Updates November 2022

Some updates about recent work from Will Lyman, Nick Brimble and Jeremy Clyde.


At the moment Will Lyman plays in a movie in the Massachussetts called ‘The Wound Wood.’ A grief-stricken arborist and her son awaken a haunting when they begin felling trees at the estate of a mysterious recluse.

Click here for the trailer.  


You can also take a look at this magazine (article at page 18 and 19)

Movie Mother/Android (2021). Lyman plays a captain.  Click here for the trailer at imdb. 

This is a 2021 American post-apocalyptic science fiction thriller film, written and directed by Mattson Tomlin for his feature directorial debut, and starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Algee Smith, and Raúl Castillo.

The film tells the story of a pregnant woman and her boyfriend who try to reach a fortified Boston amidst an AI takeover. It was released on December 17, 2021, on Hulu 

Last year Lyman was in the Christmas movie "Christmas on Ice" (TV Movie). He plays Mayor Greenwood. 

Lyman has done a lot of voice work and recently did The Power of Big Oil - Frontline 2022 with Will Lyman, Al Gore, Jerry Taylor. 

Other Frontline work: 

-Lies, Politics and Democracy - Episode aired Sep 6, 2022 

Investigates American political leaders and choices they made that have undermined and threatened democracy in the U.S. 

-Ukraine: Life Under Russia’s Attack - Episode aired Aug 2, 2022 

-Pelosi’s Power - Episode aired Mar 22, 2022 

-Putin's Road to War - Episode aired Mar 15, 2022 


Nick Brimble plays in Grantchester (TV Series) as Jack Chapman (2014-2022) 

A Cambridgeshire clergyman finds himself investigating a series of mysterious wrongdoings in his small village of Grantchester. Click here for the trailer.  


Jeremy Clyde has every Friday a great Podcast on Facebook. he plays songs from his albums (Bottom drawer sessions) and has nice anecdotes. 

Jeremy did: Murder in Provence (TV Series)  
Georges Moutte  

- Episode #1.1 (2022) ... Georges Moutte  

Antoine Verlaque, Investigating Judge in Aix-en-Provence with his romantic partner Marine Bonnet, investigates the murders, mysteries and dark underbelly of their idyllic home in the south of France.

Click here for the trailer.  



April 30th 2021

We are sad because of the news that Johnny Crawford has died aged 75.

Our condolences go to his family and friends.

As Crossbow fans we remember him as Prince Ignatius, a role he played with verve!

A memoriam page is here


April 6th 2020

We are sad because of the news that Honor Blackman has died aged 94.

Our condolences go to her family and friends.

We remember her as Bond girl ofcourse and as one of The Avengers (1964), but she also played a part in Crossbow in episode 9 "The Bet".


April 5th 2020

We are sad because of the news that Hans Meyer, he played Tyrroll in Crossbow,  has died aged 94.

Our condolences go to his family and friends.

We will remember him as the Captain of the guard in Crossbow, not always as loyal to Gessler as Gessler wanted. He played that role very well. But there is a lot more

 to say about his impressive acting career. To honour him we dedicated a page to him.  Here you'll find his fansite. Here you'll find the page about his Crossbow parts.


October 11th 2019

We are sad because of the news that Robert Forster, Aymong in Crossbow, one of the four horsemen in three episodes,  has died aged 78.

Our condolences go to his family and friends.

We will remember him as a great actor with an interesting part in our favorite series. We dedicated a page to him.

Robert (left) with Will Lyman


July 2019

The restyled site is online! Major updates in the location gallery's and in the gueststars section. And a new main page. Enjoy!


October 2018

New site online! Still working on the locations though. The forthcoming days I will check al pages if there are missing links, missing pictures etc.


August 18th 2018

Main page updates in progress. DVD of the series available via Ebay or Amazon!


March 9th 2016

We have put the lovely interview with Dana Barron (Eleanor) online!


January 13th 2016

The very sad news reached us that Conrad Phillips has passed away. Our deepest condolences to his wife, children and anyone who was near to him. We will remember him

as the brave Stefan in Crossbow and as William Tell in the original series from the late '50's, but above that as a very kind and gentle man. Rest in peace, Conrad!

Link with information: here


January 9th 2016

Last week we did a great interview with Dana Barron, known for her role as Eleanor in Crossbow, but also for a lot of other things as roles in Beverly Hills 90210 and National

Lampoons Vacation. Within a few weeks we will put the interview on the site!


September 24th 2014

Now in the Interview section of the site: The interview Laurel had with Jeremy Clyde, in the series known for his superb role as Governor Hermann Gessler!


August 18th 2014

Now in the Interview section of the site: The interview we had with Nick Brimble, in the series known for his great role as Horst!


April 18th 2014

 We've updated the Episode Guide section and put links on the page for viewing each episode.

Coming soon (in May): Interviews with Jeremy Clyde (Gessler) and Hans Meyer (Tyrroll).



March 15th 2014

Now in the Interview section of the site: The interview we had with Conrad Phillips, in the series known for his beautiful role as Stefan,

the friend and mentor of William Tell. Coming soon: the interview with Jeremy Clyde (Gessler)!



