback during a break from shooting! And I remember the long lunches...with wine! And I remember that the cave where we were shooting on the day of my “death” was filled with straw (for atmosphere?) and that I got my very first attack of hay fever! It was awful!


11. Did Crossbow somehow influence your life? Is there something important you have learned or experienced and are taking with you?

Crossbow came at a very interesting juncture of my life. I needed the “proof” that time spent at Juilliard had paid off. I needed money! I needed something to keep me from just sitting in Santa Fe staring into my mother’s face. Crossbow provided all of these plus it got me to my favourite country in the world.


May we ask you some questions about your private life? 

12 a. Are you married?

Yes, to the love of my life.


12 b. What is your favourite movie/series?

My favourite movies are Tootsie and Being There.



12 c. What are you hobbies?

I write and paint and love to walk.


13.  What are you working on at the moment?  

I’ve written a play and I’ve been performing in it. It’s called “Aliénor et Fred”. We toured it all last summer going from one midieval site to another here in France...lots of fun.


22.   Do you have future dreams or are you satisfied with what you achieved?

I have dreams and I am satisfied!


 Thank you for your interest! Take care, Melinda M. 


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