March 29th 2013



Great news! The autobiography of Conrad Phillips, called Aiming True, is out for sale. We know Conrad as the main actor in the original William Tell series, and, ofcourse,

as Stephan in Crossbow. Follow the banner below to read more about his book and how to get your own copy!


"Aiming True is a hartwarming and highly entertaining account of one man's successful struggle to remain both cheerful and true to himself in the face of extreme adversity"



February 17th 2013

In the meantime the third and fourth DVD of Crossbow – William Tell are also available, the French version that is… we´re still waiting for the English version..

Anyway: follow this Amazon link to go to the page. And here is another store where you can purchase all Crossbow DVD´s.

That makes the story complete, every DVD contains 18 episodes, 72 in total.




June 6th 2011

We've updated the entire site and also hosted it on a new adress: www.williamtell.nl All the links will be fixed in a couple of days. Enjoy!



March 2011

Last year a French DVD came out in France. The first and second seasons are available in a French dubbed version. Hans Meijer alias Tyroll has spoken his own voice in French!

We will keep on hoping on an English release in the future.



Because of the high number of entries in the guestbook I made a compilation of all the involved people during Crossbow that signed.

March 18th 2011

Mark Grenside,

 the executive producer signed the guestbook twice, here below the two parts of him.

Where are you from? LONDON

How did you find this Web Site? JUST LOOKING

Have you seen Crossbow? I WAS THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER

What is your age? 54


Favorite Crossbow actor/actress? ALL OF THEM

Do you have any comments?



and the other message of Mr Grenside:




Mark Grenside -  Executive producer

His first part from March 26th 2007

What is your name? MARK GRENSIDE

Where are you from? UK

How did you find this Web Site? Interest

Have you seen Crossbow? I was the Executive Producer

What is your age? 50

Favorite Crossbow episode? Episode 8 series one. It was the first show ever shot!

Favorite Crossbow actor/actress? They were all delightful to work with, but Jeremy Clyde could sure play a mean game of snooker!

Do you have any comments?

I actually started the show, all those years ago. I was at school with Anthony Horowitz and got him to write the scripts. Having worked for Jim Henson previously I had had several dealings with the French

and set up that side of the co-production. In the US, I met Robert Halmi jnr, now the world's most prolific as well as business relationship that has run for 25 years.



Stefan - Conrad Phillips

What is your name? Conrad Phillips

Where are you from? France

Have you seen Crossbow? I was in it

Favorite Crossbow actor/actress? Will, Jeremy and Nick

Do you have any comments?

Hi, Just want you to know that I am very pleased the series has come out on DVD. Also, since I played the original W. Tell in the U.K. my autobiography is coming out in October.

"Could you Die a Little Louder?" published by Wychwood. There are a few comments about Crossbow in it. Best wishes to all.



November 18th 2006

Conrad phillips

Where are you from? France

Have you seen Crossbow?

I was in it (Eline: and also in the first William Tell movie staring William Tell)

Favorite Crossbow actor/actress? will, Jeremy & Nick of course

Do you have any comments?

Just to let you know that we met up with Will in Boston a few weeks ago. He is in great order and about to open in a play he is starring in "The Ice Breaker". He was very excited about the content of this play,

which he felt would stretch him very much as an actor. We also met lovely Anastasia, who wined and dined us extensively. Will was excited about the news of the publishing of my autobiography,

"Could You Die a Little Louder?" now published by Wychwood editions and available on Amazon.uk. It was great to see Will, Anastasia and Georgia again after so long. We will certainly keep in touch.




Richard Schlesinger, one of the producers and directors

August 10 th 2006

What is your name? Richard Schlesinger

Where are you from? New York / Paris

How did you find this Web Site? imdb

Have you seen Crossbow? I was one of the producers and directors

Favorite Crossbow actor/actress? all were wonderful to work with

Do you have any comments?

Very nice site. The legwork done to research and pinpoint the real locations we filmed at is very impressive. A behind-the-scenes note: many lifelong friendships were

forged during the filming of Crossbow. In retrospect, it was a unique and rewarding experience to make this show.




William Tell - Will Lyman

February 24 th 2004

Will Lyman

Where are you from? US

Have you seen Crossbow? yup

Do you have any comments?

Dear Eline and Laurel,
This fabulous site just keeps growing. Wow! I loved the pictures you took of the old locations. They brought back a lot of memories.

The stories from Madame at Chateau Virieu (Episode one) about hiding explosives from the German army by burying them under the vegetable garden.

You said you couldn't place the wasteland but assumed it was in the Lozere, which is correct. We shot all around that department. We were there for the entire third season.

I spent a lot of time in the Tarn, until about November 15, when I finally said, "Okay, guys, no more water scenes, it's getting too **** cold."

The location for "Rebirth" was a plateau with a lot of snakes. I don't remember exactly where it was, but everybody put on high boots real quick.

Anyway, thanks for keeping the legend alive. Let me say hello to Nick and Jeremy and Conrad, and all my friends from so long ago. Nick told me about Guy Rolfe's passing,

but I did not know about Robert Addie until I read it on this site. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

I talk with Andy Bloch (Message to Geneva) fairly often and ran into Robert Forster at the ABC upfronts in New York when he began Karen Cisco and I was beginning

Threat Matrix (both shows now bygone.) And I always seem to run into Morgan Shepard whenever I'm in Los Angeles.

Best wishes to all,




And the other message of Mr. Lyman:


William Tell Will Lyman

Januari the 2nd 2001

Do you have any comments?

Congratulations! You have built a terrific site, and I am very honored that the series has such loyal fans. You have done such a thorough job that I am amazed you were able to

find all the information that is here. Good work!

The three years that we spent making Crossbow were some of the most difficult years of my career and, therefore, some of the most memorable. Many of the friendships

I made on the set are still strong today. It's wonderful to see those friends represented here on the site.

Thank you, and best of luck to all.



Gessler - Jeremy Clyde

October 22nd 2002

Great website Eline. I finally got around to visiting the site. May well have my own up and running soon.

Lots of new things in the pipeline.

Take care,





Horst - Nick Brimble

Nick Brimble August 22nd 2001

What a fantastic site... and I'm happy that so many people remember the show.
My time on Crossbow was a great pleasure .... making many good friends and, of course, working in all those beautiful locations in France.




Jean-Marc Vasseur - Executive in charge of Post Productions on the entire series

What is your name? Jean-Marc Vasseur

Where are you from? France

How did you find this Web Site? Looking for Jeremy Clyde

Have you seen Crossbow? many, many, many times...

Do you have any comments?

I was the executive in charge of Post Production on the entire series...
Those were the greatest three years (86-89) of my life... well... you know what I mean...



May 20th 2009

There is a new interview with David Barry Gray! Click here. We will try to ask some other Crossbow actors too.



August 16th 2007

Jurgen from Belgium, a member of the Crossbow - Will Lyman Yahoo Group, started a petition to persuade the owner of the rights of the series

to release the series (all 72 episodes) on DVD. Hopefully we'll get a lot of signatures! You can sign here!



May 8th  2007

Finally here is the new update of the site! The background changed a bit in dark colours. It's just a try. Maybe I will make a background change again in a couple of months.

There are 2 brand new links: 'New Photos' and 'Interviews.' We have a new interview with an important guest star named Dominique Hulin. Most of you probably do know him as 'Dantes.'

 The 'New Photos' link is very special because it contains a lot of totally new photos for us. Also many backstage photos. Thanks to Mr. Lyman to make this possible and thanks for scanning

them all in and email them to me. Most of those pictures were made by a company photographer so they are copyrighted and may not be downloaded.

The location gallery needed a change too. My friend Stephane sent me a lot of new location pictures he made himself. As you have noticed parts of the site (especially the location gallery)

went offline very often. I needed more space and found it! I hope this will work out better. Other parts of the site do still have the problem of going offline, when exceeding the datalimit,

for example the main site. I advise you that, when that happens, you try to visit my site again after one hour. Then the site will be restored.  Enjoy the new stuff!


January 20th 2006

Finally it's here: the DVD version of Crossbow - The Movie. It contains 4 episodes and is in fact the basic story of Crossbow. Available in stores now.



October 23rd 2004

 In August 2004 I had a nice interview with the actor Will Lyman, who played William Tell. I had been collecting questions from fans for a long time.

Now I had the chance to ask them all. A written version of the interview is available on our site. Click here!



January 10th 2004

Two very sad messages:

The sad news reached us that Crossbow actor Guy Rolfe has passed away on 19th October 2003 in London. Date of birth: 27th december 1911, London. He played 'the Emperor' in a lot of episodes.

Also Robert Addie died on 20th november 2003  in Cheltenham, England. He had lung cancer. He was only 43 years old. Date of birth: 10th february 1960. He played 'Aris' in 'the wasteland'

episodes (third season). We're deeply shocked when we heard about it today. We wish friends and family strength.



October 22nd 2002

Jeremy Clyde (Hermann Gessler in the series) has signed the guestbook! It's great to see the other leading player of the series on our site! We want to thank Mr. Clyde for this!



October 13th 2002

Morgan Vasseur (guestplayer in the two episodes "The Pit" and "The Rock" and daugther of the post-producer Jean-Marc Vasseur) wrote in our guestbook. Thanks for the compliments on our site.



August 22th 2001

Nick Brimble ("Horst" in Crossbow) signed the Guestbook today! We want to thank Mr. Brimble, it's an honour!



July 27th 2001

Jean-Marc Vasseur wrote in the Crossbow guestbook!! He was the executive in charge of the post production of the series. Visit his site here.



May 15th 2001

Newsflash! Will Lyman will be appearing in tomorrow's (Thursday, May 16th) episode of "Ed" on NBC at 8:00pm eastern. So everyone in the states be sure and watch it!



January 5th 2001

What a wonderful surprise for the New Year! Will Lyman himself, that's William Tell to you, has honoured us with a visit and has signed the guestbook!

You can't get much better than that. Thank you so much Mr. Lyman! We are indeed honoured.